The Dummies’ Guide to Flowers for All Occasions

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Flowers are indeed more than just alluring plants; it represents and symbolizes various meanings that words alone cannot express. However, for some people, buying a gift of fragrant flowers is as easy as buying a box of chocolate while some people find it extremely difficult to choose one. This is because they think that coming up with a perfect combination of flowers for a bouquet or basket is an intimidating task compared to just simply choosing one.


The Dummies’ Guide to Flowers for All Occasions The Dummies’ Guide to Flowers for All Occasions

The Dummies’ Guide to Flowers for All Occasions


You don’t need to become an expert in flowers just to come up with a good arrangement or combination for your loved one or special someone. All you need to know is the occasion that it would be used. If you wish to offer a gift of flowers to your loved ones, friends, relatives or family members but you do not know which blooms will suit the occasion; this article will help you determine the perfect combinations.

For Date Night

If you are going on a date, there is no better way to start a romantic evening than offering your date a fragrant bouquet of flowers. The perfect flower for this occasion is the rose. From pastels to jewel color tones, the range and adaptability of this bloom conveys attention, intention and most of all, love to the recipient.  The advantage of presenting your date with bouquet of fresh roses is that you can make her feel like she just won the “Miss America” title. You can transmit your message to your date using its sweet aroma especially if the roses are well-arranged.

This flower is also perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Dinner Party with Close Friends

If you are going to see your work, college or high school friends and you are planning to give them a gift of flowers; seasonal flowers are the best blooms that you can offer them. They are always in fashion for an evening in the living room, kitchen and dining room and even the patio. The most ideal flowers for this kind of occasion are the bulb flowers, sunflowers, and assorted garden flowers of summer, spring, winter and autumn. These flowers can be used as a great table centerpiece to create a pleasant atmosphere while reminiscing good memories. Pair them with a marvelous vase or for a striking impact.

Highlight Celebration

Occasions such as graduations, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, New Year and even birthday celebrations deserve fragrant flowers to highlight it. The most excellent flower for this instance are colorful party flowers combined with vibrant colored flowers such as gerbera daisies, assorted carnations, tulips or stock. Never be afraid to mix and match bright colors to make new combinations and arrangements because these might help get a great party started.

You can also present flowers to your friend, special someone, wife or girlfriend on days that needs celebration such as job promotion. If they just got promoted recently, offering them a gift of fresh and fragrant flowers will make them extra special for the rest of the day.

Formal Events

If you are going to attend formal events, always make sure that you bring the perfect flowers. The safest flower to bring in this kind of occasion is orchids. These flowers are used for elegance and formality. From the famous phaleanopsis up to the larger stems of cymbidium, orchids are excellent in formal wear such as tuxedo or gowns. You can also use this bloom if you wish to remind your guests that this evening is an important event. Even the humble dendrobium orchids give off elegance which holds on its own if matched against white linen. Luckily, these blossoms come in a wide range of colors from white to fuchsia to orange that can match all kinds of occasions.

Now that you know which kinds of flowers you would like to bring on the abovementioned occasions but you do not know how to arrange it, all you have to do is to call your local flower shop to do the rest. They have a team of dedicated florists that will take care of your needs. One simple call will give you millions of ideas on how the flowers you have in mid will be arranged to match the occasion that you are going to present it.


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