How to Take Care of Flowers

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Since the time of our ancestors, we have used flowers to convey our feelings to one another. This kind of habit became a tradition that people all over the world have used to highlight different occasions in their life such as love, happiness, loneliness, celebration, failure, sickness and death. In some organizations, they even use flowers to signify a secret or exclusive meaning. Whatever the occasion, we need to make sure that the flowers that we receive lasts for a long time so that we remember its meaning very well.


How to take care of flowers How to Take Care of Flowers

How to Take Care of Flowers


Taking Care of Your Flowers

Contrary to popular belief, flowers can also experience stress while being transported however; it recovers after being placed in water. It pays to know how to take care of flowers so that you can maximize its life after purchasing it from the flower shop.

  1. Be sure to keep all the flowers in a vase which is filled with flower food purchased from your local flower shop. Refill the vase with the same solution if it becomes cloudy. This will stop the growth of bacteria and other organisms that could prevent the flowers from blooming. Leave them in a cool place if you weren’t able to put flower food solution in your flowers right away.
  2. Always place the flowers in a cool and dry place between 65 to 72 degrees F. Also, remember to keep them away from direct sunlight and heating and cooling vents. Never place the vase on top of televisions, radiators or directly under ceiling fans. These kinds of appliances radiate heat that can easily dry flowers up.
  3. Next, fill up a clean deep vase with the flower food solution purchased from your local flower shop. Be sure to follow the instructions on the package.
  4. Take away the leaves that falls below the waterline. Remember that fallen leaves in the water encourage bacterial growth. Re-cut stems under water. This lets the stems to absorb in water than air. Afterwards, put the flowers in the solution you have set.
  5. Cut the stems take away any leaves that will be under the vase’s water line. This will make certain that the leaves do not rot in the water and subsequently pollute it. Ready a clean vase of lukewarm water and add the flower food.
  6. Change the water in the vase every week. Never use any kind of metal containers because this can render the flower food useless.


Now that you know how to take care of your flowers, you can be sure that you can stretch its life. This way, your friends, loved ones and family will be able to enjoy its presence on their home, bedroom, office table or hospital room.


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