8 Flowers That Make Your Garden Look Better

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flower garden Hydrangea 300x225 8 Flowers That Make Your Garden Look Better


Every one of us loves to have wonderful looking flower garden at the back of the house. To have garden full of flowers all round the year it is essential to have assorted plants that bloom in different seasons of the year. For a colorful looking garden it is also important to wisely choose the color combination. Here is an overview of few flowers that make you garden look better.

1. Hollyhocks

These flowering plants grow tall. The bright colored flowers of Hollyhocks have petals that look crushed like a tissue paper. The texture of the petals is also soft like silk. You can enjoy these beautiful flowers in the second year of sowing the seeds i.e. leaves grow in the first year of sowing the seeds and flowers bloom in the second year.

2. Marigold

Simple flowering plants that self seed such as Marigold are easy to cultivate. The bright color of the flowers makes the garden look vibrant. The best part of Marigolds is the plant can be transplanted to a desired place without the risk of losing the plant.

3. Love in a mist

These are pale colored flowers that look delicate and have ferny foliage. These flowers look gorgeous in the midst of bright looking Marigolds.

4. Penstemons

These plants beautify the garden in summer months. These graceful looking flowers bloom every year eliminating the need of replanting. Penstemons planted in fertile soil with plenty of sunlight forms multiple stems covered with bright pink colored flowers. These gorgeous looking pink flowers blend with any flower color.

5. Foxgloves

This is a poisonous plant but gives awesome flowers in different colors. Few varieties even have darker spots. The bright color of the flowers attracts bees. However, avoid the plant if you have children playing in the garden.

6. Roses

Who does not love to plant roses in their garden? These beautiful flowers that come in a wide range of colors not only give a perfect look to the garden but also emit pleasant fragrance. Few varieties bloom in bunches and look beautiful. The beauty of roses is they continue to remain beautiful for days if they are cut after opening to three fourth.

7. Lavender

These beautiful flowers not only make the garden look gorgeous but also emit pleasant smell. The dwarf variety of lavender is generally grown as edging plant. Plant it close to the entrance door to enjoy its unique fragrance every time you pass through the door. The unique scent and color attracts bees.

8. Iris

Similar to Hollyhocks flowers of iris plant also have a silky texture. These flowers bloom on tall stems that stand upright. To make iris flower bloom well it should be planted at a place where there is plenty of sunlight. Do not consider investing on this if you cannot provide the right conditions.
Apart from wisely choosing the flowering plants it is also important to plant them at different heights for a unique look. For example plants that grow tall should be planted either at the back end or in the centre of a row of plants for a better looking garden.

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