Name Your Daughter After A Flower

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baby name flower 300x225 Name Your Daughter After A Flower

Girl's name after flower.

Every parent wishes to choose a special name for their little princesses. If you love flowers then you would definitely love to name your daughter after a flower. There are plenty of flowers and you can choose a name that best suits your little one. The pleasing and fascinating look of the flowers reflects in their names. Here is a list of flower names that can be used to name your daughter.

  • Daisy: These are bright yellow colored flowers that make the garden look gorgeous. This is a perfect name for girls that is preferred many moms.
  • Jasmine: This is a white colored flower with fresh and pleasant fragrance. This exotic flower name is used with spelling variations to name baby girls. Some of those variations include Jazmin, Jazzmyn and Jessamine.
  • Lilly: Lilies that come in different colors look lovely and cute. The flower name lily is used as such or with alterations such as Lilia, liliana and the name lilou is commonly used in France.
  • Daffodil: These are gorgeous flowers that bloom in spring. If you are planning to name your daughter after letter D with a flower name that blooms in spring then this should be ideal choice.
  • Marigold: These are bright yellow colored flowers that give a vibrant look to the garden. This name is widely used by British people and less commonly by others.
  • Rose: Roses available in plethora of colors have a unique fragrance. Rose is the preferred girl name by many people. It is used in combination with other names as Rosemary or with slight modifications as Rosalia and Rosa.
  • Liliac: This name that is often considered similar to lily is one of the exotic flower names that are being used extensively lately. These flowers have a wonderful fragrance and color.
  • Tulip: If you wish to use a special name for your little baby girl then this is the best choice.
  • Bryony: It is name of a vine that produces vivid looking green colored flowers. This name is commonly used in England.
  • Pansy: Though pansies are adorable flowers available in multiple colors. The name pansy is rarely used for girls as there are possibilities of teasing.

If you are confused of which flower name to select out of hundreds of flower names one easy solution is to pick a flower as per the season in which the baby is born. For example if the baby in born in the months of Spring season then flower names such as Daisy, Iris or Violet that bloom in spring can be chosen.

Few people love to use flower names but does not want it to sound like a flower name. Names that refer to flower but are not familiar as flower names include

  • Gelsey: This is a Persian word for flower.
  • Iolanthe: Greek word for violet flower. So, if you love to name your daughter after the flower violet and make it look interesting then this is the best choice.
  • Jacinta: Spanish word referring to the flower hyacinth.

Other unfamiliar names that refer to flowers include Leilani, Linnea, Marguerite, Capucine and Zahara.

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