The Magic of Flowers

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Flowers are amazing part of nature. They are closely connected with our lives. We use flowers to decorate beautiful moments of life. Flowers signify beauty, joy and happiness. We can’t imagine life without flowers. Different flowers have different symbols. Flowers have the power to change our mood and feelings. Research says that flowers and happiness are linked with each other. They can enhance our satisfaction and skills. They have healing properties. Flowers give pleasant experience and refreshment to the mind and body. They will not only give an elegant look to the place but also generate an aesthetic sense. They have power to cheer emotions and can make our life joyful.

Colours of flowers

  • Red: red symbolises love, desire, beauty, lust and passion. It also signifies heat, strength, fire.
  • Pink: It represents interest, grace, gentility and happiness
  • Orange: Orange signifies excitement, exuberance and enthusiasm.
  • Yellow: Yellow denotes friendship, joy, light-heartedness and smile.
  • Purple: It is a colour of royalty, pride, success.
  • Lavender: It signifies royalty, exuberance and tenderness
  • Blue: It indicates dignity, calm and serenity
  • White: White symbolizes purity and innocence.
  • Green: It indicates good luck related to harmony and stability.


Birthday flowers: Flowers colours also indicate the month that you are born.

  • January flower colour: White
  • February  flower colour: Violet
  • March flower colour: Yellow
  • April flower colour: Pink
  • May flower colour: white
  • June flower colour: red
  • July flower colour: pink
  • August flower colour: Yellow
  • September flower colour: purple
  • October flower colour: orange
  • November flower colour: Yellow
  • December flower colour: White


Different flowers and their meaning:

  • Alstroemeria: This flower represents wealth, prosperity and fortune. It is well-known as the flower of friendship.
  • Amaryllis: This flower indicates splendid beauty. It shows the value beyond beauty.
  • Anemone: This flower represents both sad and happy nature. On a positive note it indicates anticipation and on a negative note it represents fading hope.
  • Anthurium: It symbolizes hospitality. This flower indicates happiness and abundance.
  • Aster: It stands as a symbol of patience, love, elegance and daintiness.
  • Bird of Paradise: This flower signifies happiness, magnificence, anticipation.
  • Bouvardia: It represents enthusiasm, enthusiasm for life.
  • Calla Lily: It is a symbol of magnificence and beauty. It shows purity and innocence and is a perfect wedding flower.
  • Carnation: It represents pride and beauty. Red carnation for love, pink for love, yellow for disdain and so on.
  • Chrysanthemum: It shows joy, optimism and fidelity. This flower is available in a wide variety of colours. Red signifies love, white for truth, Yellow chrysanthemum for love.
  • Daffodil: It represents chivalry. It signifies rebirth, new start and an everlasting life.
  • Daisy: Daisy is the wonderful flower which indicates innocence. It is used to express cheerfulness.
  • Delphinium: Delphinium a hybrid flower which represents big heart, fun, lightness. Gift the flower to one who is closely attached to your life.

Apart from that there are different flowers like Freesia, Gardenia, Gerbera, Iris, Larkspur, Lily and so on. Give these flowers to your loved ones on special occasions and make them happy!

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