What Kind of Flower is your Mum?

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Have you ever stolen a smug glance at panic buyers on Christmas Eve, or watched wide-eyed men shuffle around an empty Valentine’s Day shop display? If this scenario sounds all too familiar, avoid being a last minute shopper this Mother’s Day by reading our gift guide. Flowers brighten up the home and show mums, for that fleeting moment, just how much you really do appreciate them. However, choosing the right bunch isn’t always easy. Find solace in our guide to choosing the most suitable Mother’s Day flowers based on your Mum’s personality and individual taste.


Hyacinths are native to Asia, Turkey and the Middle East and are noted for their spring bulbs and range of colours from ultra-violet to magnolia. Fully flowered, hyacinths take the shape of starfish and possess a distinctive, sophisticated look. Hyacinths are often paired with narcissi and aromatic foliage to make luxury bouquets. Hyacinths are very fragrant; if your Mother likes sweet scents, these may be the ideal flowers for her.


Contrary to popular belief, roses are not only prolific in symbolising romance. During The War of the Roses, white and red roses were used to represent unity. During Roman times, roses were used for medicinal purposes, and in the 17th century even accepted as legal tender. There are believed to be 130 different species of rose which come in a host of colours from peach to sun-yellow. The beautiful appearance of the Rose and the history that precedes it makes this flower a covetable gift for any Mum.


This spring flower smells gorgeous and originates in Asia, Europe and West Africa. Narcissi or daffodils, as they are also known, can be identified by their prominent bells or bulbs which are surrounded by flower leaves. Daffodils are usually white or yellow in colour and are a Welsh national symbol. However, don’t let their merry appearance fool you! Narcissi are extremely poisonous, particularly their bulbs. In the past, many people have mistaken the flowers central bulbs for onions and suffered terrible stomach illness.

This flower lasts up to a week in the vase and pairs beautifully with hyacinths. Although, be cautious when pairing with other flower types, as narcissi stems contain toxic compounds. If the recipient of narcissi has small children or curious pets, take care to ensure they’re displayed safely out of reach.

Flower Arrangements by Colour

If you’re still unsure which flowers would make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, find out Mum’s favourite colours and select accordingly. Look at your Mother’s home décor and think about what sort of colours would match or clash based on personality. Below are some ideas for flower combinations based on colour.

Colour Guide:

White and Yellow – Ivory roses and pale yellow narcissi
Purple and Pink – Purple hyacinths, pink garden roses and fuchsia tulips
Pastels – Dusky pink posies and garden roses
Blue – Blue delphinium and lisianthus

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