The Blooming Secrets of Jasmine Exposed

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Jasmine is a tropical flowering plant that produces a very fragrant bloom. To be exact, this flower grows from a shrub. The flowers are used in different products that you’ll see in the market these days such as perfume, cosmetics, herbal medicine and in some instances, food. You may rarely see this flower included in your regular bouquet or basket of flowers but this irresistible and attractive blossom can also be used to decorate any part of your home. The alluring scent can also be used to freshen up your room as well.


The Blooming Secrets of Jasmine Exposed1 The Blooming Secrets of Jasmine Exposed

The Blooming Secrets of Jasmine Exposed


If you love jasmine, here are some interesting facts that you need to know about different uses of this aromatic flower:

Jasmine in Flower Festival Celebrations

Flower celebrations are not complete without exhibiting the beautiful and fragrant jasmine. You will see some gardeners parading their bountiful harvest of jasmines. Most people usually attend flower festivals and garden shows to see or purchase a shrub to plant it in their own home garden.

In some traditions all over the world, they use jasmines together with other flowers to decorate altars, shrines and other important religious items.

Jasmine as an Herbal Remedy

Centuries ago, the Chinese used to extract this flower in order to make it as a scenting agent to their tea. In order to treat illnesses, the Chinese used herbs and flowers to make medicine as well. They believed that the tea is a form of remedy that can fight against sicknesses. This can treat fever, urinary tract infection and other infections. The ancient Chinese mix green tea and jasmine together. The green tea will then integrate the scent of jasmine in order to make it more appealing.

The tea mixed with jasmine is also used as their favorite pastime drink. In addition, this flower has cooling effect; making it a perfect drink during summer season. This is also used as a calming drink, given to those who are feeling tense or nervous. Jasmine is also used as an ingredient in some Chinese food.

The leaves and roots of Jasmine are used to treat ringworms and tapeworms. The roots are particularly helpful in treating paralysis, chronic constipation, dysmenorrhoea, giddiness and skin diseases.

Jasmine in Cosmetics and Other Products

Because of the sweet-smelling scent of jasmine, it is used as an ingredient in manufacturing different kinds of soaps, perfumes, cosmetics and fabric conditioners. This flower surely is fragrant however; one would need many petals of this flower in order to capture its fragrance. The ancient Chinese believed that the Jasmine oil should be collected at night where the flowers’ scent is at its strongest.

Jasmine is found to be a very good agent in revitalizing the skin. This is why hundreds of companies have produced lotions and other skin care products that promises to rejuvenate skin. This flower can remove the skin’s dryness, greasiness and itchiness. Moreover, jasmine is a perfect element in keeping the hair smooth and healthy.

Jasmine in Aroma Therapy

This flower’s scent is also useful in helping the mind focus. Jasmine is a very effective tool in increasing the mind’s concentration. People who wish to concentrate on their thoughts should smell this flower to relax their mind. This is particularly advantageous to those who are formulating plans or making major plans in their life. Moreover, the scent is used by therapists to overcome a person’s depression.

Planting Jasmine in your Home Garden

Planting this fragrant tropical flower in your garden is very easy. All you need to do is to have a shrub and plant it on a spot in your garden where it will receive 4 to 6 hours of direct sunlight. If you wish to plant this flowering shrub, make sure that you remove it on the pot so that it would grow tall and wide to produce more flowers.

Other Uses of Jasmine

Jasmine can be used as a decorative plant inside your home. In some events, such as Luau parties, this flower can be used to decorate the venue and as a necklace that the beautiful and flaming hot dancing Hula girls can wear. If you have kids who love flowers, you can decorate their ears with one or two blossoms.


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