Flower Arrangements for Kids

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Children love flowers as much as adults do. As a matter of fact, flowers are some of the early things that they learn to draw during their infancy. Flowers can easily attract their attention because of its vibrant colors, especially if arranged beautifully together with other flowers. Speaking of arrangements, there are times that ordering a bouquet or a basket of flowers from your local flower shop can be too costly. This time, you don’t need to spend a fortune to keep them busy during weekends. You can teach them some floral arrangements to help you decorate your home.


Flower Arrangements for Kids Flower Arrangements for Kids

Flower Arrangements for Kids


What are the Benefits of Letting Children Learn Some Flower Arrangements?

As a parent, keeping your kids engaged on a productive activity at your home is one of the things that you should do. This way, they learn some responsibilities while having fun and learning some things. Instead of always keeping them hooked up to television programs or playing video games, you can make them discover the art of flower arrangement to provide them new learning experience.

Here are some of the advantages that you can gain by teaching your kids floral arrangement:

  1. Saves money. As previously mentioned, letting your kids do flower arrangements can save you money. You can teach them to rearrange flowers from a bouquet or basket of flowers that you received or you purchased. Basically, when you order flowers from a flower shop, you pay for the talent of the florist who arranged your flowers, the cost of flowers itself and the delivery cost. If you let your kids do it for you even just once or twice a week, you can definitely save plenty of money in the process.
  2. It improves their creativity. Children ages 6 to 12 learns to improve their creativity through various means. Whether it is at school or at your home, it is important to make sure that they always learn and discover something new. Teaching your kids an important lesson about flower arrangement and let them create their own design will really boost their imagination. You can also teach your kids about designing their own flower vases.
  3. It teaches them responsibility. If your kids have learned how to arrange flowers for your home, you can expect them to brighten up every corner of your house on a regular basis.
  4. It gives you time to bond with your children. You can add floral arrangements to your long list of bonding activities with your kids during weekends. You can also enlist the help of their friends at school or your relatives in order to make flower arrangements more fun and challenging for them.


How to Keep Them Motivated

In order to make your flower arrangement-project more interesting, you can take pictures of the ones that they have worked on. You can post it in your wall, put it in an album or let their friends and relatives know about it through social media websites. This way, they will strive to work harder in order to gain more approval. After they are finished, always praise them for a job well done so that they’ll keep asking for more in the future.

You can also use candies as part of their decoration on their flower arrangement. Buy some candies, ribbons and cellophanes to make a candy gift that they can place into their floral arrangement. If you are going to use a cookie jar as a container or vase, attach a small pouch of cookies in place of candies.

Some Reminders

If your kids or one of them are allergic to flowers, make sure that you prepare the necessary actions in order to prevent allergy attacks. You can try these less-pollen flowers such as pansy, azaleas, iris, tulips, snapdragons, hyacinths, daffodils, roses and orchids. This way, they can still experience the fun of arranging flowers without risking their health on the process.

Also, when making their own flower vases, make sure that the containers that they are going to use are child-friendly. Keep sharp or pointy objects away from them. If they still need supervision, always make it a point that you stay with them until the end. If you are going to use paint, choose the water-based ones so that they won’t ingest or inhale dangerous fumes. This way, you can ensure their safety while creating a fun and creative environment for them.


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