Flowers for Men – Do Men Like Receiving Flowers?

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man with flowers Flowers for Men   Do Men Like Receiving Flowers?

It has been assumed for a long time that women are the ones who like to receive flowers, and men like sending bouquets, but not receiving them. Does this case apply to modern times, which is characterised by more gender-neutral ideas and concepts? The answer is that men like to receive flowers as much as women! Having been a taboo for so long, men and flowers never really went that well together, and the only reason why some men might frown if they receive a floral gift is because of the pre-conceived notion that they are a gift more suitable to women. However, fresh flowers are a beautiful gift whose natural beauty is appreciated by everyone, irrespective of age and gender.

Some flower types are indeed feminine and would not be appropriate to give to a man. Pastel colors are not recommended and pink flowers are definitely out of the question. Bouquets or arrangements with darker colours and a lot of greenery are ideal for males. Simplistic designs and styles are preferred to an overly elegant bouquet. A simpler bouquet with a few flowers of a dark or earthly shade with greenery will definitely go a long way with men!

When you want to send a bouquet to a man, there are probably some occasions for which flowers might not really be appreciated. Anniversary flowers, for instance, are more associated with women, and some men might not like it if their wives decide to send them flowers for this occasion! Similarly, men do not usually receive floral gifts on a birthday. While it is customary to send other gifts rather than flowers on these occasions, flowers speak a universal language, and are ideal to express emotions and sentiments. Men wouldn’t mind receiving flowers when you want to say thank you, congratulations, get well and sympathy.

Flowers are also a wonderful gift to send on Father’s Day and Christmas. Although there aren’t as many orders made on Father’s Day than there are on Mother’s Day, the number of flowers that are being sent on this occasion is continuously increasing as years go by. Christmas floral gifts are also aimed at celebrating the festive season to the full. Brighten up someone’s home with fresh flowers! Your loved ones, whether male or female, are guaranteed to love the fresh blooms provided by local florists.

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