What are the Right Flowers for your First Date?

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Going for your first date with your beloved girl is truly a challenging task even for a pro. Your goal for that night is to make impressing memories with your loved one. There are many things that you should consider in order to make your first date successful and memorable. The first of the many things that you need to accomplish is choosing the perfect flowers for your girlfriend.


What are the Right Flowers for your First Date What are the Right Flowers for your First Date?


There are many flowers in the world that you can choose from but only some of them are suitable for this kind of occasion. While it is true that you don’t need to become an expert in flowers to impress your beau, it is your job to select the ones that will make her extra special. Roses are commonly given as flower gifts so if you want to make a lasting impression, you need to think about giving other flowers to her instead.

Here are some suggestions that could help you get the best “first date”!

  1. Forget-me-not. It doesn’t matter which color you select; forget-me-not is the perfect flower to signify your appreciation for your loved one. You can give this to her after settling on a nice place on the restaurant that you chose. The glisten of each petal and the vibrant color of forget-me-not will definitely make your first date impressive.
  2. Orchids. This flower symbolizes your endless love for her. Moreover, this is also the best way to say that you have a high regard for her beauty. Tell her your true feelings through this breathtaking flower. This flower is well-known for its tenderness and modest beauty all over the world. This is the perfect flower for your precious which will surely make your first date with her a lively one.
  3. Carnation. Widely recognized as the ‘Flowers of love’, this flower has all the traits to make your date with your sweetheart memorable. Also, carnation is the flower that symbolizes your warmth, fascination and appreciation for your girl.
  4. Gardenia. Let your feelings show by offering your special someone with a fragrant gift of gardenia. With its pulsating aura, gardenia tells the message of your burning admiration for your precious. Your lady will surely find you irresistible after receiving this totally alluring gift. Let this flower spread the magic in the air on that special night!
  5. Tulip. Whether it is red or the golden one, tulip is indeed the perfect flower that you can give for your first date in order to bring a priceless smile on your date’s pretty face. With its prettiness, it will surely give your girlfriend a memorable event that she will treasure forever.


While these flowers convey subtle meanings, it is really important to have it arranged beautifully so that it will thrill the recipient. If you have little time to do so, you can always rely on your local florist to bring life on the flowers that you wish to offer. You can also add other items to your flower gift such as teddy bears or chocolates.

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