How To Choose Flowers

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Flowers…They are part of our life. Flowers are around us: they make our houses more homelike, when we want to make woman, either mother, daughter or wife, happy, they made us smiling, even we are sad, they participate in all our important events, such as birthday, wedding. Each country have its national flower. In Japan even there are a lot of holidays in honor flowers, such as chrysanthemum festival, cherry blossom festival.

Here are some steps, which will help you in choosing flowers:

Step 1. Firstly you need to decide you want to buy a single flower, a bouquet or a flowering plant. For example, for a housewarming best present is a plant, it means more permanence, like a plant. Roses are a good choice for birthday.

Step 2. You should remember for what occasion you buy flowers: if the flowers are for a wedding or a dinner party, you should send them in advance so they can be displayed in time.

Step 3. Check the meaning of your flowers! Yellow tulips are to separation, but red- are a declaration of love, ivy is a symbol of fidelity and marriage, and white rose symbolizes tenderness.

Step 4. Apply a note, symbol or mark to better preserved sentiments.

Step 5.Analyze character, style and behavior of person, whom you want to give flowers. It will be absurdly to choose extravagant bouquet for simple, calm person- it will be pertinently to send her a single rose or wildflowers.

how to choose flowers How To Choose Flowers

A beautiful chrysanthemum.

Everyone likes live flowers and is glad to see fresh flowers as long as possible. And now some necessary tips to holders of flowers:

  1. To buy and to cut flowers is better in the morning: they have especially a lot of moisture. So they keep freshness longer.
  2. Before putting flowers in the vase, you should stems. Thus they will absorb water better.
  3. All leaves on the stems, which are underwater, should be torn. Neither beauty nor use-they begin to spoil water.
  4. Many cut flowers will keep better if you put wood charcoal in water. It is also useful to add some drops of ammonia or salt.
  5. Roses and carnations like sugared water.(rose-10% carnations-15%) For dahlia, chrysanthemums, carnations you should put in water aspirin.
  6. You shouldn’t keep flowers in cold water. Water should be at room temperature.
  7. Keep your bouquet away from sun-they will fade.

Flowers can speak. You can reconcile with woman, swear allegiance or say “I love you” without any word, only giving flowers. The language of flowers exists, sometimes it is called floriography (from Latin flora, “goddess of plants”; and graphein, “writing”).Meaning of flowers began in a Victorian-era, when people used more symbols and gestures to communicate than words.

Here are some meanings of flowers:


Flower Lilac Daffodil Gladiolus Iris Aster Daisy
Meaning purity &refined beauty, youthful innocence &confidence regard &and chivalry. strength of character& faithfulness &honor eloquence patience innocence &purity


Not only types of flowers, even color of flower is important for meaning:


Bronze – excitement

White – truth

Red – sharing

Yellow – secret admirer

Cosmos – peaceful

Crocus – foresight



Pink – friendship

Red – passionate love

Red & white – unity

White – purity

Yellow – zealous


Flowers are like people. There are some types that you should keep together in one vase. Rose and mignonette are enemies – if you put them in one vase in a hurry, mignonette will die in a half an hour, but soon rose will fade because of deadly drops, fallen from mignonette’s stem. Narcissus hates forget-me-not, lily of the valley doesn’t like spring flowers…

Not only country, even people have their own flowers. For example, The Easter lily is the symbol of the Virgin Mary. We admire flower’s beauty, we smell them…With its help, we try to make happy our close people.

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