How Can I Keep My Flowers From Dying Fast?

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When a flower is cut from the plant it starts to wither off due to lack of nutrients. Many people place flowers in plain and pure water to keep the flowers fresh. But, water alone cannot prolong the life of the cut flowers. It has to be supplied with the nutrients it normally obtains from the plant. Here are few ways to keep your flowers from dying fast.

  • Take care while choosing the flowers: Always pick buds that are yet to open except for dahlias and roses as tight buds of these flowers do not open after cutting. The stem portion of the flower should be healthy with leaves. Avoid the flowers if they have a drooping stem as they possess weak vascular system that prevents nutrients from reaching the flower.


  • Cut the bottom of the stem: For better nutrient absorption by the stem it is recommended to cut bottom portion of the stem in a slanting manner by about half inch. This causes more of the plant tissue to be exposed enabling increased absorption of nutrients and water. Cutting the stem also helps to get rid of unwanted bacteria that began to grow at the stem tip after cutting of the flowers from the garden. If you are picking the flowers directly from the garden make the slanting cut carefully.


  • Place the flowers in cool water: Keep the flowers in a container filled with cool water. Ensure that the container is placed at a cool place. Ensure that the container is washed thoroughly free of dirt and bacteria. If the container is washed with detergent rinse it thoroughly with water as detergents are harsh on delicate flowers.


  • Add nutrients to the water: Get cut flower food available at the florist and add it directly in to the water as per the instructions given on the packet. The food can also be made at home by mixing teaspoon each of white vinegar, sugar and hydrogen peroxide to one quart of water. These substances provide the essential nutrients for the flower and the hydrogen peroxide aids in regulating the bacterial growth in water. Few drops of vodka, lemon juice or bleach also help to regulate bacterial growth in water.


  • Change the water periodically: If the water appears cloudy or dirty replace them with fresh cold water. Add nutrients if required to maintain optimum level of nutrients in the water. Changing the water in the container every three days keeps flowers from dying fast. The bottom of the stem may wither off due to soaking in water for long period. Hence, again cut a small portion of the stem at the bottom in a slanting manner and place them back in the vase. This will help the stem to absorb nutrients efficiently.


If you are gathering flowers from your own garden then ensure that the plants are saved from diseases and malnutrition. Water the plants appropriately. If the flowers look drooping water the plant so that the roots absorb water and provide them to the flowers.  Picking healthy flowers lets you enjoy them for a long time even after cutting from the plant.

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