What are the Best Floral Arrangements for your Home Office?

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Flowers are said to be one of the beautiful things on earth that can help you relieve stress. At the same time, these wonderful creations can help you improve the internal decoration of your home or any space that you wish to install it. If you are working at home or have set up a home office, having beautifully crafted blossoms will help you make your work load lighter. Placing magnificently-arranged flowers in your home office table is one of the things that you can do in order to improve your working mood. The flowers that you’ll put in your flower vase can serve as an inspiration to finish your work admirably or to relieve your stress during difficult office times.


What are the Best Floral Arrangements for your Home Office What are the Best Floral Arrangements for your Home Office?

What are the Best Floral Arrangements for your Home Office?


What are Different Kinds of Floral Arrangements that you can do?

Here are some floral arrangement suggestions that you can use to improve the atmosphere in your home office:

  1. Ikebana. This floral arrangement is also known as ‘the way of flowers’. The Japanese use flowers to symbolize ideal harmony between heaven, earthy and man. In each arrangement, there is an invisible triangle; the tallest line that represents heaven, the middle one is earth and man and the lowest one is earth. This kind of flower arrangement has been practiced for many centuries. There are many types of Ikebana – the formal one is called Seika. The floating arrangement type is called Ukibana. The basket type on the other hand is referred to as Morimano.
  2. Fan Shape. This arrangement is a low arrangement that does not interfere with any activity on the table. It has a shape of a fan or in some cases, a horizontal shape used in restaurants that is usually positioned in dining tables. You can also see this floral arrangement design in hotel rooms.
  3. Triangular. This floral arrangement is commonly used in professional and personal functions. The height and width is installed with various elements and then a good focal point is established. It is done in a triangular manner that will result in an attractive fashion. This floral design is usually placed on the side station. You can also find this kind of flower arrangements in ceremonies.
  4. Crescent Shape. The crescent flower arrangement is formal and asymmetrical. In order to accomplish this particular arrangement, this will require plenty of skill and experience. Moreover, this arrangement is very pleasant to the eyes. This is usually kept in the hotel’s lobby. This arrangement is used to catch the attention of the guests.
  5. Circular Shape. Arranging flowers in a circular fashion adds a pleasing effect to any space it will be placed. The round or circular shape is the natural arrangement since majority of flowers can be found in this shape in nature. In addition, it’s also easier to arrange the flowers that you have in a circular fashion. This particular type of arrangement is seen on buffet tables and conference tables. This floral design can also be presented in different events.

Where are the Best Places in your Home Office to Place your Floral Arrangements?

Once you have decided the best floral arrangement that you want to see in your home office for the whole week, the next decision that you need to make is the perfect place in your home office where you should place the flowers. Here are some of the ideal spots where you can best enjoy the view of your floral design:

  • Office Table. This is the spot where you work. Placing your flowers in your office table will definitely rejuvenate you especially if you feel like you are giving up.
  • File Cabinets. If you have file cabinets in your office, you can also highlight the portion of the room where you placed it by having beautifully-arranged flowers on it.
  • Center Tables. Flowers are best seen on center tables. If you have a center table in your home office, you can decorate it using the flowers that you purchased, received or picked in your home garden.


If you know how to arrange flowers, you can easily decorate any part of your home, especially your home office, you can prevent unnecessary spending. You can just do the arrangement yourself because you have your own aesthetic values as your guiding principle.

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