Good Flowers To Start With For A Novice Gardener

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flowers for your garden Good Flowers To Start With For A Novice Gardener

If you are new to gardening then you might be wondering how to make the garden beautiful. For a beautiful garden care should be taken at every step from choosing of the plants to cultivation. The soil should be made fertile and the planting should be done in a planned manner so that all the plants receive required amounts of sunlight. Here is some help on choosing good flowers to start with for a novice gardener.

  • Rhododentrums: These plants bloom gorgeous flowers and are also easy to cultivate. They also require very little maintenance.
  • 4O clocks: If you love to feast your nose along with eyes then 4O clocks should be your choice. These flowers that bloom in the evening around 4O clock are ideal for you. These flowers look elegant and the plant is also easy to grow. However, you should be careful on the area you wish to allow the plant to grow as it spreads real fast and killing it is also hard.
  • Roses: These flowers come in plethora of colors. Roses planted in areas with bright sunshine grow well and give bright looking flowers. Roses not only enhance the look of the garden but also smell good.
  • Zinnia and cosmos: For a colorful looking garden there should be a blend of colors. So, you definitely need white and lime colored flowers. Zinnias are lime colored flowers that bloom on tall plants that grow up to two and half to three and half feet. Cosmos are milky white colored flowers and emit unique scent.
  • Calibrachoa and Dahlia: Yellow and orange colored flowers give a vibrant look to the garden. Yellowish to orange colored flowers that can be included in your garden include Calibrachoa, and Coreopsis. Calibrachoa are cute little yellow colored flowers that bloom on short plants that grow just six to ten inches. Coreopsis, pale yellow colored flowers bloom on plants that grow up to two foot. The apple green foliage and the yellow colored flowers make the plant look beautiful.
  • Gaillardia: Gaillardia flowers are special looking orange colored flowers with yellow tip. Red colored Gaillardias with yellow centers are also available.
  • Dahlia: Dahlia, bright yellowish orange colored flowers look elegant with dark brownish black center. This bright yellow color blends with all other floral colors. Dahlia is also available in shades of scarlet red with dark chocolate brown colored center. The mix of orange and red colored Dahlia definitely makes the garden attractive.
  • Pansies: These are easy to cultivate plants that can be grown even in small containers. Bright colored flowers of these short plants make the garden colorful.
  • Marigold: These bright yellowish orange colored flowering plants can be grown easily. The attractive part is they are self seeded plants and need very little maintenance.

To let your plants grow and bloom well plant them appropriately in fertile soil receiving bright sunlight and water them only as per requirement. Too much watering spoils the root system and the plant fails to grow well and bloom. Plants that bloom in summer should be planted in spring well ahead.

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