Why Doesn’t My Boyfriend Buy Me Flowers?

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You might be asking yourself if you have chosen the right guy for you. During important occasions such as Valentine’s Day or your birthday, you may be expecting some surprises from your boyfriend. Indeed, getting flowers from a boyfriend can make any girl extra special! You expect that your beau would send you flowers but if he doesn’t, it shatters your heart to pieces. Instead of just accusing him of not loving you back or anything else, you have to know the reasons why he won’t even bother giving you a gift of flowers.

Here are the top 3 things that you need to know why your boyfriend doesn’t send you flowers:

1. He doesn’t know your favorite flower. Have you ever told your boyfriend about your favorite flower? Telling your boyfriend about your favorite flower is a good thing because he will know precisely what to give you during important occasions. Besides, it will prevent him from buying something that you won’t appreciate in the first place.

2. The way you ask him to send you flowers may be intimidating. If you want your boyfriend to send you flowers, you have to say it calmly and properly. Most girls usually jump into conclusion that just because their boyfriends don’t send them beautiful flowers, it means that they aren’t loved back. Others even think that there is a third party involved. This kind of weird and paranoid thinking will only lead to fighting and subsequent break-up.

3. Perhaps he’s not the type of man who expresses himself through flowers. We have to admit that not all guys are born equal. While there are some romantic-type individuals who send fragrant flowers to their special someone on a regular basis, there are men who are impossible to be seen carrying a bunch of flowers with them as well.


Youre All I Need Flower Why Doesnt My Boyfriend Buy Me Flowers?

Why Doesn't My Boyfriend Buy Me Flowers?


How can I make my boyfriend send me flowers?

Making your boyfriend give you flowers is not an impossible mission. There are creative ways that you can use in order to make sure that your beloved knows what to give you. Here are some suggestions that you can use:

1. Say it in a subtle way. Let your boyfriend know about your preferred flowers in a manner by which it won’t sound like it’s a command. For instance, when you go to the movies, you can tell him that you like anything red because you like red roses. Or better yet, you can inject this on your conversations when he takes you to a restaurant to dine. The possibilities are endless.

2. Use your social networking account to let him know. You can make a photo of your favorite flower as your profile picture for about a week. This way, your boyfriend will become curious and will do anything to know if the profile picture indeed is your favorite flower. This way, you won’t have to tell him directly about it anymore.


Whining about the fact that your beau doesn’t give your flowers won’t get you anywhere. As a matter of fact, you can make a move and let him know some things about you in order to make your relationship as smooth-sailing as possible. With these tips, you can surely make your loved one extra romantic all the time.

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