Funeral Etiquette – Sending Funeral Flowers

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funeral etiquette funeral flowers Funeral Etiquette – Sending Funeral Flowers

Majority of people avoid funeral services due to poor knowledge of funeral etiquette’s such as the type of flowers to be chosen, place where the flowers are to be sent, what to be written on the enclosure card and what to talk to the family of deceased. Attending funeral service can be made simple by knowing about funeral etiquette’s. Here is an overview of one of the funeral etiquette – sending funeral flowers.

Choosing appropriate flowers

Any type of flower can be chosen as all flowers make the environment warmth and vivid. However, flowers such as carnations, lilies, chrysanthemums, roses, daises and gladiolas are commonly used. Red roses used in the funeral flowers serve as a sign of love and white colored flowers symbolize purity and peace. Carnations and tulips speak of the respect towards the person. If you know the personal interests of the deceased person then include those flowers in the floral arrangement to make the deceased soul rest in peace.

Using the right funeral flower arrangement

One should follow a specific type of floral arrangement depending on the relationship with the deceased person. Floral arrangements used for funeral flowers include:

  • Wreaths heart and cross arrangements: This type of arrangement is mainly used for friends and family members. Wreath arrangements are placed close to the casket and serve as sign for continuation of life.
  • Casket sprays or casket covers: These are used for family members. Casket sprays ordered by children, grand children, spouse, nephew or niece are placed directly over the casket close to or over the lid area. Placement of casket covers may vary if the service involves open casket. Small casket sprays are also placed inside the casket and in the hands of the departed person.
  • Standing sprays: These are used for people who are closely connected and for family members. Standing sprays ordered by nephew, nieces, and great grand children may be in different shapes like heart and cross. They are often taken by the family members to home rather than to the cemetery.
  • Funeral baskets: They can be used for anyone. Funeral baskets are generally placed surrounding the table on which the casket is placed or on the floor. Business associates and other acquaintances order funeral baskets and plants. Family members of the deceased often taken the plants home as they continue to grow and serve as remembrance of the service.

Few families request for donations instead of flowers. In such cases, it is essential to follow the family request and make donations or give gifts.

For specially designed sympathy flowers arrangements request the florist to incorporate the patterns or symbols that are of special interest to the departed person.

Sign on the enclosure card

Always include an enclosure card along with the floral arrangement. Write your first name as well as last name. If a group of people are sending the floral arrangement then include names of all the members.

Lastly, flowers can be sent to the family members of the deceased even if you know about the death weeks after the funeral. Sympathy flowers convey your condolences to the family members and make them feel comfortable that you love them.

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