The Symbolic Meaning of Mother’s Day Flowers

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By Aisha A Rahman

Mothers day celebrations are traditional; the celebration of this special day for mothers all around the world dates back to the 1600′s when a holiday was declared on a Sunday by the name of ‘Mothering Sunday’. This day was celebrated on the fourth Sunday of the Lent which is observed by Christians all over the world. In America, Julia Ward Howe can be credited for making mother’s day celebrations a tradition in that region of the world as well. Mother’s day was created by Julia in 1872. People slowly began adopting the tradition until in 1907 people actually became accustomed to celebrating such a day.

When we celebrate mother’s day, we want to do something special for our mothers as a token of our appreciation and a sign of our gratitude for going through numerous pains and challenges in bringing us up. A mother sacrifices and gives all she can for her child and so, one day of the year is dedicated entirely to show our mothers how much we love them.

When you’re uncertain about what to give our mother on mother’s day, always know that flowers are your savior. Flowers are the best gift for any occasion, especially this one, simple because women adore flowers. Carnations were traditionally a popular choice for flowers for this special day. The tradition of giving flowers goes way back to the early 1900′s where churches would celebrate the day by giving mothers these carnations. The carnation symbolizes purity, endurance and sweetness; all qualities that are inbuilt in any mother, especially when it comes to her children.

If you’re planning on doing something different and want to choose flowers besides the traditional carnations, you can opt for red chrysanthemums. These symbolize love and are very bright and vibrant when crafted into a beautiful bouquet. Orchids symbolize luxury and refinement while daisies are symbols of reciprocating the love that has been showered on you. Snapdragons have also been used on mother’s day and they symbolize trust and hope. The white Lilly, a very beautiful flower, is a symbol of sweetness, while we all know that red tulips are the ultimate declaration of love. Myrtles symbolize love while stocks are known to be symbols of everlasting beauty. You can also think of presenting magenta colored Zinnias which are symbols for thoughts of love, although they are usually given when the loved one is no longer with you.

You should opt for seasonal flowers because since the day is celebrated mostly during the summer months, handing over a bouquet of vibrant colored flowers has more of a special effect. Obviously, a card along with the flowers is an excellent gesture. You can even pre-order flowers from the florist near you. If you’re looking to make some good savings, you can always take a trip to the farmers market where you might be able to find excellent flowers at wholesale rates. When you’re ordering flowers from the internet, you have the option of selecting flowers that are native to your country. There are several online florists who have the bouquet delivered to you on the day you have specified when placing your order.

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