Impressive Things About Hyacinth That You Need To Know

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Do you like hyacinth? How much do you think you know about this fragrant blossom? Read more and find out some things about this magnificent and sweet-smelling flower.


Things that you Need to Know About the Fragrant Hyacinth Impressive Things About Hyacinth That You Need To Know

Impressive Things About Hyacinth


Hyacinth is a fragrant flower that has three subspecies – Hyacinthus litwinowii, Hyacinthus orientalis and Hyacinthus transcapicus. The name of this flower means “flower of rain”. The Greeks named it a flower of grief due to its connection to a famous Greek legend. According to the legend, there was a young man called Hyacinth; he was Apollo’s favorite. One day, during sporting competitions, Apollo threw a hard disc but it dropped right on Hyacinth instead. So, the sweet-smelling purple-red flowers blossomed from the young man’s blood. Because of this incident, Apollo commemorated his favorite’s memory by naming the flower Hyacinth. Incidentally, nearly 3,000 years ago, the Hellenes decorated their hairstyles using this flower on their friends’ wedding day. Moreover, even the Persian poets compared women’s beauty and hair with the spinning hyacinth petals and valued the fragrance of this flower.

As a matter of fact, hyacinth was grown in the East gardens only for a long time. This flower was very famous in the Ottoman Empire, however in Western Europe; the delightful hyacinth was grown only by the 17th century’s end. Originally, the hyacinth never grew in Holland. This flower was brought to its land accidentally. After a shipwreck, boxes of Hyacinth bulbs were washed to the shore. As time passed by, the bulbs sprouted, bloomed and subsequently became a sensation. In 1734, this has become a new source of income, particularly for people who are growing terry hyacinth.

The Meaning Of Hyacinth

The meaning behind this lovely flower depends on the color that you choose. For instance, white hyacinth means loveliness; the yellow ones represent jealousy and the purples ones stand for your plea for forgiveness. This is the reason the purple ones are very famous because it is usually used in bouquets or baskets as an apology flower. This flower is also used to symbolize sports and games.

Uses of Hyacinth

This flower, particularly the water hyacinth can be used for different purposes such as paper, compost, fuel, animal food and water purifying agent. The farmers in Burma and Bangladesh are conducting experimentations with it by making vegetable gardens that floats in water. By placing mud on top of the thickly packed hyacinth, the farmers are able to grow crops and other vegetables.

What Are The Different Colors Of Hyacinth?

This fragrant flower comes in a variety of colors – cream, white, salmon, yellow, pink, peach, red, orange, lavender, blue and purple. There are plenty of colors to choose from therefore you not be easily bored with it when you purchase it in your local flower shop.

When it comes to giving flowers to your friends, loved ones or relatives, choosing the right color of hyacinth is very essential. First, you have to determine the reason why you are giving them flowers in the first place. If your main purpose is to seek their forgiveness, then this flower is definitely the one that you should give.

As mentioned previously, the most ideal color of hyacinth for asking forgiveness is the purple one. You should also try to mix and match other items to your basket or bouquet of flowers. You can match your primary apology flower with other blooms such as red and white roses, tulip and carnation. If you want to make the flowers appear more personal to the recipient, you can place their favorite things such as stuffed toys, chocolates, your picture (for lovers only) and a short note telling them that you won’t do it again.

Growing Hyacinth

This magnificent flower proliferates with the aid of bulbs, which may be purple or cream in color. Upon choosing the bulbs that you will plant in your garden, make sure that you pick healthy and large bulbs that has no dark or soft spots. Usually, large bulbs of hyacinth produce large flowers compared to small ones. You should also search for pest and disease resistant variants of hyacinth bulbs. If you have no idea about this, you can always research about this on the internet or go to your nearest plant and seed sellers and ask them about things that you need to learn about this flower.

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