The Most Common Landscaping Mistakes You Make When Doing Your Yard

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Written by Maya Johnson, a landscaping designer currently working for Aqua Vista Glass, pool fencing providers from Brisbane .

When spring and summer months set in, many people enjoy grooming their gardens and yards. This is mainly because most family functions move from inside the house to the backyard. Landscaping your yard is a rewarding task but only when it is done correctly. This article provides tips on how to avoid the most common landscaping mistakes when doing your yard.


Checklist for Landscapers

The most important thing to do before you start your yard project would be learning as much as possible about your yard and the type of plants that belong there.

1. Will your plants have enough access to water and sunshine?

2. Will you have enough time for maintenance?

3. How will your decorative items look on your yard?

Using Excessive Lawn Ornamentation

When it comes to landscaping, more is not always better. Most people make the mistake of using too many decorative items in their yards to a point that it distracts the beauty of the natural landscape. Before installing a decorative item on your lawn, try figuring out how it will look and whether it is necessary. Sometimes, one little whimsical statue will be much better than having ten. In this case, as Ludwig Mies van der Rohe said: “less is more”.

Failing to Recycle

Most people don’t realize that yard projects are likely to produce more waste than they had expected. When this is the case, most of them end up tossing out the branches and other debris with little regards to the environment. Before starting out your project, rent a shredder which will allow you to dispose of the waste in an Eco-friendly manner. Your planet will be thankfull.

Improper Plant Placement

Planting in the wrong place will not only leave your yard looking clauttered but might also come in the way of proper plant growth. Before you start planting, consider the plant’s access to sunlight. If you are planting trees, consider how tall the trees are likely to grow and give them enough space.

Planting Your Trees too Deep

Most people assume that by adding more soil around the tree they will be giving it good support. This is far from the truth as it chokes the tree and you are unlikely to get the results you desired. To avoid these kinds of problems, make sure you check the main stem and the tentacles before placing it on the ground. A good idea would be digging to the height of the bag the tree came in when you bought it.

Most people think that by cutting their grass short, it means that they will be mowing it less. This is far from the truth. If you cut the grass too short, you are actually inviting insects. A good idea would be cutting it at different lengths on different seasons. During winter, cut it short so that sunlight can penetrate and reach the soil. During summer, leave the blades taller to provide more shade to the soil.

Failing to Fertilize Properly

Failing to fertilize or over-fertilizing is never good for your landscape. Visit your garden center and get tips on the best fertilizers to use for your yard. This ensures you plants grow healthily and give your yard that amazing look we all want.

Using Wrong Plants for Your Yard

Just because a plant looks pretty on someone else’s yard doesn’t mean it belongs in yours. Consider your yard’s access to sunshine and other factors that will affect growth.

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