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Send Someone Flowers for No Reason

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Sending flower gifts to your loved ones, friends and family members should not require an occasion to do so. Whether it is for important events or just simple and regular days, it feels really great to receive gifts from your friends and special someone. Sending gifts of flowers allow them to think that you care for them in times of happiness, love, grief and despair or sympathy.

Sending flowers as a gift

Sending flowers are considered a more traditional form of giving present. Most people around the world prefer sending flowers because they are great presents for any type of occasion such as anniversary, holidays, job promotion, retirement and hospital visit. Flowers are also perfect for expressing condolences to the bereaved. This is very convenient because you don’t even need to shop, to gift wrap and send it personally.


fresh flowers Send Someone Flowers for No Reason

Send someone flowers for no reason


With the wide variety of flowers that you can choose, you have so many opportunities to locate the variety perfect for the one that you wanted to give. Before sending a flower gift though, it will help you a lot if you know the recipient’s favorite flower. This way, you will never choose the wrong one. Once you know their favorite flower, you can decide whether or not you can give sophisticated bouquet of roses or simple tulips or daisies.

Reasons for sending flowers

There are different reasons for sending someone a gift of flowers. Not only they are visually pleasing; they can also brighten up the mood of any corner of our house instantly. What makes a bouquet or basket of flowers charming is that you can combine different of varieties therefore making it very easy to please the receiver. It also adds that special and important personal touch to the arrangement.

Here are some reasons why we give flowers to someone:

  • Good way of saying things. If words aren’t enough to express your feelings, you can always say it by sending your loved ones a gift of flowers. This is perfect for people who had a fight but cannot say ‘sorry’ to one another. This is also perfect for saying “I love you” especially if you are still wooing for her affection.
  • Wishing someone in abroad well. Flowers will be your way to express to the recipient that they will always be in your heart. It closes the distance between you because of the trust it builds.
  • Cheering your friends. Friendship is not always being there in good times only. It can also be shown by cheering your sad friends. Sending them brilliant bouquet of flowers may lighten up her feelings even for a short while. Plus, it shows that you really care for them.
  • The perfect way to surprise loved ones and relatives. Sending a basket or bouquet of fragrant flowers on a simple and ordinary day can yield twice enthusiasm than the ones sent during the holidays.
  • Extending your sympathy. A warm and heartfelt condolence means so much to the grieving ones. No words can express this properly. A gift of flowers is enough to say everything that you wish to say.

There are also other personal reasons why we send someone a gift of fresh and fragrant flowers. At any rate, flowers are still the best choice because it represents different meanings. It always conveys the meaning you want to communicate. You don’t need to wait for important occasions just to show your special someone, friends and family how much you care for them. If you are too busy to visit a flower shop or give it to them personally, you can always pick up your phone and have the flowers delivered to their doorstep.

Why You Should Buy Fresh Flowers Once in a Week

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Flowers have conveyed different meanings throughout the ages. We have used it as a symbol of love, peace, sympathy, grief and hope to name a few. In these times of modern technology, flowers still maintain its place among our hearts and used to lift our moods on every important occasion.

Fresh flowers can certainly make beautiful additions to any corner of our house or office. We place it on specific places where people could easily see it. It can also brighten up your day and even improve your mood. However, most people still think that they should only send flowers during important occasions. If truth be told, you don’t need an occasion to send your friends, office mates and loved ones fragrant flowers. The only thing that might be stopping you from doing so is the expensive price of flowers. Not to worry though – there are different ways that you can use to brighten up your home without stressing your wallet.


floral dept Why You Should Buy Fresh Flowers Once in a Week

Why You Should Buy Fresh Flowers Once in a Week


Where can you get cheap but fresh flowers?

The flowers that you want to purchase don’t have to be luxurious. If you need to brighten up the day of your friends, loved ones or family, you can always find fresh flowers in the supermarket or in a cheap flower shop. You can find great deals in these places especially if it is just a regular day.

You can also wait for special offers of your favorite flower shops. There are plenty of flower shops that offer special discounts on their products particularly during off-peak seasons. This way, you can get a discount on the flowers that you lay your eyes on.

How to keep flowers fresh at all times?

Keeping your bouquet of flowers fresh and fragrant at all times will save you money because you won’t need to buy one every day. Now that you know where to buy cheap but equally elegant and fresh flowers, the next thing that you need to learn is how to keep those flowers fresh and extend its longevity.

Here are some ideas on how to maintain the freshness of the flowers that you purchased for a long time:

  • Purchase cheap and pre-made flower bouquets from a flower shop or your local supermarket and deconstruct them. Arrange flowers of the same variety in one vase and then rearrange them properly. This modern arrangement will give your inexpensive ornaments a luxurious appearance.
  • Another way you can do to save money is by purchasing one kind of flower. Place mini bunches of it in a recycled container or vase. There are different kinds of recycling options available for you at home; wine bottles and tin cans will certainly do the trick however, vintage vases can provide an elegant look, as well.
  • In order to maximize the life of the flowers that you’ve purchased, pick the ones with buds that haven’t fully blossomed yet. They will slowly open throughout the week therefore stretching out the life of your flowers.
  • Put water and sugar on the flower vases. This will help the flowers maintain its freshness for over a week. If you want to send flowers for someone recovering in the hospital, this tip will ensure that the petals will not wither immediately.


With these useful tips on maintaining the freshness of the flowers, you can now afford to buy one or two bouquets every week. This way, you won’t have to replace the ones that you have placed on your vases immediately. You can even send flowers to your special someone on a regular basis because you know how to extend its life and maintain its beauty as long as possible.

Cheap Flower Delivery – Factors To Consider To Make It A Success

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As each vacation period approaches, males and females across the nation scramble to discover a method for cheap flower delivery to their beloved ones. As with any last minute frantic arrangements done in haste, the quality and the quantity of the flowers take a back seat and people are only concerned about being able to make the delivery by the date they have in mind.

This is however not the recommended approach. You need to concentrate on the quality as well as freshness of the flowers that would be retained than simply the cost of acquiring and delivering them. Nothing can be more upsetting to the recipient than getting withered flowers with some thorns instead of fresh smelling petals.

Choice of flowers

Investing time on-line examining the various arrangements can be very time consuming. It is however an essential activity that needs to be done in order to select the correct arrangement for your loved one. Online floral shops on their sites display a variety of designs that you can choose from and they also have those with ribbons, cookies, candies and fruit baskets that they would be more than happy to deliver along with the flowers.

Needless to say, the arrangement you ultimately choose has to complement the occasion. If for instance you are commemorating a birthday party, college graduation or childbirth, select flowers that are brilliant in shade with many ribbons to give it a really colorful appearance, yet if it is a less celebratory event; pick flowers that enhance the overall beauty. Flowers as everybody is aware have that unique ability to be a soothing influence and irrespective of whether the affair is one of sorrow or to say an honest thank-you, they can convey feelings more effectively than even words.

Once you have identified the flowers you want, you can then focus on how to deliver them on time.

What you should consider before ordering

In your search for the right florists capable of cheap flower delivery, you have to be selective and not take a decision just based on the look of the site. You need to look for some specific information relating to the tie up they have and the commitments they can give. It is one thing to get very competitive rates and quite another to find that your flowers have not been delivered on time to the recipient. You cannot compromise on either the quality or the delivery of these flowers.

If the floral designers they make use of to pack orders are respectable providers with a past of really good job principles, have stuck to the indicated distribution times and high quality flowers, rush your order prior to the rate going up. However, if they are not willing to disclose these essential details and the online testimonials you see are not convincing enough for you, then continue your search till you are able to find a site that can give you all the details you want without ambiguity.

Mode of cheap flower delivery is as important. You definitely do not want these flowers to be delivered in a manner that does little to enhance the wonderful arrangement you have worked so hard to set up.

Very often you will find that you are able to get flowers at a cheap rate but the dealer would not have the resources to deliver them quickly enough. This would definitely defeat the purpose for which you have ordered these flowers and therefore you have to be careful about a firm commitment from the florist about delivery before booking the same.

Elements that Increase Cost

The wish to have cheap flower delivery to your beloved might get dashed if you forget elements that boost up the rates. Delivery charges are directly proportional to the fuel costs and that is something known to everybody. But there are other elements that you need to be aware of if you wish to keep your costs as low as possible.

They are as under:

Go for a weekday service

Prefer a weekday service as compared to a weekend one as that would be really economical.

Take seasonal flowers

Choose flowers that are in season as they cost less and also look fresher than other flowers. Check out the availability before ordering.

Place your order early

Doing so would save you close to 30% of what you would have otherwise paid and that means you need to plan in advance. Giving the florist adequate time will enable him too to get the flowers at cheaper rates that he can pass on to you.

To summarize, it would be safe to say that when you look online for cheap flower delivery, you need to identify sites that give you total information. If the site is able to provide you with guidance and quality content about flowers, the occasions you need to make use of flowers, the type of flowers and so on, it would be just perfect.

Check out  http://justflowersforyou.com/flower-delivery/>our flower delivery page and see what I mean. You are sure to find what you have been seeking.

Funeral Flower Arrangements – Points To Keep In Mind

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funeral flower arrangements Funeral Flower Arrangements – Points To Keep In Mind

Funeral flower arrangements

Memorial services and funerals are indeed a tough time for close friends and family yet those members who are far from the deceased will definitely find themselves all the more separated from family and friends at this unpleasant time. It becomes the duty of all those in proximity to the bereaved family to provide solace and strength to them so that they are able to take the loss. This can be done through the use of appropriate words, gestures, body touch and just being there to help them tide over this uncomfortable period.

Respect religious sentiments

Exactly how do you engage in providing your condolences without opening up past issues or being senseless and without overstepping your borders? Sending out funeral flowers is a recognized and courteous means of presenting your condolences without needing to stress over whether you are doing the appropriate thing, however you do need to keep the religious sentiments of the family in mind.

Within many religions it is ok to deliver funeral flowers arrangement though there are exceptions like the Jewish religion in which such flower arrangements are not viewed favorably. It is therefore very essential to keep these small but significant points in mind when you wish to make funeral flower arrangements for the deceased.

Possible options of paying your respects

There are many funeral flower arrangements you can easily deliver to the grieving household. Typically the coffin will definitely be covered with a Coffin Spray which is picked by those closest to the dead. You would still able to send out to the loved ones proper flowers with touching and extremely straightforward posies which are compatible and go well with all sorts of funeral services.

You can also consider the gift basket as a possible replacement. Do not hesitate to check out with the family about any theme they have in mind for the funeral and about their expectations. Asking them is always better as then you are sure you would be doing the right thing and it is also a polite way of respecting their wishes being too obtrusive.

The most preferred flower arrangement is delivering floral wreaths. This is given since they represent the complete cycle of life and also because they are available in so many colors and patterns. A sheaf that is hand tied is an incredibly good arrangement that works well and it is up to whether you will definitely desire to take it to the funeral or would just want to take it to the loved ones’s residence. This arrangement is again something that suits any type of funeral that has been planned.

Funeral crosses are another excellent selection for Christians as these are accessible in every type and can be the appropriate fit for the bereaved family. However, they might not be as good for those following the Mormon faith.

Personalized tributes

For an even more customized take on funeral flowers arrangement why not think about tributes paid through well written letters and these can be placed at the centre of the tribute. If you were close to the deceased and knew about specific interests, you could perhaps incorporate those into your tributes to the departed soul and truly make it a very personal and touching gesture. You would also have the satisfaction of paying your respects in a manner that is totally different from others and befitting the relationship you shared with the person who passed away. Then you have the concept of the funeral spray.  This can be either formal or informal with the hearts arrangement being more appropriate to those who have been pretty close to the deceased.

Delivery of the flowers

Now coming to the delivery of the flowers, you can send them to the funeral venue or the church. If you happen to get late you may also send these flowers to the residence. You can also play a part in helping out the relatives of the family with their funeral arrangements as they would like to have all assistance possible from their close ones in this period. If you are not very close to the deceased, desist from sending big wreaths and remember also to not send flowers if the family has requested for contribution to any charity they have in mind. A well written card accompanying the flowers would also be a good gesture.

The important aspect here is to do whatever you wish to do on time. Funeral flower arrangements delivered well before time would help the family to organize the flowers in the manner they want without getting harried about it at the last moment.

Also make sure that you engage with trusted florists capable of delivering fresh and high quality flowers for such occasions. You can also ask them to arrange them in a nice manner. The heartening aspect is that you will be able to find as well as even compare funeral flower arrangements online and take a call based on the budget you can afford. Such florists are also able to deliver these flowers well on time and offer this as part of the overall package.


Simple Tips for Buying Flowers Online

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buying flowers online Simple Tips for Buying Flowers Online

Giving or sending flowers is the best way to show someone the love you have for them. Flowers bring smile on the face and let the person forget of all the sorrows. Hence, flowers are ideal gifts that can be given on any occasion. To convey the message correctly it is important to choose the right type of flowers and floral arrangements. With the advent of online flower stores buying flowers has become simple and can be ordered right from your house. Here are few tips for buying flowers online.

Know about the flowers available with the florist

You can often get seasonal flowers at low price. Hence, before placing the order get the list of flowers available with the florist. From the list choose the flowers that best fit the occasion. For example, if you are presenting the flowers to your girl friend pick up a color and flower that she loves the most.

Know the meaning of flowers

Specific types of flowers are used for specific occasion. In few cases floral arrangements also convey a message. For example, red roses are meant to convey love while yellow roses mean friendship, lilies and carnations are used to show sympathy.  Choose the right type of flowers to suit the occasion.

Plan the delivery date and place in advance

Sometimes it may take more time for the online stores to deliver flowers. It could be due to lack of availability of the flowers, poor climatic conditions that make delivery difficult. Hence, plan the date in advance. Before buying flowers online make sure to enquire about the time they need to deliver the flowers. Placing the order well in advance saves on shipping costs as last minute delivery i.e. delivery on same day or the next day is definitely expensive.

Ask about the way the flowers are delivered

For the flowers to retain the freshness it is important to deliver them in a right way. Know whether the flowers are delivered in a container or a vase. Few florists deliver the flowers in a box and they have to be arranged upon receiving. If you are presenting the flowers to someone then it would not be good to send flowers in a box.

Know about the availability of customer service

Before buying flowers online make sure that the florist offers customer service. This is very important as in certain cases you may wish to change the order or the delivery date. It is wise to choose stores offering tracking service as it would be helpful to know where the flowers are at a particular time. Few stores have professionals to guide you in choosing the right flowers that best fit the occasion and in including a small note along with the flowers for free.

Get the final price before ordering

Few online floral services give a very low price tag for the flowers to attract the customers. But, they later add service charges, shipping costs and other charges like the cost of the vase or container. This greatly increases the final price. Hence, before ordering flowers from the organized list talk to the customer service personnel and know the final price you would be paying.

Compare the costs

Prices vary among various online stores. Hence, get quotes from different stores and compare the price. Choose a store that is close to point of delivery to save on shipping costs. Choose a store that offers best price, right flowers and all the needed customer support. It is recommended to avoid middlemen as they would definitely sell flowers for higher price than actual florists.

Grab the right deal

Few stores offer special discounts for regular customers, bulk orders, for specific flowers and on specific days of week. Thus, before buying flowers online check for the available deals and accordingly pick up the flowers that best the suit the occasion and to save your pocket. Beware of stores offering free gifts upon ordering.

Know about the terms and conditions of the online store

It is always recommended to know the terms and conditions of the store such as order replacement, refund policy, freshness warranty for the flowers and other payment related terms. Few stores do not guarantee about the freshness of the flowers upon delivery. Hence, be cautious not to choose such stores.

Check availability of gifts

Sometimes you may wish to send additional gifts such as chocolates, cakes, wines or a gift basket along with flowers. In such cases, it is recommended to choose online florists who sell gifts along with flowers. This would save you from placing multiple orders and it also saves on shipping costs.

Check the customer reviews

Do not get carried away by the pictures portrayed in the website. Ensure that the flowers delivered are similar to the pictures included in the website. Always read the reviews given by previous customers to know about the quality of service of the florists. Do not bother about one or two negative reviews as mistakes can happen in unavoidable situations such as poor weather that results in delayed deliver or slightly withered flowers.

Lastly, it is recommended to choose experienced florists for buying flowers online as they ensure secure delivery and guaranteed satisfaction.

Most popular wedding bouquets for Winter 2013

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Wedding day is one of the most important events in our life. Wedding bouquet is the integral part of this ceremony. It is practically the only thing that the bride carries during the wedding.

Just fresh flowers are the most festive and feminine accessory of the bride. Wedding bouquet must be not only beautiful, but it must harmonize with the bride’s dress and style. That’s why the wedding bouquet should be chosen especially carefully.

Wedding bouquet 2013 will be in pastel tone. Cream, milky, pale pink flowers will look very tender and touching for girls with blond hair. Brunettes can choose a dark wedding bouquet with red, burgundy, purple flowers. Some florists even offer black bouquets.

popular wedding bouquets for winter 2013 Most popular wedding bouquets for Winter 2013

popular wedding bouquets for winter 2013

If you want not large bridal bouquet, bouquets-bags or bouquets-balloons are created especially for you. These bouquets have circular shape and look very original and lovely. You can hang such bouquets on the wrist with a ribbon.

One of the trends in wedding bouquets 2013 is considered bouquets with brooches. It looks very glamorous and rich. Brooches can be in the form of flowers, butterflies, feathers, birds. During the whole celebration it will please by the shine of metal and jewels. You must carefully keep a bouquet, not to spoil a dress or a veil with the toke.

You should carefully choose a bouquet of some original form. Wedding bouquet 2013 in the form of garlands, umbrellas, fans will look very interesting and unusual, but it is very difficult to wear it.

Another extraordinary bridal bouquets for winter 2013 is collision of opposites-combination of elegant white and ivory flowers mixed with  bright-red amaryllis or thistle.

Wedding bouquets 2013 with pinecones are very popular in this season. Pinecones with glitter glow like a halo around dusky mauve roses. The delicate flowers soften the pinecones, and accentuate glitter. You should be careful only when you throw the bridal bouquet, because it is heavy.

Of course, bridal bouquets with roses will remain popular, as classic variant. Red roses are always topical. Wedding bouquets with pink roses look graceful, adding softness, femininity, purity and elegance.

Orange and purple, white and purple these combinations of colors are very popular for Wedding bouquets. Such colors will create a bright, stylish and original bridal bouquet.

What colors and bouquets do famous people choose for their wedding?

Alicia Keys have chosen a delicate bouquet of green and purple combination, Kate Middleton-a bouquet of elegant small white flowers, complemented by green leaves, Kim Kardashian  prefers  a simple white bouquet without any frills, Gwen Stefani likes bouquet with white and pink flowers, and decorated with ribbons.

Bridal bouquets for winter 2013 are very original by their interesting forms, custom components, unusual combination of colors. Every woman reviews hundreds, even thousands wedding bouquet, choosing a single and unique bouquet. Wedding Flowers 2013 can please any woman.

This article was written by Anna Lia



Tips for Caring for Flowers and Plants

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Flowers are very beautiful, bright, magnificent and tender. They need attention and special care.
Flowers are connected with all important events in our life. Sometimes we even associate them
with sad or happy memories. We want to see flowers fresh and bright as long as possible.

Here are some useful tips to keep cut flowers:

1. Buy and cut flowers early in the morning, because they have a lot of moisture. It
will help flowers to stay fresh longer.

2. Extreme changes of environment are unfavorable for flowers. Therefore, when you bring
them home, don’t put them at once into the living room or bedroom. Leave them in the
hallway for adopting to the temperature of your home.

3. Before putting flowers in the vase, you should cut stems under water using a sharp knife
or scissors. Thus they will absorb water better.

4. All leaves on the stems, which are underwater, should be torn. They will rot and spoil

5. You shouldn’t keep flowers in cold water. The water in the vase should be at room temperature.

6. Cut flowers should be put in the vase, filled with water up to the top (except gerbera, they
should be kept in water level 1/3, because their stems are covered with thin hairs and
quickly rot.)

7. Regularly check the flowers and add water. This is important in the summer or in houses
with central heating, not only because the water is not only absorbed by plants, but also

8. Cut flowers like light rooms. They should be put in the place, protected from direct
sunlight and drafts.

9. Keep your bouquet away from household appliances, electrical appliances and the
batteries, stoves, heaters.

10. Spraying bouquet will help you to keep it fresh for a long time.

11. Do not put the vase with flowers next to the ripe fruit. They produce ethylene, which
affects the flowers.

12. At night it is better to put your bouquet in a bucket of water and in a cool dark place.

13. For opening flower buds, you should add ammonia in the water.

14. Many cut flowers will keep better if you put wood charcoal in water. It is also useful for
preventing the growth of bacteria in the water to add ammonia, potassium permanganate,
aspirin, citric acid.

Some flowers need special care:

  • Roses and carnations like sugared water.(rose-10% carnations-15%)
  • For dahlia, chrysanthemums, carnations you should put aspirin in water.
  • Tulips fade quickly, but if you leave them in hot water, they will revive. Keep them there until
    they fully wake up.
  • To save peonies fresh, put them in a cool, dry place for a day.
  • Lilies can stand in the water for 10 days. During this time, remove the lower buds. Stamens with
    pollen should be removed from the flower, the pollen can stain your clothes or furniture.
  • It is difficult to keep gerbera for long. Thus, you should be especially careful and attentive: wash
    the vase and add insecticide in the water.

If you get not a bouquet, but a plant, for example, colorful begonias or lovely fuchsia with blossoms, they will look like dolls
in blue skirts. They will decorate for a long time, if you give them proper care for them.

Some tips for caring for in-house plants:

1. Curtains shouldn’t be too thick.

2. Lower plants should be placed in the first row of windows behind them higher plants.
Thus, all plants will get necessary the air and the light.

3. Buy or made shelves for plants with drooping branches, like asparagus, saxifrage.
Branches of such plants need to be hung with the help wires or ropes.

4. House plants need fresh air. In the summer you shouldn’t close windows, in the winter-to
open window leaf.

5. It is better to buy young house plants and in the spring. Thus, they easier will adapt to
conditions of your house.

6. For planting or replanting if you use new pots-put them in the water for half an hour, old
pots should be held in boiling water to eliminate mold.

7. Young plants should be replanted every spring, in April or May, large plants-one time in
2-3 years.

8. In winter you should water house plants in the morning and moderately, in summer-in the
evening and abundantly.

9. Plants need to be watered every day in summer, in winter-much less.

10. Knock on the pot to understand to water plant or not. If the soil in the pot is dry, sound
will be ringing, if the soil is wet- deaf.

11. Never water the plants more than they need. Excess moisture for plants is more harmful
than dryness.

These tips will help you to keep your cut flowers or plants fresh longer. Maybe you will like
to care for flowers and you even decide to be a florist. And your house will be like flower
exhibition. It is a very interesting hobby- to collect flowers and to care for them. All flowers
are different and each of them need of special care.

This article was written by Anna Lia

Great Gifts For Valentine’s Day Other Than Roses And Chocolate

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Valentine gifts 01 Great Gifts For Valentine’s Day Other Than Roses And Chocolate

Great Gifts for Valentine's Day Other Than Roses

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to express love you have for your loved one. It can be done in a better way by presenting a memorable gift that would make him or her happy. Roses and chocolates are the gifts that immediately strike to mind of everyone on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. But, if you wish to surprise your loved then you have to be special. Here is a list of great gifts for Valentine’s Day other than roses and chocolates.

  • A romantic and delicious meal: cook a delicious meal that your loved one loves the most. For this you do not have to make too many dishes. Just one simple dish would do. If you are poor at cooking then plan a surprise meal at a restaurant he or she loves the most. In that case, plan to arrange the table specially.
  • A plant: If you wish to present a gift that remains forever and grows as the love between you grows then present a plant. This idea is environment friendly and costs very low. It serves as a token of love forever. Whenever, you sit in the garden the plant would remind of the wonderful moments shared by you.
  • Hand crafted items: If you are good at arts and crafts then try to make an item that would be useful or can be used as a show piece. A painting, wall hanging or a nicely stitched dress would do. If you cannot do it yourself purchase from stores selling hand crafted items. If you are purchasing at the store ensure that it is durable.
  • Gift card: If you are not sure of which item your love would crave to have then present a gift card. Presenting just the card would not show your love. With his or her permission take to the store and help in selecting the item your love wishes to purchase. This idea definitely pleases the other one.
  • Plan a vacation: Know about the places your loved one wishes to visit. Among them pick up a spot that you feel would be comfortable to visit on Valentine’s Day. Also remember that the place you select and further expenses remain within your budget limit to prevent inconvenience later. Plan and book the tickets if required well ahead to prevent disappointment at the end. However, ensure to keep it a surprise.
  • Gadgets: If you remember your loved one talking of purchasing a gadget then get him or her that gadget. To grab the item at low cost check for Valentine’s Day deals offered by stores in the months of the January and February. In an attempt to save money do not go for cheaper products it would only ruin the image he or she has towards you.

Apart from presenting the gift that your loved would love it is very important to express your love. Telling them how much you love keeps them at ease. Be open. The other person should be able to understand the feelings lying deep down your heart.

The Best Kind Of Flowers To Give A Girl To Ask Her Out

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Flowers to ask a girl out The Best Kind Of Flowers To Give A Girl To Ask Her Out

Girls often get pleased if flowers are presented to them. Good color combination of the flowers and the type of flowers chosen make a girl understand how much you love and care for them. Many men feel timid to ask a girl to come out. But, it can be done in a simple and elegant manner by giving a bunch of flowers. Here is a list of best kind of flowers to give a girl to ask her out.

  • Roses: Red roses are the best to show the girl how much love her. They also serve as sign of respect you have for her. White roses show the purity of love you possess for her. They also speak of how much you love to adore her heavenly beauty. You can even give a mix of red and white roses. But, just be sure not to include white rose buds which mean telling that you are not ready for love. You can also consider giving yellow roses to show how much you care for her. Orange color roses speak of your desire and enthusiasm to take her out.
  • Irises: These are bright colored flowers and are best to give for girls that love purple color. One single flower that is given to a girl definitely surprises her and makes her day gorgeous.
  • Carnations: These are beautiful flowers available in different colors. They speak of the love you have for her. The fascinating style of the flowers definitely surprises her.
  • Daisies: Bright looking orange or yellow colored daisies can also be giving to a girl. These brilliant and vivid looking flowers go well even with other flowers such as lilies.
  • Sunflowers: Sunflowers serve as a sign of loyalty and adoration. Sunflowers give a big smile on her face. The yellow color of the flowers speaks of your wish to continue friendship with her.
  • Wild flowers: These flowers available in multiple colors and shapes look stunning. Bouquets made of wild flowers, lilacs and orchids look awesome and girls definitely love to have it.
  • Tulips: These are perfect flowers that can be presented in spring season. Just pickup a bunch of tulips of different colors, tie them with a ribbon and present her. They look amazing and speak of perfect love. The girl would also love to have your special handmade bouquet.
  • Lilies: Lilies are one of the flowers that are worth presenting the girl to ask her out. But, stay away from them if the girl has allergies as their pollen cause allergies.

If you are asking the girl out for the first time then a mixed bouquet is a best idea. However, be sure about the color combination of the flowers. Giving red roses right at the first date may not work with all girls. Apart from the type of flower, the color and floral arrangement of the flowers means a lot for the girls. Hence, pay attention to every detail to make the girl accept your invitation. If you cannot afford a big bouquet even one single flower is enough to show your feelings.

Funeral Etiquette – Sending Funeral Flowers

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funeral etiquette funeral flowers Funeral Etiquette – Sending Funeral Flowers

Majority of people avoid funeral services due to poor knowledge of funeral etiquette’s such as the type of flowers to be chosen, place where the flowers are to be sent, what to be written on the enclosure card and what to talk to the family of deceased. Attending funeral service can be made simple by knowing about funeral etiquette’s. Here is an overview of one of the funeral etiquette – sending funeral flowers.

Choosing appropriate flowers

Any type of flower can be chosen as all flowers make the environment warmth and vivid. However, flowers such as carnations, lilies, chrysanthemums, roses, daises and gladiolas are commonly used. Red roses used in the funeral flowers serve as a sign of love and white colored flowers symbolize purity and peace. Carnations and tulips speak of the respect towards the person. If you know the personal interests of the deceased person then include those flowers in the floral arrangement to make the deceased soul rest in peace.

Using the right funeral flower arrangement

One should follow a specific type of floral arrangement depending on the relationship with the deceased person. Floral arrangements used for funeral flowers include:

  • Wreaths heart and cross arrangements: This type of arrangement is mainly used for friends and family members. Wreath arrangements are placed close to the casket and serve as sign for continuation of life.
  • Casket sprays or casket covers: These are used for family members. Casket sprays ordered by children, grand children, spouse, nephew or niece are placed directly over the casket close to or over the lid area. Placement of casket covers may vary if the service involves open casket. Small casket sprays are also placed inside the casket and in the hands of the departed person.
  • Standing sprays: These are used for people who are closely connected and for family members. Standing sprays ordered by nephew, nieces, and great grand children may be in different shapes like heart and cross. They are often taken by the family members to home rather than to the cemetery.
  • Funeral baskets: They can be used for anyone. Funeral baskets are generally placed surrounding the table on which the casket is placed or on the floor. Business associates and other acquaintances order funeral baskets and plants. Family members of the deceased often taken the plants home as they continue to grow and serve as remembrance of the service.

Few families request for donations instead of flowers. In such cases, it is essential to follow the family request and make donations or give gifts.

For specially designed sympathy flowers arrangements request the florist to incorporate the patterns or symbols that are of special interest to the departed person.

Sign on the enclosure card

Always include an enclosure card along with the floral arrangement. Write your first name as well as last name. If a group of people are sending the floral arrangement then include names of all the members.

Lastly, flowers can be sent to the family members of the deceased even if you know about the death weeks after the funeral. Sympathy flowers convey your condolences to the family members and make them feel comfortable that you love them.