Your Mother Deserves a Fresh Bouquet of Flowers This May 12

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Mother’s Day is fast approaching and flower shops across the United States are getting busy preparing for the occasion. If you haven’t reserved a fresh bouquet or basket of flowers for your beloved mother, now is the time to choose the best blossoms to make May 12 extra special for her.


Your Mother Deserves a Fresh Bouquet of Flowers This May 12 1024x682 Your Mother Deserves a Fresh Bouquet of Flowers This May 12

Your Mother Deserves a Fresh Bouquet of Flowers This May 12


Most of us live a very busy and independent life. Some of us have built our lives miles away from our mother while some live a few blocks away from her. We go to work, perform our duties and tasks, eat our meals and go home. We do this every day but we don’t even realize that we are not giving ourselves a short break to think about our mother’s love. This May 12, 2013, show your mother your undying devotion and affection by offering her fragrant and vibrant flowers.

There are many ways of commemorating our mother’s love and sacrifices for us. We can take her out to a restaurant, to a movie theater, to a sports match – the possibilities are endless. However, nothing beats giving her a gift of fresh flowers on Mother’s Day.

Here are some of the flowers that you can give your Mom this Sunday:

  1. Roses. Roses are one of the ideal gifts that you can give your mother this Mother’s Day. These blossoms are not just known only as a symbol of love, but also a symbol that shows a wide range of feeling. For example, the red rose indicates true love. On the other hand, yellow roses represent happiness and friendship. Finally, the pink rose symbolizes happiness and gratitude. Show your mother your love and appreciation by sending her a mix of roses.
  2. Carnation. Carnation is recognized as the official Mother’s Day Flower. This flower is a customary gift that most people offer their mothers on this occasion. White carnations are considered as the most famous variety of carnation used as gifts to mothers because this flower means love, respect and admiration.
  3. Daisies. Because of the meaning of these flowers, the Gerbera daisies make a perfect Mother’s Day gift. This flower represents cheerfulness and most people will add these flowers in a bouquet that they ordered for their moms.
  4. Lilies. Lilies such as Stargazer and Royal Spring are some of the varieties of lilies that you can bring to your mother on that special occasion. Surprise her with a perfectly-wrapped lilies and a box of her favorite chocolate or a bottle of her favorite wine.
  5. Orchids. The orchid is another perfect flower requested on different flower shops across the country during Mother’s Day. This tropical flower is usually offered to mothers who work and raise a family at the same time as it symbolizes wealth and beauty. Another positive quality of orchids is that it last a long time, in a vase or bouquet, usually about two weeks at most.

When you are choosing the best flowers that you will give your mother this Mother’s Day, make sure that the colors and other features of the flowers best describe her attributes. Make sure that the flowers should not only be attractive and expensive but also a direct representation of your feelings for her. Sending her a vase that will complement the flowers are also ideal. Also, think about the way you will give the flowers to her. You can always think about a scenario where you will give your gift of flowers to her. This way, she will be delighted to see not only the gift but also your effort to make her happy.

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