What Are The Flowers That Are Fit For Men?

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Men enjoy receiving flowers as much as women do. This is a little-known fact that remains to be undiscovered by most women (and in some cases, men) around the world. Men also enjoy the presence of flowers especially if this highlights their masculinity. If you are thinking about sending your male friend or special someone a gift on important events such as his birthday, graduation or office promotion, you can make his day extra special by offering him a magnificently-arranged bouquet or basket of flowers.


What Are The Flowers That Are Fit For Men What Are The Flowers That Are Fit For Men?

What Are The Flowers That Are Fit For Men?


There are different kinds of flowers that you can send your male friends. These are white roses, yellow daisies, tulips and tropical flowers such as orchids, hibiscus, bird of paradise and jasmine. You can also give them cactus. Unlike women who prefer to receive these flowers in a whole bunch and arranged in a pompous manner, most men like to have only two or three pieces of these beautiful flowers. This is because men like to keep it minimal as much as possible. Moreover, they don’t usually parade in front of people carrying the gift of flowers they received.

Whether we like it or not, men are prideful beings. Before sending your male friend a bunch of flowers, the very first thing that should cross your mind is the arrangement. There are different kinds of arrangements for flowers but only few of these suits to strict and minimalist aesthetic tastes of men. The best floral arrangement that you can give your male friend is the ikebana. Ikebana is the traditional art of flower arrangement of the Japanese. This particular arrangement combines minimalistic approaches in flower design in one simple yet elegant container. You will also see three different levels that represent heaven (the highest flower), earth (the middle one) and man (the lowest).

If you are concerned about making your flower gift more personal, you can place the floral arrangement in a vase that is designed creatively. The possibilities are definitely endless. For instance, you can put the flowers in a specially-designed beer mug. Another idea that you can use to make the flowers more appealing to him is by placing it in a miniature model of his favorite car. If your male friend likes basketball shoes, you can design a vase that looks like one. This will certainly make his day once he received your gift.

These days, there are many flowers shops across the United States that provides the best flower arrangement for men. One of these shops is the Miracle Flowers located in Folsom, California. Here, we can make sure that your male friends would be delighted to see the gift that you wish to send them on their special day. We have a team of friendly and professional florists who will be there for you to accommodate your specific requests.

Just call us today and we’ll make sure that your male friends will have the best day of their lives once they have received the elegant and totally beautiful gift of flowers from you.



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