The Tradition of Giving Flowers

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It is natural for us to give gifts in order to express our sentiments to one another. Over the long course of human history, people have sent the gift of flowers for expressing different emotions such as happiness, grief, loss and most of all, love. This is because flowers carry different meanings and can be given to convey thoughts that simple words alone cannot articulate.

There are different occasions in a year where we are compelled to send flowers to our loved ones. This kind of practice has become a tradition that people around the world have adapted to. From our birthday to our death, blooming and fragrant flowers are always there to emphasize the moment.


tradition of giving flowers The Tradition of Giving Flowers

The Tradition of Giving Flowers


Here are some of the important occasions where we send or receive a gift of flowers:

  1. Mother’s/Father’s Day. On these particular days, we celebrate the love that our mother and father have given to us through a spectacular bouquet or basket of fresh and fragrant flowers. Tell your mother or father how much you love them by sending them an amazing gift of flowers.
  2. Valentine’s Day. Lovers all over the world celebrate this day by sending a gift of flowers for their loved ones or special someone. Every year, tons of flowers are harvested and sold on different flower shops. If you want to make your loved one feel that they are loved, sending a bunch of fresh flowers is definitely a good idea.
  3. Thanksgiving Day. We usually commemorate this day by preparing a delicious and huge turkey in our tables. However, there are people who send beautifully-arranged flowers to their loved one in order to make this day extra special.
  4. Christening. This tradition is very common especially for those who are born and raised in a Roman Catholic family. If you have a friend who’s child is going to be blessed and welcomed in the Catholic faith, this is the perfect occasion to send them a fresh basket or bouquet of flowers.
  5. Graduation. You can congratulate your friends, brothers or sisters who are going to graduate after long years of hard work in college or high school by sending them a gift of bright and elegant flowers.
  6. Get-well-soon wishes. When our dearest friend, loved one or family member is sick and confined in a hospital, we usually send them a gift of flowers to wish for their speedy recovery.


You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars in order to send your special someone, family member or friends a beautiful gift of flowers. You can continue the tradition of sending flowers by going to a flower shop and choose the freshest yet the cheapest bunch and arrange it by yourself. This way, you will be able to save money because you won’t have to seek the help of a professional florist just to get the job done. Also, you can deliver the flowers personally so that the recipient will know that you truly appreciate them. However, if you are too busy and you don’t have the patience to arrange the flowers, you can always rely on the help of expert and professional florists and their excellent delivery service.

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