Celebrating a Meaningful and Blooming Easter 2013

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The Easter holiday is fast approaching and Catholics not only in the United States but all over world are preparing to celebrate it. Easter flowers indeed bring meaning and beauty to every Easter holiday. There are different colorful flower varieties that are used worldwide for decorations, gift giving and church services in commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ and in celebration of rebirth and spring season. If you don’t have any idea about which flowers you should purchase on Holy Week, this article is definitely for you.


Easter Flowers 1024x682 Celebrating a Meaningful and Blooming Easter 2013

Celebrating a Meaningful and Blooming Easter 2013


If you are Catholic and you want to have a serene and auspicious Easter to reflect your faith to the Lord, buying the right flowers is the first thing that you should do. Nowadays, you can just easily pick the flowers that you want by going to your favorite flower shop. However, not all flowers can be used for decoration on Easter holidays because each flower possesses different meanings. If you have chosen well on the other hand, these flowers can also become a great home décor in this particular season this year.

Here is a short list of Easter flowers that you can purchase from your local flower shop:

What are the Perfect Flowers for Easter?

  1. Lilies. Lilies are considered as the primary traditional flower for Easter. This flower is originally used in Japan. When the Americans went to Japan during World War II, they started growing the Easter lily for religious purposes. This flower represents renewal and purity of Easter. Furthermore, the shape of the petals of lily is said to be the God’s trumpet calling for Jesus’ return.
  2. Daffodils. These are yellow and trumpet-shaped flowers that are used to signify friendship, eternal life and rebirth. Legend tells us that the daffodil appeared in the Garden of Gethsemane and it blossomed when Christ was resurrected. Daffodils are also known as Osterglocken or Easter bells in Germany and are the flower considered for Easter decorations in England where they are also called Lent lilies.
  3. Tulips. These flowers are considered as the 3rd most famous spring flower around the world. As a matter of fact, these flowers do not have and actual meaning for Easter however; the wild tulips in the Middle East signify the perfect love and rebirth of spring. A fascinating odd trivia about the tulip says that the flower bulbs can be used in cooking in place of onions.
  4. Narcissus. This flower was the first flower connected with Easter in some parts of Europe. The Alps have treasured the flower to represent Easter for hundreds of years. Narcissus is also the most famous flower in Germany.
  5. Pussy Willows. These flowers are not the usual Easter flower because pussy willows are not always blooming at Easter. However, they do play a significant part in the Easter traditional practices of Finland, Russia and England. Since palm leaves are hard to get in some countries, pussy willows can be a great substitute for palms for Palm Sunday mass celebrations.

If you ask some people about the first thing they think of when they hear the word ‘Easter’, most of them will say Easter baskets and colored eggs. These are things are famously known Easter symbols around the world however; vibrant and beautifully-arranged flowers have had its place in history longer. It will definitely make your Easter holiday more memorable, spiritual and meaningful.

This Easter, give your friends, relatives and loved ones a gift of fresh flower basket or bouquet to make their holidays more interesting. These flowers can be easily obtained from your local flower shop. If you want to celebrate Easter with your friends, family and loved ones, now is the time for you to plan what flowers should be placed on your flower vases. You can also place the flowers together with the Easter Eggs and Bunny to add more character to your decorations.


If you are too busy to visit your local flower shop, you can always use your mobile phone to let them know the kind of arrangement you need for Easter. You can give them specific instructions as to how, when and where the flowers that you ordered will be delivered. A professional team of florists will tend to your request and will do it as fast as they can. All you have to do is to patiently wait for your order at the exact time and date.

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