Why You Should Buy Fresh Flowers Once in a Week

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Flowers have conveyed different meanings throughout the ages. We have used it as a symbol of love, peace, sympathy, grief and hope to name a few. In these times of modern technology, flowers still maintain its place among our hearts and used to lift our moods on every important occasion.

Fresh flowers can certainly make beautiful additions to any corner of our house or office. We place it on specific places where people could easily see it. It can also brighten up your day and even improve your mood. However, most people still think that they should only send flowers during important occasions. If truth be told, you don’t need an occasion to send your friends, office mates and loved ones fragrant flowers. The only thing that might be stopping you from doing so is the expensive price of flowers. Not to worry though – there are different ways that you can use to brighten up your home without stressing your wallet.


floral dept Why You Should Buy Fresh Flowers Once in a Week

Why You Should Buy Fresh Flowers Once in a Week


Where can you get cheap but fresh flowers?

The flowers that you want to purchase don’t have to be luxurious. If you need to brighten up the day of your friends, loved ones or family, you can always find fresh flowers in the supermarket or in a cheap flower shop. You can find great deals in these places especially if it is just a regular day.

You can also wait for special offers of your favorite flower shops. There are plenty of flower shops that offer special discounts on their products particularly during off-peak seasons. This way, you can get a discount on the flowers that you lay your eyes on.

How to keep flowers fresh at all times?

Keeping your bouquet of flowers fresh and fragrant at all times will save you money because you won’t need to buy one every day. Now that you know where to buy cheap but equally elegant and fresh flowers, the next thing that you need to learn is how to keep those flowers fresh and extend its longevity.

Here are some ideas on how to maintain the freshness of the flowers that you purchased for a long time:

  • Purchase cheap and pre-made flower bouquets from a flower shop or your local supermarket and deconstruct them. Arrange flowers of the same variety in one vase and then rearrange them properly. This modern arrangement will give your inexpensive ornaments a luxurious appearance.
  • Another way you can do to save money is by purchasing one kind of flower. Place mini bunches of it in a recycled container or vase. There are different kinds of recycling options available for you at home; wine bottles and tin cans will certainly do the trick however, vintage vases can provide an elegant look, as well.
  • In order to maximize the life of the flowers that you’ve purchased, pick the ones with buds that haven’t fully blossomed yet. They will slowly open throughout the week therefore stretching out the life of your flowers.
  • Put water and sugar on the flower vases. This will help the flowers maintain its freshness for over a week. If you want to send flowers for someone recovering in the hospital, this tip will ensure that the petals will not wither immediately.


With these useful tips on maintaining the freshness of the flowers, you can now afford to buy one or two bouquets every week. This way, you won’t have to replace the ones that you have placed on your vases immediately. You can even send flowers to your special someone on a regular basis because you know how to extend its life and maintain its beauty as long as possible.

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