Crazy Tips That You’ll Need to Grow Flowers in Your Garden

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Planting flowers in your garden is not something that should be done carelessly. There are many factors that you should consider in order to come up with a decent flower garden. Many people who have tried gardening have seen their efforts ended up in failure because they did not see their mistakes. Just like any other activity, it needs planning and careful execution so that you’ll see your hard work end up in success. You also need to remember that just because the same flowering plant grows and blossoms in your neighbor’s garden doesn’t mean that it will also grow in yours.


Crazy Tips That You’ll Need to Grow Flowers in Your Garden Crazy Tips That You’ll Need to Grow Flowers in Your Garden

Crazy Tips That You’ll Need to Grow Flowers in Your Garden


If you are fascinated with flowers and you wish to grow them to add beauty in your property, you need to closely follow these tips in order to prevent wasted efforts and resources. It will also be better if you have a clear mental picture of your garden and the arrangement of the plants on one part of your garden to another.

Here are some crazy tips that you need to know in successfully growing flowering garden plants:

Selecting the Proper Plants for Your Flower Garden

The very first requirement to achieving the most beautiful flower garden is selecting the best flower plants. There are literally thousands of species of flowers that you can choose from. You may pick the ones that you are familiar with or prefer to grow exotic ones. If you have identified which type of flowers you would like to grow, you can begin planting it.

Select from an assortment of plants to make a group rather than purchasing them separately and hoping that they will blend well together. Most successful gardeners have prepared these:

  • foundation plants of shrubs and trees
  • ground cover
  • other perennials, vines and annuals


These will ensure that your flower garden creates a niche that is not only pleasing to the eyes but also promote healthy pollination among the plants.

For some reasons, not all flowers can blossom in a pot or garden soil. This is particularly true if the weather in your area is too hot or too cold. Plants are also sensitive creatures that don’t respond well to sudden changes in temperature. Choose plants that don’t easily die in harsh changes in temperatures. Examples of which are black-eyed susan, purple coneflower, purple-leaved black tongue and blue speedwell, calla lilies, peonies and and pansy.

Planting Requirements

Here are some of the things that your flower garden needs to have:

  1. Light requirements. Plants make their own food and one of the ingredients they need for that is right amount of sunlight. You garden must be able to accommodate enough sunlight so that your flowering plants would grow properly. Here are the light requirements that your plants should meet in order to have a blooming flower garden:
  • Full sun. This means that a specific garden plant needs 6 or more hours of direct sunlight every day. Place them where there is enough sunlight all day long.
  • Partial shade. These plants survive on 3 up to 6 hours of sunshine every day. Place these plants next to a tree or a tall structure so that its shadow would protect the plant after it had enough sunlight for the day.
  • Shade. These plants can manufacture their own food even without direct contact to sunlight. You can even place these plants inside your home.


  1. Water supply. Plants need water to survive however; there are plants that don’t need frequent watering. If your place has an abundant source of water, then you can plant flowers that need more water.
  2. Time for planting. Plants also need the right season so that they won’t have difficulty surviving harsh weather conditions. For instance, most gardeners like to plant during spring season because the survival rate increases up to 100%. Avoid planting during winter season because sunlight is very rare.
  3. Size of the plants. Plants grow in different ways – most flowering plants grow sideways while some grow upwards. In order to give maximize their flowering capacity; make sure that you give them enough space in your garden so that they could get enough food.


Planting flowering plants is a rewarding experience especially if you have prepared your garden very well. The flowers that you’ll harvest can be used to decorate your own home or can be sold to your local flower shop. All it takes is some patience and a dose of research to ensure your plants’ longevity.

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