Daffodils: A Perfect Way to Brighten Up your Day

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A bunch of flowers never fails to lift our spirits and improve our mood. However, daffodils or narcissus can do more than uplift our spirits – it is also possible that it holds the answer to treating depression, according to research. Scientists have concluded that compounds in South African species of daffodils can pass through the blood-brain barrier, also known as the defensive wall that maintains the isolation of the brain.


Daffodils A Perfect Way to Brighten Up your Day Daffodils: A Perfect Way to Brighten Up your Day

Daffodils: A Perfect Way to Brighten Up your Day


This barrier is a primary concern for doctors curing conditions of the brain such as depression as it possesses proteins that drives the drugs out the moment they get inside. Research revealed that nine out of ten compounds don’t have the ability to enter the brain. However, Professor Birger Brodin, who started the study at the University of Copenhagen, mentioned that the compounds from the South African daffodils were able to successfully pass through the blood-brain barrier.

According to him, these could subsequently be utilized to help bring drugs into the brain. He also said in the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology: ‘Some of the plant compounds might be brought into the brain’s protein barriers. If a person is depressed, he often thinks that suicide or drug abuse can save them from being sad. This recent medical breakthrough will definitely be able to save millions of lives around the world. It can also improve the family of victim’s way of living that needs to get over with this depression issue.

This might be the reason why sad people recover whenever they see daffodils. If you know someone who’s been depressed lately, giving her a gift of fragrant and beautiful bouquet or basket of daffodils will surely bring her joy. You can also improve the mood in your home by using this amazing flower as part of your home decoration.

How to Grow Daffodils

Daffodils or narcissus can be grown in formal beds, used in connection with other flowering plants in mixed borders and beds, and can be grown right in the lawn to mature. They can even be nurtured in lightly shaded woodlands, because they blossom and make its own food before the leaves of most trees have fallen to the ground. Remember not to place them in evergreen woodlands because they will not be able to receive enough sunlight.

When deciding the location where to grow daffodils, it is very essential to remember two requirements. First, daffodils require at least a half-day’s worth of sunlight and must be grown in well-drained soil. Daffodils won’t be able to tolerate wet and soggy soil. Second, you also need to bear in mind when planning where to place the daffodils that their undergrowth should not be trimmed until it has begun to turn brown and dry up, usually around 8 up to 12 weeks past its full bloom.

The Benefits of Growing Daffodils

As mentioned previously, daffodils can be used to treat depression, although its medical effects are yet to be proven. If you need to brighten up your home’s atmosphere, this flower is definitely the best one that you should put in your flower vases. You can also give these flowers to your friends who need a little pick-me-up. This way, even if you are not by their side physically, you will be able to show how much you care for them by sending them a warm gift of flowers.

If you need to earn extra cash, growing these happy-inducing flowers can also become beneficial to your family. Growing these flowers in your backyard or garden will definitely add a great deal in your finances especially in these hard economic times. You can sell these flowers to your neighbors, friends and family who need it in their homes. Moreover, if you have a steady growth of daffodils, you can supply a local flower shop with it. This way, you never have to worry about customers anymore.


Flowers are indeed wonderful creations that can do miracle to people. Not only it can bring joy to us, it can also ward off bad health conditions that affect our way of living. If you need to brighten up your family’s, friends’ or your loved one’s day, giving them a gift of daffodils is surely the right way to do so.

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