The Secrets of Prolonging the Life of your Cut Flowers Revealed

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Flowers, just like any other creatures on earth, need attention, care and support. Just like animals and humans, plants, particularly flowers can be injured as well. Placing them carelessly will definitely provide you a limited satisfaction however, by taking good care of them; you will be able to enjoy its presence for a maximum of 2 weeks. Other people can only prolong the life of their flowers and maintain the beautiful arrangement for a long time because they act immediately whenever the flowers are showing signs of degeneration. The only question is “how should you do it”.


The Secret to Prolonging the Life of your Cut Flowers Revealed The Secrets of Prolonging the Life of your Cut Flowers Revealed

The Secret to Prolonging the Life of your Cut Flowers Revealed


Fortunately, you don’t need to become a scientist or a researcher in order to provide the ideal environment to your wilting flowers. Here are some things that you should learn in order to maximize your flowers’ life in your vase.

Why is it so Important to Preserve the Life of Your Flowers?

When flowers are still attached to its parent plant, it can get the necessary nutrients whenever it needs nourishment from the ground through its roots. However, when the flower is cut from its stem, the absorption of nutrients is effectively stopped. The nutrients will now pass through the stem and not through the roots, which can be bad to the flowers. When flowers are taken away from the parent plant, it releases a fluid that is mixed into the water in the vase which can be absorbed back through the stem. You should know that cut flowers cannot regulate its absorption capacity since it was taken away from its parent plant. Because of this, no matter how much you put water in your vase, the flowers would still wilt and die later on.

The main purpose of learning to prolong the life of flowers is to extend its life on the vase or in some instances, while being placed in bouquets or baskets. There are many things that can affect the life of flowers. First is the weather or temperature. Sudden changes in temperature affect the life of flowers. If you live in a warm area, always make sure that the flowers have enough water in order to maintain its moisture. If the flowers lose its moisture, it will easily wilt in a matter of hours.

The condition of the vase water is also another crucial factor in the survival of flowers away from its parent plant. As mentioned earlier, flowers can secrete fluids on the vase that can be absorbed back through the stem. In order to prevent this, always make sure that you regularly change the water in the vase. This way, you can stop your precious flowers from poisoning itself. Some people mix a cube of sugar in the water before placing it in the flower vase. You can also do it most especially during the end of the first week.

If the leaves or petals are beginning to wilt, remove them as soon as possible. Rotten leaves and petals produce the poison that could shorten the life of the flowers. By removing the wilted parts immediately, it could prevent the degeneration of other parts of your flower arrangement.

Big No-no’s

Do not spray water on the petals of your flowers in order to make it look fresh. The water that you’ll spray on your flowers will only encourage the growth of fungi which will hasten its decay. Another thing that you should not do is to place your flower vase on a section of your house where it receives direct sunlight. Because the flowers are not connected with the parent plant’s roots anymore, it will lose its moisture quickly. Finally, do not place flowers near fruits. Fruits and flowers alike release ethylene; placing them side by side will encourage mutual poisoning.

In conclusion, knowing how to extend the life of your flowers is very beneficial. First, it can save you a lot of money because you won’t need to purchase flowers every 4 days. You can easily attend to the flowers’ needs. If you have a home garden on the other hand, you have the advantage of keeping the flowers fresh and place them immediately on a vase. However, if you have purchased the flowers from the flower shop or it was delivered to your place, there is a possibility that it lost some of its moisture along the way. In some instances, flowers can be left aside inside the car for a certain period of time. Place the flowers in a vase at once to stop further loss of moisture and fragrance.

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