Most popular wedding bouquets for Winter 2013

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Wedding day is one of the most important events in our life. Wedding bouquet is the integral part of this ceremony. It is practically the only thing that the bride carries during the wedding.

Just fresh flowers are the most festive and feminine accessory of the bride. Wedding bouquet must be not only beautiful, but it must harmonize with the bride’s dress and style. That’s why the wedding bouquet should be chosen especially carefully.

Wedding bouquet 2013 will be in pastel tone. Cream, milky, pale pink flowers will look very tender and touching for girls with blond hair. Brunettes can choose a dark wedding bouquet with red, burgundy, purple flowers. Some florists even offer black bouquets.

popular wedding bouquets for winter 2013 Most popular wedding bouquets for Winter 2013

popular wedding bouquets for winter 2013

If you want not large bridal bouquet, bouquets-bags or bouquets-balloons are created especially for you. These bouquets have circular shape and look very original and lovely. You can hang such bouquets on the wrist with a ribbon.

One of the trends in wedding bouquets 2013 is considered bouquets with brooches. It looks very glamorous and rich. Brooches can be in the form of flowers, butterflies, feathers, birds. During the whole celebration it will please by the shine of metal and jewels. You must carefully keep a bouquet, not to spoil a dress or a veil with the toke.

You should carefully choose a bouquet of some original form. Wedding bouquet 2013 in the form of garlands, umbrellas, fans will look very interesting and unusual, but it is very difficult to wear it.

Another extraordinary bridal bouquets for winter 2013 is collision of opposites-combination of elegant white and ivory flowers mixed with  bright-red amaryllis or thistle.

Wedding bouquets 2013 with pinecones are very popular in this season. Pinecones with glitter glow like a halo around dusky mauve roses. The delicate flowers soften the pinecones, and accentuate glitter. You should be careful only when you throw the bridal bouquet, because it is heavy.

Of course, bridal bouquets with roses will remain popular, as classic variant. Red roses are always topical. Wedding bouquets with pink roses look graceful, adding softness, femininity, purity and elegance.

Orange and purple, white and purple these combinations of colors are very popular for Wedding bouquets. Such colors will create a bright, stylish and original bridal bouquet.

What colors and bouquets do famous people choose for their wedding?

Alicia Keys have chosen a delicate bouquet of green and purple combination, Kate Middleton-a bouquet of elegant small white flowers, complemented by green leaves, Kim Kardashian  prefers  a simple white bouquet without any frills, Gwen Stefani likes bouquet with white and pink flowers, and decorated with ribbons.

Bridal bouquets for winter 2013 are very original by their interesting forms, custom components, unusual combination of colors. Every woman reviews hundreds, even thousands wedding bouquet, choosing a single and unique bouquet. Wedding Flowers 2013 can please any woman.

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