How Do I Send Flowers to Someone in Hospital?

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Sending flowers to a hospital is indeed a difficult business especially if you haven’t seen the confined person for a long time. Most people believe that hospitals are for sick people. The truth is hospital is about making people feel better. This can be achieved by proper care from medically-trained personnel, administration of medicine and support from the patient’s loved ones. You can show your support by sending flowers to a confined loved one, friend or someone close to your heart to help them in their recovery process. Good thing about sending a gift of fresh flowers is that you don’t need a prescription to get one. There are times that the effect is similar to a magic pill. However, getting them to the patient who directly needs them can sometimes be a hard thing to accomplish.


How Do I Send Flowers to Someone in Hospital How Do I Send Flowers to Someone in Hospital?

How Do I Send Flowers to Someone in Hospital?


Before sending flowers to a patient confined on a hospital, you have to know first if you can bring your gift not. This way, you won’t be wasting any of your effort, time and most especially money. Also, you will be able to know immediately if the recipient is allergic to flowers or not.

Here are some things that you need to do first before bringing your gift of flowers to the hospital:

  1. Inform the hospital. It helps a lot if you have an idea about which ward in the hospital he or she is being confined. The usual places in the hospital where they could be are the surgery, maternity, and emergency wards. The hospital’s information center should be able to directly your call the area where you need to locate the patient, or provide information for a request to deliver flowers courtesy of your preferred floral delivery service.
  2. Get the patient’s hospital wing and the corresponding room number where they are staying. Ask the hospital’s information center about guidelines that you should follow for your gift’s delivery. There are hospitals that require plastic wrappings and personal delivery of flowers to patients. However, if the patient that you intend to send flowers is confined on the Intensive Care Unit, he or she certainly cannot receive your gift of flowers.
  3. Inform your preferred local flower shop that works in and around the location of the hospital. Call and ask them if they can deliver the flowers that you ordered to the patient. They can also help you decide on specific flowers that are non-allergenic or safe for them. Tell the flower shop about the requirements of the delivery to a particular hospital ward. If the basket or bouquet of flowers should be wrapped in plastic, then the flower delivery service must be able to fulfill the hospital’s condition.

If you can’t contact the hospital, the best thing to do is to call the relatives of the patient. That way, they can provide you the information about conditions of the flower delivery in your stead.

Tips on Choosing Get-well Flowers

Now that you have an idea about the hospital’s conditions on sending gift of flowers, the next thing that you should do is to choose the best blossoms for the patient. Bright-colored flowers can surely cheer a patient. However, you have to be careful in selecting the flowers because some of these blooms can trigger allergic reaction not only to the recipient but also in other patients of the hospital as well.

Keep away from sending very fragrant blooms such as lilies, freesia or lilacs as your get well gift. Patients who are sick as opposed to those who are injured usually react on the flowers’ fragrance in the form of allergy. Choose mixed arrangements of iris, sunflowers and daffodils instead. These flowers are not so fragrant, bright and cheerful which make them a great confidence booster for your loved ones whatever their conditions may be.


When sending flowers to a patient, make sure that you include other cheerful items that would complement your gift. You can include things such as a small card with a short and sweet message on it, a small stuffed toy, chocolates (if the patient is allowed to eat one) and fruits. These could bolster the patient’s determination to recover from sickness faster. Also, if you can, call your other friends and ask them to send the patient their well wishes.



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