What Can I Say in Any Wedding Speech?

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Marriage is a very sacred and important event in most families. The wedding speech that is given on the day of the marriage, especially in the reception is an event that has a lot of importance attached to it. The person who gives the wedding speech is usually the best man of the groom and also the maid of honor. The bride and the groom wait with bated breath for what is going to be said about them. Not only does the newly married couple wait for the speech, but all the people who are attending the reception wait for the speech! So, the speech has to be prepared with a lot of care and the people who are going to speak in the wedding need to know what to speak.

Other than the maid of honor or the best man, there are also other people who may have to give a speech. Usually, only people who know the couple intimately and are close to them will be given the opportunity to speak about the couple. Here are some important factors that need to be remembered when you are giving a wedding speech.

  1. Etiquette: The most important part of the speech is the beginning. The introduction should be precise and this will help the speech to go well with the people who are listening to it. The introduction of the speech should talk about who you are and how you are related to the couple who are married. A funny anecdote or a gentle joke will also help the audience to sit up and take notice of your wedding speech. This will be just the right beginning.
  2. Length of the speech: The length of the speech should not go on forever! The best speeches are those that end within 10 minutes. If the speech is longer, then the guest will become bored and start talking among themselves. The guests should all be enthralled by the speech. You can share what you know about the life of the couple and this is sure to keep the audience interested in your wedding speech. As you get to the close of the speech, you have to be ready to propose the toast.
  3. Proposing the toast: This is a traditional activity that is the highlighting part of the wedding ceremony. You can propose the toast after champagne is provided to the people who have gathered there. There are some weddings where there is no champagne served, but the person who is giving the wedding speech should propose the toast where the couple are wished, blessed and cheered by the speaker as well as the people who have gathered for the wedding reception.

There are various other things that can be done to pep up the wedding speech. You can even have a PowerPoint presentation where you show slides of the childhood of the couple. You can even show pictures of the couple when they were dating each other. This will add to the excitement for the couple!


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