Ideal Places in your House to Put Flowers

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If you are fond of purchasing flowers or you are receiving a bunch of it on a regular basis, you can use these fragrant blossoms to accentuate a particular spot in your house. Whether you have bought or received it in bouquets or baskets, it will surely become a wonderful attraction in any corner where you have decided to put it. Rearranging it to make it look good on a vase or leaving it the way you received it is entirely up to you. The only question that remains is where are the best places in your house to put the flowers?


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Ideal Places in your House to Put Flowers


Decorating your home is one of the essential tasks that should be done regularly and creatively so that your place would emanate a nice and appealing atmosphere not only for your family but also to your visitors. Below is the list of the best places in the house to have some flowers:

Where should you place your flowers?

  1. Living room. This is where the family gathers during the day time. This is also the place where you entertain visitors, friends and relatives who came in your house to stay for a while. By placing a magnificent flower arrangement in this particular area, they will be able to feel a relaxing ambiance each time they stay there to either have a nice conversation or watch TV with your family. The flowers are best placed on the corners of the living room or on the center table.
  2. Dining room. Placing a vase full of fresh and fragrant flowers on your dining table is a good way of boosting your appetite. Arrange the flowers on the middle section of your Lazy Susan and put it together with the fruits to create an invigorating view of the dining room.
  3. Bedroom. Waking up in the morning and seeing a fresh and vibrant bunch of flowers is indeed a good way to start your day. Place the flowers vase or basket in a corner of your bedroom where you could easily see it in the morning. You can also place it in your bedroom table beside the window.
  4. Hallways. Hallways would be extremely lonely and dark without the presence of colorful and sweet-smelling flowers. Put a flower vase on top of the furniture to make your hallways attractive.
  5. Home office. Flowers can also inspire a person to work harder. If you work at home, seeing flowers once in a while will definitely refresh your mind, especially if you have been staring at your computer screen for a long time. Place the flowers on top of your office furniture such as file cabinet or office table. You can also put the flower vase or basket beside the window so that you’ll be able to enjoy its smell together with fresh air.

What are the best flowers to put on a vase?

If you are going to purchase flowers for your home décor, it is very important that you choose the right flowers. The best flowers for home decoration are roses, lilies, daffodils, orchids, sunflowers, tulips and gardenia. You can also order tropical flowers such as Hibiscus, Birds-of-Paradise, anthurium and heliconia. This way, your visitors will be amazed when they see it in your vase.

Flowers can indeed create a happy and elegant space as long as it is regularly replaced and taken care of. Placing flowers in strategic places in your house is one of the effective techniques that you can use to make your home warm and luxurious place to live in. Furthermore, it will help you make your place more inviting especially if you are entertaining guests.


If you don’t know which type of flowers you can put in your house as your home décor, you can always ask your local florist’s assistance. They have a team of expert and professional team of florists that can give you tips on how to spice up your home decorations as far as flowers are concerned. If you are too busy to pay them a visit, you can always arrange a flower delivery to your home. Just tell them exactly what you want and they will surely come up with a bright idea on how you want your flowers done!

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