How to Pick a Bouquet for Your Man

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A beautiful bouquet is always the perfect gift, always relevant. If it is a present for a woman, then what about men? After all, love of flowers does not contradict with the strength of character and purpose of nature. How can you pick up a bouquet for a man?

Special bouquets for men are not so common, but the trend is gaining momentum fast enough. In Western Europe, the phenomenon of male floral arrangement appeared earlier. In Japanese culture bouquets for men has been developed for centuries, since florists there have never overlooked the strong sex.

So how do they differ bouquets, so to speak, by gender? First, let us consider the form. If the round shape dominated women’s compositions, then men’s ones have extended, striving upward lines, with sharp angles. Next thing is the color. Flowers of pale pink, sand, cream and other pastel colors will not look very appropriate in a man’s bouquet. The bouquet should be bright, so dark red, blue, purple, orange and yellow hues dominate. We should also mention the greens. These should be bright, saturated and dark colors, that are not close to the green color, and the Emerald.

Finally, let’s talk about the plants that make up the bouquet for men. Most often it is the so-called exotic flower – exotics, which include anthurium (its inflorescence is a single large flat sheet resembling the heart, with a yellow or orange hairs growing out of the middle, as a rule, use red or green varieties), Strelitzia (this flower looks like feathers or tails of birds of paradise, used mainly orange varieties), Calla (inflorescence resembles a graceful glass in the middle of it – a subtle contrast pestle, ideal for male flowers are yellow, burgundy calla lilies), Lily (Asiatic hybrids), Proteus (the petals are like thin needles, so the flower has some “scratchy” look, burgundy or yellow flowers attract attention to its exotic flowers and brightness); leykospermum (also from the family of Proteus), gladiolus, Eremurus (has inflorescence – brush set flowers – stars, resembling a luxurious tail, the orange and yellow types). Roses – a versatile flower, a few roses on long stems are also quite appropriate as a gift to man.

Florists are not advised to give the man tulips and daffodils, violets and tiny buds of daisies, touching chamomile and freesia. In general, the male flowers should be large flowers. If you still want to use small flowers, there should be very many of them.

The bouquet for a man should be bright and often – extravagant. It should never be discreet and modest. Incidentally, if you think that to give a man flowers is still not the best option, then present something very decorative and beautiful. A good florist will always guide you.

If you are not familiar with the tastes of the person who was going to receive your present, make your choice on roses and purple-green color scheme. This is a classic, and it will always be popular and fashionable.

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