Simple Tips for Buying Flowers Online

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buying flowers online Simple Tips for Buying Flowers Online

Giving or sending flowers is the best way to show someone the love you have for them. Flowers bring smile on the face and let the person forget of all the sorrows. Hence, flowers are ideal gifts that can be given on any occasion. To convey the message correctly it is important to choose the right type of flowers and floral arrangements. With the advent of online flower stores buying flowers has become simple and can be ordered right from your house. Here are few tips for buying flowers online.

Know about the flowers available with the florist

You can often get seasonal flowers at low price. Hence, before placing the order get the list of flowers available with the florist. From the list choose the flowers that best fit the occasion. For example, if you are presenting the flowers to your girl friend pick up a color and flower that she loves the most.

Know the meaning of flowers

Specific types of flowers are used for specific occasion. In few cases floral arrangements also convey a message. For example, red roses are meant to convey love while yellow roses mean friendship, lilies and carnations are used to show sympathy.  Choose the right type of flowers to suit the occasion.

Plan the delivery date and place in advance

Sometimes it may take more time for the online stores to deliver flowers. It could be due to lack of availability of the flowers, poor climatic conditions that make delivery difficult. Hence, plan the date in advance. Before buying flowers online make sure to enquire about the time they need to deliver the flowers. Placing the order well in advance saves on shipping costs as last minute delivery i.e. delivery on same day or the next day is definitely expensive.

Ask about the way the flowers are delivered

For the flowers to retain the freshness it is important to deliver them in a right way. Know whether the flowers are delivered in a container or a vase. Few florists deliver the flowers in a box and they have to be arranged upon receiving. If you are presenting the flowers to someone then it would not be good to send flowers in a box.

Know about the availability of customer service

Before buying flowers online make sure that the florist offers customer service. This is very important as in certain cases you may wish to change the order or the delivery date. It is wise to choose stores offering tracking service as it would be helpful to know where the flowers are at a particular time. Few stores have professionals to guide you in choosing the right flowers that best fit the occasion and in including a small note along with the flowers for free.

Get the final price before ordering

Few online floral services give a very low price tag for the flowers to attract the customers. But, they later add service charges, shipping costs and other charges like the cost of the vase or container. This greatly increases the final price. Hence, before ordering flowers from the organized list talk to the customer service personnel and know the final price you would be paying.

Compare the costs

Prices vary among various online stores. Hence, get quotes from different stores and compare the price. Choose a store that is close to point of delivery to save on shipping costs. Choose a store that offers best price, right flowers and all the needed customer support. It is recommended to avoid middlemen as they would definitely sell flowers for higher price than actual florists.

Grab the right deal

Few stores offer special discounts for regular customers, bulk orders, for specific flowers and on specific days of week. Thus, before buying flowers online check for the available deals and accordingly pick up the flowers that best the suit the occasion and to save your pocket. Beware of stores offering free gifts upon ordering.

Know about the terms and conditions of the online store

It is always recommended to know the terms and conditions of the store such as order replacement, refund policy, freshness warranty for the flowers and other payment related terms. Few stores do not guarantee about the freshness of the flowers upon delivery. Hence, be cautious not to choose such stores.

Check availability of gifts

Sometimes you may wish to send additional gifts such as chocolates, cakes, wines or a gift basket along with flowers. In such cases, it is recommended to choose online florists who sell gifts along with flowers. This would save you from placing multiple orders and it also saves on shipping costs.

Check the customer reviews

Do not get carried away by the pictures portrayed in the website. Ensure that the flowers delivered are similar to the pictures included in the website. Always read the reviews given by previous customers to know about the quality of service of the florists. Do not bother about one or two negative reviews as mistakes can happen in unavoidable situations such as poor weather that results in delayed deliver or slightly withered flowers.

Lastly, it is recommended to choose experienced florists for buying flowers online as they ensure secure delivery and guaranteed satisfaction.

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