Sending Sympathy Flowers in Sacramento, CA

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The death of a loved one is an experience that is very hard to get over. The only way we can cope up with such experience is the sympathy and support of our friends and family. One of the ways that you can make the bereaved feel a little better is by expressing your condolences through sympathy flowers. Sending sympathy flowers to the surviving family members is a common practice all over the world. However, not all flowers can be sent to the mourning family. There are some instances wherein a person conveyed an offensive meaning because he sent the wrong type of flowers. Each flower expresses different meanings and it is a must to learn the etiquette in connection to sympathy flowers.


Sending Sympathy Flowers in Sacramento CA Sending Sympathy Flowers in Sacramento, CA


If you are living within or near the Sacramento area and you found out that one of your friends are mourning the loss of a family member, you can contact your florist and have them arrange a sympathy flower. Here are some things that you need to think about when sending sympathy flowers in Sacramento, CA:

  1. Appropriate flower colors should be chosen. Different cultures all over the world dictate the proper selection flowers to be given to the bereaved. This is the first thing that you need to tell your florist when purchasing sympathy flowers. For instance, the Japanese take white flowers as a symbol of funeral and mourning. You should also take the religion of the recipient into consideration when choosing sympathy flowers. If you are confused, the best thing that you need to do is ask your florist about it.
  2. Choose the appropriate type and size of flowers. You can choose different kinds of funeral flower arrangements in your Sacramento flower shops – bouquets, wreaths and casket sprays. Your closeness to the bereaved will tell the type and size of the flower arrangements that you will send them. If you think that you are close to the family of the deceased or to the deceased himself, it is alright to send a rich and big arrangement of casket spray. If you’re not, then a small basket or bouquet will be fine.
  3. A sympathetic message written in a card should be sent together with the flowers. The message must be short, sincere and written properly. This is definitely the hardest part because no amount of words can express the feelings of sympathy. However, it is the thought that really counts that’s why you need to keep it short and simple and offers comfort as much as possible. These kinds of messages will be appreciated by the bereaved and will uplift them. If you are having difficulty writing your sympathy message, a card with a printed message will simply do.
  4. Decide where the sympathy flowers should be sent. You can send sympathy flowers that you ordered to either the home of the deceased or in the funeral home. In some cultures, sending funeral flowers directly to the home is considered a bad omen or luck. The cultural background of the deceased or his family should always be taken into account when sending sympathy flowers. If you are close to the family of the deceased, you can even bring the flowers to them personally to express your sympathy.
  5. Send the flowers that you ordered at the appropriate time. These kinds of flower arrangements can be sent only on specific time such as the visitation hours. Contacting the family of the deceased is the best thing to do to determine the visiting hours. This way, if you are too busy to deliver the flowers yourself, you can instruct the flower delivery people to deliver it on the exact time that you told them without offending the deceased’s family or the management of the funeral home. Other cultures allow sending sympathy flowers during the day time. If you rush the delivery of the sympathy flowers to the cemetery or funeral home, it may ruin the ceremony and disturb other people mourning. If you can’t send the flowers within that day, you should make sure that it will be sent within the week.


These days, due to our busy schedule, we cannot go to a flower shop and order sympathy flowers personally. This is where shopping flowers through online flowers shops can become very convenient. If you want to send your friend who died or his family a sympathy flower, you can order them here in

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