How to Do a Wedding Bouquet Arrangement

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Flowers are one of the prominent things that you’ll see in weddings. These can be used to decorate the church or become a bouquet for the wedding attendees. Weddings are not complete without wedding bouquets. You will usually see this beautiful piece of adornment held by the bride at church weddings. Making the bride extra special on her special day is one of the important things that you can give her. If you are looking for the best gift that you can give the bride, you can offer her a wedding bouquet.


How to Do a Wedding Bouquet Arrangement How to Do a Wedding Bouquet Arrangement

How to Do a Wedding Bouquet Arrangement


Wedding gifts are sometimes expensive. If you wish to save money and make your wedding gift more memorable, you can design your own floral arrangement. There are moments that you need to personalize your gift in order to put more of your personality to the gift that you are sending. This way, the recipient will feel that you totally put dedication in creating it. Moreover, you get to choose the flowers and design that you can use on the wedding bouquet.

Here’s how you can make your own wedding bouquet arrangement:

  1. Choose long-stemmed flowers of any color. In most cases, roses are the best pick for wedding bouquets. Select the flowers that will best complement the wedding ceremony or the overall design of the wedding venue. You can contact the wedding organizer about the details of the decoration in order to make sure that the flowers that you’ll bring as a gift will match the occasion. If you wish to offer a bouquet consisting different flowers, you can do so by combining one or two blossoms in the process.
  2. Remove its leaves and extra thorns on the stem. You don’t want to hurt the bride during the most important day of her life, do you? Removing the thorns on the stems of the flowers that you’ll bring will ensure that the bride will have her happiest moments. Leaving one thorn increases the chance of ruining that perfect moment.
  3. Cut the stems while holding it on running water. Take away 3 to 5 inches of stems. The best way of doing this perfectly is by holding the whole bunch of flowers at the same time to ensure that the length of every stem is uniform. To make sure that the blossoms stay fresh until you have delivered it to the bride on the wedding day, place the flower stems on a container filled with water to maintain its freshness.
  4. Take 4 of the flowers and make a square-shape to provide framework for the bouquet. While holding the framework of the bouquet in using one hand, grab the other ones and place it around the framework that you made. Do this until you feel that the bouquet is large enough.
  5. Secure the bouquet that you made using floral tapes or rubber bands. The wedding bouquet should be durable because the bride will throw this away to excited single ladies after the wedding. If the flowers become a little bit loose while the wedding ceremony is ongoing, it means that you did not secure it properly. To avoid disaster, bind the flowers properly.
  6. Wrap the flowers with neat and colorful plastic cover or other material that you wish to use. This will give the wedding bouquet its unique character. You can also add a colorful ribbon of your choice to highlight the overall style of the bouquet.

Styling your own wedding bouquet as a gift to the bride on her wedding day is easier if you have plenty of ideas on how to make the best one. If you don’t know where to start, you can always search the internet for step-by-step instructions on how to make wedding bouquets. By searching the internet for information, you can be confident about your wedding gift to the bride. You can also see other floral designs and integrate it into your own. If you are going to design your own wedding bouquet, make sure that the flowers are absolutely fresh. You can purchase the things that you need on a flower market or in a wholesaler. The flowers from these sources are guaranteed fresh and completely affordable. This is advantageous to you if you are on a tight budget.



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