Flowers and Their Meanings: Surprise your Loved Ones with Meaningful Flora

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justflowersforyou Flowers and Their Meanings: Surprise your Loved Ones with Meaningful Flora

Sending flowers to your loved ones is not as easy as it seems. Most people just choose the flower that soothes their eyes not knowing that there are meanings behind every flower in the world. Some people will send a bunch of roses to congratulate their special someone on a job well done, not knowing that the meaning behind the rose is compassion. Uninformed choices ultimately lead to embarrassment and in some cases, trouble. In order to fully understand flowers and their meanings, it is essential to do a research so that you can be confident that the flowers that you are sending your loved ones are truly appropriate to the occasion.

What are the perfect flowers to send for different situations?

Usually, when we send flowers to our loved ones, there is an important occasion that it goes with. For instance, when we are vying for the heart of someone we love (this goes for men), we send them flowers. The normal flower we send them is rose. However, there are different meanings that can be conveyed from a single rose. If you want to tell that special someone that you fell in love with her at the very first sight, you should send her a thornless rose or if it’s not available, you can send a gloxinia. Admiring her beauty deserves a calla lily.

On the other hand, if you want to declare your unrequited love for that someone, you should give her red rose, daffodil or red tulip. Sending her lily of the valley means “you made my life complete”. You should not confuse a simple red colored rose to a dark crimson one because it means that you are mourning. Remember, you are vying for her heart and not mourning. After all has been said and done and you’ve received a yellow carnation, it means that you have been rejected. But, if you receive ambrosia, it means that you’ve won her heart.

If you want to wish someone a speedy recovery, sending them cactus would be a good move. Cactus means “endurance” therefore a perfect plant for those who are recovering from sickness. White hyacinth is also perfect for wishing someone well. On the other hand, if you are seeking for forgiveness, the perfect flower that you should send is purple hyacinth.

Why should we try to understand flowers and their meanings?

Not all people are good with words. There are instances wherein we cannot personally say what we want to say. By using symbols such as flowers, we can convey our feeling to our special someone effectively while saying that they are the most important person of our life. By sending flowers with intended meaning, we can express the exact sentiment that we intend to transmit to our loved ones without fearing that we might be misunderstood. Moreover, flowers convey a more

Where can I order these kinds of flowers?

You can visit to choose the flowers that would convey a specific meaning to your special someone. This online flowers shop will deliver any kind of flower that you ordered in every occasion such as graduation, anniversary, Mother’s Day, weddings, bridal showers, proms and homecoming. If you don’t know exactly what to send, they can assist you to find the right flower for your special someone. You can also learn about flowers and their meanings in this website. Sending flowers with intended meaning will highlight your particular feelings for that special someone.

When sending flowers to your loved one or special someone, it is always best if you know the meaning of the flowers that you may have in your mind. If you don’t, this is the perfect opportunity for you to know what flower to offer for different occasions. This way, you can avoid the trouble of explaining yourself in case that you’ve given your loved one the wrong flower. Moreover, you can prevent embarrassing yourself in front of your friends during important occasions in your life. If you have fallen in love and this is the first time that you’ve seen her, you can easily tell her how you feel by sending her the right kind of flower. Remember, if you’re too afraid to make mistakes though words, you can assert yourself using flowers.

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