Traditions Connected with Flowers in Different Countries

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This article was written by Anna Lia

Traditions and customs were, are and will be integral parts of our life. Moreover,traditions in each country are closely related to their history and show features, culture and mentality of different nationalities. Certainly, traditions and customs are best expressed in holidays and celebrations, which hardly ever exist without flowers.Wonderful and magnificent flowers companion us as long as life endures.

In Finland, you can’t buy flowers on the street. Bouquets are sold only in specialized markets or flower shops. If you decide to send a bouquet to someone from this country, you should take into account that the number of flowers does not matter for the Finns. Furthermore, you should give special bouquets depending on the certain holiday – on the eve of each holiday, the range of flowers varies. For example, on Mother’s Day ikebana and elegant bouquets of orchids appear in many stores.

There are quite strict rules of flower etiquette, passed from generation to generation in Turkey. That’s why you must be careful while choosing flowers for a gift here.Let us say:a bright bouquet of red flowers or inflorescence of various tints of red symbolize the warm feelings of friendship and joy, whereas the bouquet in blue and white colors will be considered as a symbol of mourning.Surely, the Turks prefer tulips among other flowers–so they gift the tulips not only on holidays but even to show their attitude and express feelings.Interestingly, the Turks believe that it is better to give open flowers for a woman such as roses, gerbera, orchids. And on the contrary,florets with tender buds will be ideal for the young lady, symbolizing purity and innocence.

If you really love flowers, you necessarily have to visit Belgium during the festival of flowers, which is celebrated every two years. It’s worth it because in August the main square is turned into a colorful canvas of flowers- therefore, you will be admired and impressed bya riot of color and natural beauty. This flower tradition has already existed in Belgium for decades – the first such floral carpet was made in the early fifties of XX century ​​by E.Steytemans, a landscape designer. Over time, the neighboring countries have adopted this tradition of flower festivals. Thus, nowadays similar celebrations are held in Hamburg, Amsterdam, Paris and London.

Bulgaria has a special attitude to the rose: it is a symbol of the country-and as a result, this flower is widely mentioned in folk songs, legends, is depicted on the paintings of Bulgarian artists and on the national ornaments. Likewise, even summer national ceremonies are closely connected with roses. In late May and early June, the Bulgarians hold a festival in honor of their favorite flower, during which they glorify its beauty and unique grace.

But in India, peopleallocate a lotus, or a water lily, inter other flowers. The lotus symbolizes a range of important human issues: the origins of life, its order, the spiritual path of man, his creativity and nirvana. According to the Hindus, even the image of a lotus has medicinal properties, thus and sohere you will be surrounded by these flowers in different variations: on the columns, on the paintings in the churches and on women’s jewelry.

Whereas, a national symbol of Japan is Sakura –an ornamental tree that doesn’t bear fruit, in contrast to the cherry, which is related to Sakura. As a matter of fact, the Sakura symbolizes love and youth for the Japanese. During its blossom, the Japanese celebrate “viewing flowers” or “hanami”. At that time people come to the parks and gardens to enjoy and admire these beautiful blossoms.

The Chinese adore peonies, which carry happiness, richness and love in your house, to their opinion. Flower Festival, which attracts lovers of flowers from all over the world, is carried out in Hen annually since 1982. Furthermore, during this festival two sides of the Jian River are decorated with thousands of peonies.Actually, weddings are held in the course of flower festival, with the motto “The peony is a witness of happiness”-so, newlyweds are given the peonies and its various images.

In Tahiti people praise a flower tiara, which is called a favorite flower of the gods. Local women adorn themselves gladly with these flowers. Additionally, its inflorescence are often used in medicine, aromatherapy and perfumery. The festival dedicated to this flower, is celebrated on 5Th-8thDecemberevery year. Curiously enough local feminists laid a foundation of this holiday, and the first celebration was coincided with the first nurseries’ opening in Tahiti.Althoughmuch time has passedsince 1985- however, the holiday has not lost its popularity. Now it has become a peculiar contest of florists, in which anyone can take part. During this period, the country is changing because everything is decorated with the tiara, including airports, hotels, banks, etc. Each public institution seeks to win the title “The best tiara of Tahiti.”

The British appreciate flowers, too. in England. Moreover, annually the Royal Society organized summer flower show, for the last 80 years in Chelsea. Exactly this world-famous event dictates fashion trends in floristics. For example, the English holiday created a fashion for utility in florist because many compositions on tender were made from trash: vases for flowerbeds, old trollies, utensils –today all these things are widely used in floristry and landscape design. Viewers have been impressed by this combination of old unnecessary utensils and beautiful fresh flowers, as they reminded everyone something warm and pleasant.

One of the Chinese cities was named in honor of the flower- hibiscus. Its city’s ​​name was Chengdu, and, thanks to the legend, it has become the city Junjen or Hibiscus. When this city was built, all constructed houses collapsed because of unstable foundation. At this point, a magic turtle saved the situation. She went to a special place, which was known only for her and showed how to build the city properly. Her traces formed figure like a hibiscus flower. Furthermore, the hibiscus is called “the flower of beautiful women” in Hawaii because local beauties wear it in their black hair. Day of Fiery Hibiscus is celebrated on the Fiji Islands. Especially for this holiday, residents decorate their houses with ribbons and garlands, and young girls organize a procession, walking on cities’ streets. Of course, people should choose the queen of flowers at the end of the holiday.However, bright beautiful hibiscus flowers are almost indispensable attributes of southern gardens. Naturally, there are at least 300 species of the hibiscus, and this plant is distributed mainly in tropical countries, namely, Indonesia, South China, the Haiti and Fiji islands, Sumatra, Java, Sri Lanka. That’s why this flower was removed only by the 18th century in Europe and was cultivated in greenhouses and botanical gardens.

Jasmine is very important for people in Tunisia. Though Tunisia belongs to Muslim culture, in this African country relationships between men and women aren’t influenced by stringent requirements and prohibitions of Islam.Thanks to jasmine, you can easyget acquainted with the lady you like in Tunisia. Just give her a sprig of the plant- if she takes it, so a man merits her attention, and, perhaps, love. Furthermore, owing this flower, women can d fine marital status of the stronger sex: jasmine behind the left ear shows that a man is not married and ready to make the company to a pretty girl with great relish, but the flower on the right side means he has a wife and you mustn’t flirt with him. There is another tradition, connected with the jasmine in Thailand-newlyweds’ bed is decorated with flowers of jasmine for their wedding night.

The Mexicans believe that aloe is a symbol of luck. Amazingly, there is even a custom to gift a bouquet of aloe for wedding. Such a composition you don’t have to throw it on no account, conversely, when the aloe will sprout and give the roots –you should plant it in the ground. Moreover, a young family needs to take care of the aloe because love will be in the family as long as it is alive. A number of aloe’s sprouts will show the number of children who will be born in the family herein after.
Myrtle has been captured the attention of people around the world at all times. The beauty of this plant is concentrated in brilliant and fragrant leaves. As well, houses are decorated with the myrtle during weddings and holidays.In England, bunches of the myrtle still used for wedding of dignitaries, including royals – that’s why, the myrtle is considered to be a royal brides’ flower.Austrian brides adorned their veils with the myrtle, honoring it as a flower of life.Besides, there is even a divination, related to this flower in Italy. Girls throw myrtle or olive leaf on the floor of hearth and fireplace, thinking about a man. If the leaf begins to crackle from heat, then soon she will marry her lover without fail.

Chrysanthemum is not just a favorite flower in China and Japan – as a result, these two countries constantly argue which of them regard its birthplace.The Japanese consider chrysanthemum is a sacred flower. Moreover, its image can be seen on stamps, on the highest state order (Order of Chrysanthemum) and on national flags. Even,a national emblem of Japan is a stylized image of the imperial sixteen- petals golden chrysanthemum.Astoundingly, only the emperor and his family were entitled to wear clothes with an image of the chrysanthemum in the 19thcentury. And a simple man, who ventured to dress in the same way, had been punished and put to death.In Japan the chrysanthemum is called “kiku”, which translates as “sun.” The Japanese consider themselves as a nation of the sun -it’s no wonder that the chrysanthemum has become a national symbol. Additionally, a holiday of chrysanthemums is carried out in October. During these days, residents decorate their houses with bouquets, garlands and praise this flower in poems.

9th day of 9th month, according to lunar calendar, is dedicated to the chrysanthemum in China.Residents believe that the flower, which is picked on this day, has magical properties. As well, the chrysanthemum symbolizes fidelity for Chinese women, thus they often decorate their hairstyles with it. In the eastern countries people even eat chrysanthemum. The Japanese make a dessert like cake from chrysanthemum flowers. In addition, you should separate the flower from petals and dip it into mixture of flour and beaten eggs, then-into the hot oil, it needs to dry for a while after it will be ready-to-it.

Holland is the capital of flowers. If you decide to enjoy blooming tulips or to visit a legendary parade of flowers,springis the best time for it! Exactly in the spring millions of gentle and adorable flowers rise over green lawns. Perhaps, you can even think that these flowers are made of plastic, so perfect they are in shape and color. Dutch growers surpass themselves because they are masters in this field. On the parade’s day of flowers, which is traditionally held in April, all houses and vehicles are decorated with flowers of different bright colors. On a special route through Harlem, Fox and Noordwijk processions of flowers sculptures, animal figures and heroes of fairy tales a removing. Moreover, you can see such unforgettable sight only in the Netherlands. Festival organizers use all typesof flowers which are grown in this country-approximately million species differ in color and appearance.As soon as this “fragrant march” ends in the center of Amsterdam, at once a concert will begin.

All countries differ from each other for culture, nationality, mentality-but they are united by one thing-love of flowers. Furthermore, if you want to know about traditions and customs of certain country, firstly you should understand a significance of flowers, their history, the most popular and favorite its types.Not without reason,so many festivals and exhibitions are organized, in honor these charming flowers, so many poems and song dedicated to the flowers, so many legends glorify the flowers.

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