Creative Ways of Making your Own Flower Vase

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Decorating your home doesn’t always mean that you have to spend fortunes in order to make it a nice place to live in. Most people make the mistake of investing thousands of dollars just to have an elegant and luxurious home. These days, there are different ways of making home décor without stretching your wallet to its limit. One of the decorations in your home that can be made from pieces of junk, your imagination and creativity is the flower vase.


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Creative Ways of Making your Own Flower Vase


Flower vases are lovely containers that hold flower arrangements. The flower vases in your home don’t need to be consistently small, medium or large. It matters a lot if you know how to mix and match the sizes in order to emphasize a strong aesthetic value. Furthermore, to make the flower arrangements more appealing to the eyes of your family or visitors, it is very important that you make the flower vases interesting as well.

Reinventing your flower vases is an enjoyable task that can be done at virtually any time. In addition, you don’t need to spend extra money just to get the project moving. The materials that you will need in redesigning or making your own flower vases can be found in your stock room – old jars and bottles, paints, gift wrappers, fancy papers etc. Here are some suggestions that you can use in making your own flower vase:

  1. Repaint your flower vase. If you are bored with the color of your old vases, it is time that you repaint it to give more life to it. Collect bright-colored paints and start adding more color to your old flowers vases. However, if you have an antique vase, don’t paint it because it will definitely lose its value on the market. Before you do the painting, ask if the vase is antique or not.
  2. Redesign old jars and bottles. If you have a surplus of empty bottles and jars, you can definitely transform it into a lovely flower vase! For clear and wide-mouthed jars, you can bring life to it by drawing on a piece of paper a good picture on it i.e. flowers, butterflies, insects, and other things that you like. Cut the paper according to the shape of the picture and apply paste on the drawing itself and stick it inside of the jar. You can have one or more pictures in a jar. Once the pictures are pasted, allow it to dry for a moment and then paint the inside portion of the jar. You can also wrap special papers around the old jars to make it look more special.
  3. Ask your friends and relatives if they have old vases that they are going to throw away. If you don’t have a flower vase that is suitable for redesigning, you can ask your friends or relatives to give you their old vases. Because the vases are not yours to begin with, you will not have any regrets if you have made some cracks or damages to it on the process.

Things to Remember on Redesigning your Old Flower Vases

Before you get started, it is essential that you know what kind of flowers that you will place on a specific vase. For instance, if you wish to have an arrangement of red roses in your living room or bedroom, a white or yellow-themed flower vase will complement it. The colors of the roses and the vase will contrast therefore highlighting the red roses more. If you like to have different flowers in your home, you can make vases of different colors in this project.

Another thing that you need to understand before redesigning your flower vases is your safety. Always wear gloves when touching glass wares because you might get hurt when cutting it. Also, tell your children to stay away from sharp objects. Let your children be involved only in painting and drawing designs.


Improving the design of your old flower vases is an activity that can be done with your friends, family or loved ones. If you work together, you can surely bring plenty of creative ideas and translate it in the vases. Moreover, it will teach your children the value of recycling and transforming it into a functional home décor. If you don’t know where to begin, you can always search the internet for starting ideas. This way, you will easily know what to do.


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