Tips for Caring for Flowers and Plants

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Flowers are very beautiful, bright, magnificent and tender. They need attention and special care.
Flowers are connected with all important events in our life. Sometimes we even associate them
with sad or happy memories. We want to see flowers fresh and bright as long as possible.

Here are some useful tips to keep cut flowers:

1. Buy and cut flowers early in the morning, because they have a lot of moisture. It
will help flowers to stay fresh longer.

2. Extreme changes of environment are unfavorable for flowers. Therefore, when you bring
them home, don’t put them at once into the living room or bedroom. Leave them in the
hallway for adopting to the temperature of your home.

3. Before putting flowers in the vase, you should cut stems under water using a sharp knife
or scissors. Thus they will absorb water better.

4. All leaves on the stems, which are underwater, should be torn. They will rot and spoil

5. You shouldn’t keep flowers in cold water. The water in the vase should be at room temperature.

6. Cut flowers should be put in the vase, filled with water up to the top (except gerbera, they
should be kept in water level 1/3, because their stems are covered with thin hairs and
quickly rot.)

7. Regularly check the flowers and add water. This is important in the summer or in houses
with central heating, not only because the water is not only absorbed by plants, but also

8. Cut flowers like light rooms. They should be put in the place, protected from direct
sunlight and drafts.

9. Keep your bouquet away from household appliances, electrical appliances and the
batteries, stoves, heaters.

10. Spraying bouquet will help you to keep it fresh for a long time.

11. Do not put the vase with flowers next to the ripe fruit. They produce ethylene, which
affects the flowers.

12. At night it is better to put your bouquet in a bucket of water and in a cool dark place.

13. For opening flower buds, you should add ammonia in the water.

14. Many cut flowers will keep better if you put wood charcoal in water. It is also useful for
preventing the growth of bacteria in the water to add ammonia, potassium permanganate,
aspirin, citric acid.

Some flowers need special care:

  • Roses and carnations like sugared water.(rose-10% carnations-15%)
  • For dahlia, chrysanthemums, carnations you should put aspirin in water.
  • Tulips fade quickly, but if you leave them in hot water, they will revive. Keep them there until
    they fully wake up.
  • To save peonies fresh, put them in a cool, dry place for a day.
  • Lilies can stand in the water for 10 days. During this time, remove the lower buds. Stamens with
    pollen should be removed from the flower, the pollen can stain your clothes or furniture.
  • It is difficult to keep gerbera for long. Thus, you should be especially careful and attentive: wash
    the vase and add insecticide in the water.

If you get not a bouquet, but a plant, for example, colorful begonias or lovely fuchsia with blossoms, they will look like dolls
in blue skirts. They will decorate for a long time, if you give them proper care for them.

Some tips for caring for in-house plants:

1. Curtains shouldn’t be too thick.

2. Lower plants should be placed in the first row of windows behind them higher plants.
Thus, all plants will get necessary the air and the light.

3. Buy or made shelves for plants with drooping branches, like asparagus, saxifrage.
Branches of such plants need to be hung with the help wires or ropes.

4. House plants need fresh air. In the summer you shouldn’t close windows, in the winter-to
open window leaf.

5. It is better to buy young house plants and in the spring. Thus, they easier will adapt to
conditions of your house.

6. For planting or replanting if you use new pots-put them in the water for half an hour, old
pots should be held in boiling water to eliminate mold.

7. Young plants should be replanted every spring, in April or May, large plants-one time in
2-3 years.

8. In winter you should water house plants in the morning and moderately, in summer-in the
evening and abundantly.

9. Plants need to be watered every day in summer, in winter-much less.

10. Knock on the pot to understand to water plant or not. If the soil in the pot is dry, sound
will be ringing, if the soil is wet- deaf.

11. Never water the plants more than they need. Excess moisture for plants is more harmful
than dryness.

These tips will help you to keep your cut flowers or plants fresh longer. Maybe you will like
to care for flowers and you even decide to be a florist. And your house will be like flower
exhibition. It is a very interesting hobby- to collect flowers and to care for them. All flowers
are different and each of them need of special care.

This article was written by Anna Lia

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