Choosing your Home Décor: Fresh, Dry or Artificial Flowers?

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These days, coming up with a long-lasting home décor ideas is a tiresome task. There are people all over the world seek help in order to come up with a better idea on how to brighten up the corners of their homes.

When it comes to flowers, there can be no doubt that fresh ones can make the atmosphere absolutely warm and inviting. However, having fresh flowers in your vase every day mean that you need to change it regularly because it will perish and wither eventually. For practical reasons, some people choose to get artificial ones so that they won’t need to pay a single cent to decorate their home. Still, some people find it refreshing to glorify their house with dried flowers.


Fresh Dry or Artificial Flowers Choosing your Home Décor: Fresh, Dry or Artificial Flowers?

Fresh, Dry or Artificial Flowers


If you are looking for reasons to accommodate one of these three ideas, here are the advantages and disadvantages of each one that you need to know:

  1. Fresh flowers. Fresh flowers can indeed add life to any corner of your house where you decide to place it. It can even become wonderful once it is properly arranged and placed on a good vase. If you have no idea about flowers, you can always enlist the assistance of your favorite local flower shop. The worst thing about picking fresh flowers is the frequency of purchasing replacement for the old ones. This is particularly difficult to maintain especially for those who are operating on a strict budget.
  2. Dried flowers. Dried flowers are the closest thing to fresh flowers. It may be dried but it still possesses the qualities of fresh ones. There are different methods of preserving these – air dry, freezing, silica gel and microwaving it. The best thing about dried flowers is that it lasts longer than fresh flowers. If you have limited budget, you can enjoy the sight and fragrance of dried flowers for an extended time. However, it doesn’t give a refreshing and lively atmosphere as fresh flowers do.
  3. Artificial flowers. For those people whose concern is only to decorate their house for a specific occasion, the perfect choice would be artificial flowers. The best things about artificial flowers are: once you purchased it, you don’t need to spend money for another one. They can either be purchased in full bloom or in blooming stage and you don’t need to replace them because they stay the same. Because artificial flowers are mainly created from plastic, you don’t have to worry about expiration. However, artificial flowers don’t yield the same fragrance as the real ones.


So which flowers will it be; fresh, dry, or artificial ones? Depending on your taste (and reasons for purchasing it), the flowers that will brighten up your day and highlight the mood of your room will all boil down to your own personal choice.


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