What are the Best Flowers for Apology?

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Asking for forgiveness to our friends, loved ones and family is not an easy task; it takes courage and utmost humility to admit the mistakes that we made. There are instances wherein words are not enough to express the apology that we want to convey. Saying everything that want to say through flowers is one of the most effective ways of asking for forgiveness.


What are the Best Flowers for Apology What are the Best Flowers for Apology?

What are the Best Flowers for Apology?


It is undeniable that flowers carry specific meanings and significance to the beholder. There are also certain flowers that suggest an honest and unspoken truth, sincerity and apology from the sender to the recipient. These flowers are known as “apology flowers,” because these blooms ask for forgiveness for a certain mistake that was made against the recipient, as well as an expression of great regret. Think about offering some of these apology flowers if you need to say “I’m sorry” to your loved one or friend and ask for their forgiveness.

Here are the best apology flowers that you can purchase on your local flower shop:

  1. Roses. This flower is definitely the best gift if you want to say “I love you” however; if you have made someone mad, a bouquet of mixed red and white is a good way to tell them that you’re sorry and you sincerely ask for their forgiveness. The red roses signify your fidelity and affection while the white roses mean silence, chastity and truth. This symbolism makes offering red and white roses a perfect symbol of apology for mistakes such as betrayal of confidence among your friends and affair outside the relationship.
  2. Carnations. If you are making amends for missed meetings or dates, the pink carnations are definitely the best flowers to offer. This flower expresses the message that you never meant to forget the recipient or the promise that you gave them. In flowers’ language, the carnations usually symbolize the meaning of fascination and devoted love; however the pink ones are normally appropriate when you wish to apologize to a person because it means “I will never forget you/our appointment again.” Give them white carnations together with pink ones to signify remembrance or to give an apology for a broken appointment.
  3. Hyacinth. If you wish to honestly extend your apology to a person, offer them a bouquet or basket of hyacinth to request for their forgiveness. This flower is a fragrant and bell-shaped whose significance makes it a perfect addition to a basket or bouquet of your “apology flower gift.” Varieties of hyacinth such as aqua-blue blossoms signify honesty in flowers’ language while the violet ones mean seeking forgiveness from the offended one.
  4. Tulip. Giving the offended one a gift of cream-colored blossoms or tulips is definitely one of the best ways to ask for forgiveness. White tulips characterize the act of forgiveness in different cultures worldwide. It is also a sign of spring that represents hope and rebirth. Make an interesting basket or bouquet of these white tulips and mix it together with pink ones. In flowers’ language, it suggests a sense caring to sincerely ask for complete forgiveness of an offended friend or loved one.

The blossoms listed above are just some of the flowers that you can offer as your apology flowers. You can also give your friend’s or loved one’s favourite flower. This way, they will know that you really mean what you say. You can also add extra items as part of your sincere apology. You can place the recipient’s favourite things together with the floral arrangement. All you have to do is to call your local flower shop and tell them exactly what you want with the flowers that you ordered. You can also arrange for same day delivery if you want to make amends with your sweetheart or best friend.


Asking for forgiveness is definitely not something that should be made light on. You should always be prepared to forget your ego, stay humble, be sincere and most of all, be honest at all times. You should also make sure that you won’t break your promise to your friend or loved one so that you won’t commit the same mistake again in your renewed friendship or relationship. These flowers can help you repair a fresh wound to your dear one’s heart however; it won’t make any difference anymore if you are dishonest and break your promises again.

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