Why Men Give Flowers To Women

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By Consolacion S Miravite

Historical Facts About The Giving of Flowers

The language of communicating with flowers or floriography, dates back to hundred of years as a way for people connect to with each other. The Greeks in particular, regarded it in such high esteem that they associated the existence of flowers with their gods.

The giving of flowers became preponderant during the Middle Ages. Its significance increased during the early 1700′s when the English and French, saw the different variants of flowers – while visiting Turkey. The language of flowers associated with each variant, created a meaning to every type of flower.

In the Victorian era, people did not openly express their emotions to others. They contain it among themselves and show their of concern are done with a tight upper lip. However, they found the giving of flowers as an acceptable expression of emotion. Great effort made to the minutest details in giving of flowers. The color, size, position, placement, and presentation would connote a message or meaning on how it was given.

In the Victorian era, flowers served as codes for both giver and recipient. But no single decoder was found on that era that would connote an exact interpretation on the giving of flowers. What these portends to show is that each giver and receiver would have different meaning attached to each gesture.

The giving of flowers today, still continues to evolve. It used to be farfetched then, for a man to receive flowers. Now, such a practice is no longer extra-ordinary. Flowers can also be delivered either virtually, or real by online florist, anywhere in the world. Advances in technology had made it possible for all types of flowers to be available all year round. Though most people now would no know the old – fashioned meaning in the of giving flowers, many people still accept it as a form of showing sentiments from the giver to the receiver.

Why Men Give Flowers To Women

This is an old practice that is carried out into the present, when men shows his good intentions to the woman who he is eyeing on. It shows that he is interested in you; or if you have been dating for quite sometime, would mean that he loves and appreciates you. Giving of flowers would tend to show the following:

* To show good impression. On a first date, it would help the guy show his good intentions towards you. It might look old fashioned, but the giving of flowers would help the guy make a good first impression on the initial stages. Nevertheless, it would be well advised not to give red roses, that is reserved for expressing love, on the first date. Choice of flowers in various hues may be given, in lieu of red roses.

* To show expression of interest. The giving of flowers would help a guy who is normally shy, to express his interest towards you. Flowers can be given in various times like – birthdays, anniversaries, love, or to merely communicate that you are what he thinks about each day. The giving of flowers at this stage, should be accompanied by a hand written note to let you know of his thoughts. You should not be left guessing as to the reason why the flowers were given, in the first place.

* Giving as a tradition. The giving of flowers would also connote appreciation or remembrance. You may receive a corsage or bouquet in theater performances or in formal dance, wherein the giving of flowers forms part of tradition for such events Flowers are also used to commemorate holidays, like Mothers Day.

*For non-romantic settings. The giving of flowers can be done during special days or events like graduation and Mother’s Day. It may also be given as a show of professional accomplishment by women, and acknowledged by male counterparts in the same profession. To show that the flowers are not taken the wrong way, men should include an accompanying note to the receiver like – “Congratulations, for passing the board!” Also choose flowers that has no romantic significance, like dandelions, daisies, sunflowers and other whimsical flowers in various colors and hues.

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