Ultimate Flower Garden Guide

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flowersforyou.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Flower_Garden.jpg”>Flower Garden 300x225 Ultimate Flower Garden GuidePlanning your own garden is one of the most exciting experiences. Nothing could be better than being with nature, amongst the greenery and with those splashes of colors.  If you own a piece of land or have space to design a garden in the backyard, then consider yourself lucky as you are in for a great and the most rewarding experience. When planning a flower garden, you need to consider so many factors before you start. First of all you need to take a look at the weather conditions, the area of the garden you have and of course your budget and preferences. You will also need to make a list of the tools and equipment you will need to keep your garden in good condition.

It doesn’t matter whether you have been doing it for years or  this is the first flower garden making experience for you, all you need to have a is passion for gardening and love for flowers. Somme people are born with green fingers. You can get some useful information on web in case you are not sure about something or have a concern.

Start with paper

To start with, it is a good idea to design your garden on paper. Take help of your family member or friends for more ideas. Draw your garden as you visualize it. Mark separate areas for the flower beds, the pathways or where you would like the trees. If you budget allows you, you can also insert a small fountain. You need to be clear about where the vines would be and where you will place the flowers. You also need to keep in mind that witch part of the garden is under shade and which remains in constant sunlight.

Shopping time

Now that the design has been finalized, it is time to start the work. Go to the market and get all the equipment you would need such as fork, hoe, shovel, rake, cutters, pruner, saw, garden knife etc you may also need a garden cart and land mower. The list of garden tools can be endless. Just buy the tools that you need and most important, you should know how to use them correctly. For instance, shovel should be used only for digging. Using them for any other purpose can result in injury. Other essentials are gloves, hedge trimmers, and sprinklers.

Prepare the garden

Before you actually go out and buy the grass, plants and flowers, it is important for you to make the land ready. You can always take professional help or get the entire family members join you in getting the garden ready. The land has to be tilled, and the fertilizers added to make the place a good home for all the plants and flowers you have in mind. The soil needs to be broken and aerated. Use the deep spader to break down the big pieces of earth.

Buy the plant and flowers

Now that your garden is ready, it is time to buy the seeds, bulbs or plantings for what you are looking for.  A garden without flowers is like a body without soul. Plan a lot before deciding upon the flowers and the kind of shrubs and other ornamental plants you would like to have in your garden.  Creativity along with the right planning is essential here to design a beautiful garden.

The flower bed

Designing and planning for the flower bed in your garden is perhaps the most essential part. Those flowers will add color, brightness as well as nice scents to your garden. You need to look in the condition of the soil, weather, and season before deciding upon the flowers. You need to consider their height, space and if they can act a s a great filler. The good news is that there are endless options available in flowers. There are some flowers that can thieve in any climatic conditions while with some you need to be careful.

Say it with flowers

One can plan and mix distinct heights and colors. It is really charming to see those neat beds of flowers, standing proudly and in full bloom. One needs to plant seeds or cuttings right after preparing the garden.  It takes some planning to grow floral beds. Some of the dahlias , most commonly used flowers for garden are roses, carnations, hollyhocks, geraniums, pansies, anemones, chrysanthemums, tulips, sweet peas etc. In most gardens, one will see a mixture of annuals and perennials.

Taking care

Lawn, plants and flowers need regular care and supervision, once they have been planted and placed. Cut the grass at the right time and use sprinkler regularly to prevent it from getting limp, brown or yellow. Using the right amount of water in the garden is a very essential for its health. You need to use more water during dry and hot conditions. Add organic matter to soil to keep it nutrient value high but at the right time. Once the blossoms of the spring flowers have faded, one can clip them back just leaving the bulb. Divide the perennials if you find them getting too crowded. Annuals need to be replanted each year as they bloom for just a single season.

A mix of annuals and perennials is used in most gardens. General care is needed for most flowers all through the spring and summer season.  However, the perennials must be properly winterized during fall. Weeds can be annoying and should be taken out carefully. Another enemy of your flower garden can be insects and bugs and one of the best ways to get rid of them is botanical insecticides.

Flowers are the center of attraction in any garden. They grab our eye immediately and draw us towards them. It is simply a great experience to sit in a garden, that has been worked upon and designed by one and enjoy the bloom and plash of colors around. Designing a flower garden is one of the most enjoyable experiences. One can do it as a hobby or indulge in it professionally.

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