Is It Possible to Grow Orchids in your Home Garden?

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Most people dream of growing flowering plants in their garden. They may be inspired by their friends or neighbors or they just simply want to brighten up their backyard. Some of these people are successful in their gardening aspirations while some are not. What you must know is that not all flowers can be grown in controlled conditions. One of these flowers is the orchids. If you are one of those people who failed to make your orchids produce flowers, here are some tips that you can use.


Is It Possible to Have Home Grown Orchids1 Is It Possible to Grow Orchids in your Home Garden?

Is It Possible to Grow Orchids in your Home Garden


Orchids are some of the flowers that are very hard to grow. Most of the sub-species of orchids only grow in the wild. Some of it blooms and reproduces only on a certain mountain the world. However, after careful observations and experimentations, horticulturists and flower enthusiasts have come up with a method to grow some of these orchids in home gardens.

How to Grow Orchids in your Backyard or Home Garden?

There are plenty of options available to amateur gardeners to successfully grow orchids. These are:

  • growing it from seed and;
  • growing it from a live plant


Knowing these two crucial steps could save you plenty of time because you could prevent doing useless things.

Growing orchids from seed. Unlike other plants, the seed of orchids are relatively the same size of dust, making it hard to see and hold using your hands. Moreover, the seed of an orchid doesn’t hold its own nutrition, making its survival difficult without the help of a special fungus called mycorrhizal. Without this special fungus, you cannot hope to grow orchids in your home garden.

The fungus helps the seed of an orchid grow – develop its roots and leaves until it can produce its own food. The seed must be sown around the parent plant in order to acquire the fungus that will help you grow the seeds. Place the seeds onto the same spot where its parent plant is and carefully observe it until the seeds sprout leaves. Once it displayed its own leaves, this means that you have successfully grown one. Transfer it in another bark and let it grow there.

Growing orchids from live plant. Some people take a live orchid plant from the mountains and nurture in their home garden. This can be done by attaching the live plant on a huge piece of driftwood. In due time, the roots will find its way on the driftwood where it will get its nutrition. Be reminded that while the roots are not yet connected to the driftwood, the plant should be regularly watered to prevent dehydration. Once it has connected its roots to the driftwood, it can continue its normal way of producing its own food.

What are the Benefits of Growing Orchids in your Home Garden?

There are many advantages that you can get from growing orchids in your home garden. One of these benefits is that you can sell it in your local flower shop or to those who badly need it during important occasions. As mentioned in the previous entries, orchids are one of the best flowers that you can use during formal events such as wedding, prom, homecoming or office events.

Another advantage of growing orchids in your home garden is that it offers odor-free environment. Unlike other plants that depend on smelly organic fertilizer to get nutrients, orchids cling strongly on driftwood or tree bark to survive. You don’t need to use fertilizer to ensure that your orchids get right nutrients it needs.

Things that You Need to Remember

Orchids grow and bloom in certain conditions. This is the reason why some gardeners dedicate a special garden for this kind of plant. By doing this, they possess a complete control on their garden’s lighting conditions, temperature and in some instance the terrain where the orchids should grow.

The question that you need to ask yourself is “would I really want to grow orchids in my garden?” It takes plenty of effort to maintain orchids. Moreover, orchids do not produce flowers are often as other plants. Depending on the sub-species of orchids, it takes 6 to 12 months for an orchid flower to bloom. If you do not have the patience to wait for it to bloom, this is definitely not the right plant for you. However, if gardening is your real passion, you can easily grow orchids as long as you follow the requirements.

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