Get Rid of the Weeds: Weed Control 101

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get rid of weeds weed control 101 Get Rid of the Weeds: Weed Control 101

Get Rid of the Weeds: Weed Control 101

The tenacity and the love for life by the weeds are truly for the books. If you are a regular gardener and you just casually take care of your lawn and garden surely you have noticed and validated that no matter how many times you take out these weeds, in a few days these weeds grow back in its full glory. It’s like playing a game with you. One day, weeds will grow on one side of your garden and you decide to uproot them. On the next day, they appear on the other side of your garden! Well this can be expected. Did you know that a dandelion plant has the capability to come up with 15,000 seeds, and each seed can thrive on the ground for the next 6 years? Now you know one of the thousands of reasons why weeds grow and grow even though you have made the efforts to cut it.

But it doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about it. You can still clean up and make your lawn and garden weed-free provided that you do all the right steps and when you take a holistic approach to weeding. You can get rid of the weeds through some of the best steps and suggestions that are listed below. It doesn’t mean though that your lawn will look like the well-manicured lawns for a round of Championship golf, at least you can maintain a garden and a lawn that is relatively free from those pesky weeds. Here are some tricks and tips on how you can get rid of the weeds, fast.

Getting rid of weeds on a bare soil

• If you have a bare soil or you are still planning for your own lawn or garden, make sure that your soil will be protected from the interlopers. Leave your soil bare with lots of water and sunlight and surely those bands of dandelions will gleefully jump into all available spaces. So the trick here is to add layers of organic mulch in between beds so that weeds can be removed easily in case they grow.

• Have you ever wondered why it’s so tough to pull off the weeds? It’s because the roots are deeply entrenched on the soil. You can make the pulling easier by watering first the area where you will do your weeding. If the soil is softer, then you can be sure that it’s easier to pull of the weeds including the roots. Thus, you can prevent the usual re-growing of the weeds that normally happen if you do the weeding on a dry soil.

• Also, it would be best if you can do the weeding at the earliest time possible when the weeds are just starting to grow. The best move is to plan 2 or 3 days each week that will be spent weeding.

Get rid of weeds from your lawn

The listed suggestions will apply but the garden soil is still bare without plants or your grass. But what if you are talking about your lawn that is now annexed by those pesky weeds?

There are also some recommended moves that you can take when you are now talking about your lawn. For example, if you must fertilize make sure you do it just right. A small amount of fertilizer will be lost due to the competition of the weeds. And if you do it too much, you are actually doing those pesky weeds a favor. Strike the right balance and make sure that the fertilizer that you choose contains components that can control the release of nitrogen.

Even though your lawn plays host to some weeds, you will still need to water it. Just make sure that you water your grasses less but deeply. If you do frequent and light watering then you actually sustain the life of some of the grasses like crabgrass and sedges. It is also recommended that you mow higher than usual. If you mow too low, then you actually let some sunlight to touch the soil and in the process help some weeds like crabgrass grow. One of the best tricks to weed management is to mow higher than usual, for example you can target from 2-4 inches.

At the end of the day, the best move that you can make when it comes to weed management is to learn the many types of weeds. How can you get rid of the weeds if you can’t identify these and separate these from your well-loved grasses? Also by knowing what weeds grow, you can tell the condition of the soil. The job can be tough but if you aspire for that postcard-pretty lawn, then you have to start somewhere.

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