Flowers for Luau Party

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Have you ever been to a Luau party? Are you planning to organize one for your friends, office mates or family? Read on to learn how you can make your own Luau party magnificent and memorable. 


Flowers for Luau Party Flowers for Luau Party

Flowers for Luau Party


What is a Luau Party?

A luau party is actually a feast of Hawaiian food. Luau parties can be thrown to celebrate birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, public holidays, graduations, proms, homecomings, baby showers or any event that can bring family members and friends together.

The difference of Luau to other parties is the use of colorful Aloha attire, Hawaiian music and dancing, and a grand feast that is traditionally made up of roast pork, rice, fresh fruits, sweet potatoes, Hawaiian drinks and most of all fresh, vibrant and fragrant flowers! You cannot call it a Luau party without one of these foods most especially the appealing sight and smell of flowers around.

What are the Best Flowers for a Luau Party?

One of the things that you will need in your Luau party are fresh and fragrant flowers. If you are going to organize a Luau party, the best flowers for this are the tropical ones. The island of Hawaii has plenty of tropical flowers therefore, it is only right to use the same blooms in your Luau party. As a matter of fact, there are at least 160 flowering plants in Hawaii, most of which are endemic or can only be found in the isolated island.

Here are some of the ideal flowers that you can purchase for your Luau party decoration:

  • Orchids. The Big Island of Hawaii is famously known as ‘The Orchid Isle’ because of the abundance of orchids in this area. Orchids are considered as the biggest family of flowering plants around the world, having an estimated number of 30,000 species. In Hawaii, orchids grow almost everywhere in various forms, people usually visit Hawaii to search for their preferred species to bring home.


  • Plumeria. Plumeria are flowering trees that can grow as tall as 40 ft. tall and as wide as 20 ft. The dark and thick branches of this flowering tree end in a bloom of color that highlights a bunch of green and shiny leaves that are normally pointy and rounded. The leaf clusters are designed with Plumeria blossoms that exist in different colors, most notably yellow and white accents in the middle. The Plumeria’s fragrance resembles a mixture of gardenia, jasmine, citrus and spices that is not comparable with any other flower species. These blooms are normally chosen and strung together to make leis for different uses such as Luau necklace.


  • Silversword. The Silversword is an endangered flowering plant that can only be found on the volcanic mountains of Maui and the Island of Hawaii. This flower was once a prevalent species found between 4,920 and 8,660 feet in elevation on Hualalai’s active volcanoes.  When pigs, goats and sheep were introduced in Hawaii, it has significantly impacted the Silversword’s population Because of this, the flowers can now only be found on the upper parts of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea located on the Big Island and on Haleakala situated in Maui. The Silversword plants are shrubs with silver, dagger-like leaves that produce a rosette that reaches for up to 30 years before blooming. Once it flowers, the parent plant dies.


What is a Luau party without Hula girls? Instead of giving them artificial flower necklaces, you can provide them with real ones in order to make your Luau more fun! The party will become more enjoyable if the decoration is very similar to a real Hawaiian Luau party. Also, you can decorate the plates, the punch bowls and the tables with the flowers listed above to create the best Hawaiian effect.

If you are planning to have a Luau party in your area, the best flower shop that can provide you the perfect flowers for this occasion is the Miracle Flowers. Call us today and tell us your demands. We guarantee you that we’ll be there to attend to your request by providing you the best floral arrangements and the best price. Our team of florists will also provide you a sound advice about your Luau plans. We also do fast delivery service inside and even outside the State of California.



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