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10 Tropical Flowers that are a Must for a Perfect Wedding

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Every bride would want to look beautiful on the special day. Her look will be incomplete if she is not holding a pretty bouquet of flowers that goes perfect with the wedding dress and the theme of the wedding. Tropical wedding flowers are one of the most sought after on weddings as they are brightly colored and easily attract attention. They not only look fresh and colorful but also spread an intoxicating fragrance. These exotic flowers look wonderful and will make any bride look stunning on her wedding day. Moreover, tropical wedding flowers are also known to be remarkably therapeutic and spread relaxation and clam among the guests as well as the bridal couple.

Needless to say, if one carefully selects the tropical wedding flowers and design them skillfully, they can play a remarkable role in accentuating any wedding and make the whole venue look unique, colorful and exotic. These flowers are available all year round. One can order them online or even directly from the growers. You will find them falling in exotic destination category. All you need to do is look for a reputable flower delivery store online and make your selections. Once you are sure of your choice, then all you need to do is make payments with help of your credit card  get the flowers where even you want , right on time, They will arrive fresh and in perfect condition.

Some particular tropical wedding flowers will carry detailed instructions on how to cut them or care for them so as to make them last for a longer time. You would want the bride and the flowers to look fresh and beautiful for along time. Let us now take a look at some of the most popular tropical flowers for a wedding.

tropical flowers in Hawaii 10 Tropical Flowers that are a Must for a Perfect Wedding

Tropical flowers in Hawaii

Tropical wedding flowers

  • Stargazer Lily

This is an exotic and a powerfully fragrant flower, belonging to the lily family.  When in bloom, the flowers keep facing the sky perpetually, unlike other types of lilies and hence the name.

  • Orchids

Orchids are breathtakingly beautiful and available in intricately patterned colors You will come across dendrobium orchid, cymbidium orchid, oncidium orchid and phalaenopsis orchid coomnly used at weddings.

  • Bird of Paradise

These flowers are generally used in one or two specimens by the bride, as they are big and colorful. They look like the plumage of exotic birds that are found in New Guinea.

  • Ginger

These flowers are used in red and pink and make for the central focus in any tropical bouquet. They are large, colorful and striking.

  • Hibiscus

This is  an ubiquitous all-rounder and  the hibiscus flower never goes out of fashion. This is truly a flower for all occasions and is funnel-shaped and appears to be made of fine tissue paper.

  • Heliconia

Heliconias will impress you if you are fond of beautiful but bizarre  flowers. These remarkable and vibrant flowers may look strange but they will certainly look very striking.

  • Gardenia

If  you love to have more of white on your wedding, then go for Gardenias. These visually striking flowers are also known as Cape jasmine and are very popular on weddings.

  • Anthurium

This is a beautiful yet provocative flower, that is truly one of the most remarkable of tropical flowers. These flowers look like as if made of plastic.

  • Plumeria

The small dainty and fragile flower appears to be made of 5 waxy petals and is exotic by appearance as well as by name.

  • Protea

These flowers are ubiquitous in South Africa and make for a striking focal point in a bridal bouquets.

Topical wedding flowers infuse intoxicating fragrance as well as multihued color in any wedding. They bring effervescent jubilation and a positive holistic energy to the occasion.

Flowers for your Loved Ones Who are Celebrating their Birthday

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Do you have a friend, loved one or relatives who are going to celebrate their birthday this month? Are you tired of thinking about sending them a memorable birthday gift every year? Why don’t you buy them a gift of magnificently-arranged fresh and fragrant flowers for a change?

Birthdays are surely a perfect reason for anyone in the whole wide world to let loose, be happy and celebrate. One of the things that can make a birthday boy or girl is the gifts that they receive. For those who are still looking for a better gift to send their friends, family, loved ones or relatives, flowers are definitely the thing that you are looking for.


Flowers for your Loved Ones Who are Celebrating their Birthday Flowers for your Loved Ones Who are Celebrating their Birthday

Flowers for your Loved Ones Who are Celebrating their Birthday


Why Send Them Flowers as a Birthday Gift?

The birthday gifts that you are going to send don’t have to be expensive or sophisticated to be evocative. There are many things in the world that you can buy to show the birthday girl or boy that they are very important to you. However, as these things may take a long time for you to find, flowers are always there and very easy to set up; you won’t even need to gift wrap it.

If you are too busy to visit the birthday celebrant in person, you can always order your gift of flowers through your mobile phone or online. The professional team of florists will take good care of the flowers that you ordered and will do their best to deliver it on the address that you specified. They will even offer you a choice to personalize the flowers. You can even give instructions if you want to include something else on your birthday gift. The possibilities are endless!

The Significance of Sending Flowers on their Birthday

There are moments that we feel that selecting the perfect birthday gift is rather difficult. This is the exact reason why birthday flowers make an awesome choice. The best thing about flowers is that it brightens up the day of the recipient. Also, it exudes a very touching, romantic and even personal approach of remembering their best day of the year.


No matter how old your intended recipient is birthday is indeed a perfect reason to be happy. If someone that is close to your heart is going to celebrating his or her birthday however; always make sure that you choose the perfect birthday gift so that they will know just how special they are to you. A perfectly-arranged basket or bouquet of flowers is indeed a great gift that you can send them. If you don’t know the recipient’s favorite flower, there are many flower shops in your city that will be more than happy to assist you.

Anniversary Celebration: Surprising your Loved Ones through Flowers

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Wedding anniversary definitely is one of the greatest moments of the year especially for married people. This is where they measure their accomplishments as a lawfully wedded couple. However, not only married people can celebrate anniversary; even those who are living together can also have one. If your anniversary with your wife or legal partner is fast approaching, you can always think of a nice present that will warm her (or his) heart. Are you running out of ideas, or perhaps, budget? Why don’t you try to give her a fresh gift of fragrant flowers instead?

Many people all over the world purchase flowers as their anniversary gift because this is more affordable, easy to procure and most of all, it doesn’t need to be gift wrapped. In addition, anniversary flower bouquet or basket can become a great gift to your loved one even if you have planned it ahead or not.


Anniversary Celebration Surprising your Loved Ones through Flowers Anniversary Celebration: Surprising your Loved Ones through Flowers

Anniversary Celebration: Surprising your Loved Ones through Flowers


What are the Traditional Anniversary Flowers?

According to tradition, many couples around the world give flowers to one another every year. Each year is represented by a specific flower. The exact date when this tradition started may not be clear to all but the bottom line is that it helps you to remember the sweet and hard days that you spent together using the sweet scent of flowers in your hand. Here is a short list of anniversary flowers that you can consult when buying anniversary flowers:

  • 1st Anniversary is Rose
  • 2nd Anniversary is Gardenia
  • 3rd Anniversary is Fuchsia
  • 4th Anniversary is Geranium
  • 5th Anniversary is Daisy
  • 6th Anniversary is Calla Lily
  • 7th Anniversary is Tulip
  • 8th Anniversary is Clematis
  • 9th Anniversary is Poppy
  • 10th Anniversary is Daffodil

In your day of anniversary, you may or may not have already arranged a great date with your loved one to commemorate your wedding vows. Imagine the look on her face by surprising her at office with a magnificent arrangement of her favorite flower! This is indeed a fantastic start to a sweet and great day of anniversary celebration.


You also have to know that not only couples can send a gift of flowers to one another. As a matter of fact, even friends and relatives can offer their well-wishes to the couple celebrating their anniversary. If you know a couple who are going to celebrate their wedding anniversary, this is your chance to delight them with a spectacularly-arranged fresh and beautiful flower bouquet or basket.

How to Take Care of Flowers

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Since the time of our ancestors, we have used flowers to convey our feelings to one another. This kind of habit became a tradition that people all over the world have used to highlight different occasions in their life such as love, happiness, loneliness, celebration, failure, sickness and death. In some organizations, they even use flowers to signify a secret or exclusive meaning. Whatever the occasion, we need to make sure that the flowers that we receive lasts for a long time so that we remember its meaning very well.


How to take care of flowers How to Take Care of Flowers

How to Take Care of Flowers


Taking Care of Your Flowers

Contrary to popular belief, flowers can also experience stress while being transported however; it recovers after being placed in water. It pays to know how to take care of flowers so that you can maximize its life after purchasing it from the flower shop.

  1. Be sure to keep all the flowers in a vase which is filled with flower food purchased from your local flower shop. Refill the vase with the same solution if it becomes cloudy. This will stop the growth of bacteria and other organisms that could prevent the flowers from blooming. Leave them in a cool place if you weren’t able to put flower food solution in your flowers right away.
  2. Always place the flowers in a cool and dry place between 65 to 72 degrees F. Also, remember to keep them away from direct sunlight and heating and cooling vents. Never place the vase on top of televisions, radiators or directly under ceiling fans. These kinds of appliances radiate heat that can easily dry flowers up.
  3. Next, fill up a clean deep vase with the flower food solution purchased from your local flower shop. Be sure to follow the instructions on the package.
  4. Take away the leaves that falls below the waterline. Remember that fallen leaves in the water encourage bacterial growth. Re-cut stems under water. This lets the stems to absorb in water than air. Afterwards, put the flowers in the solution you have set.
  5. Cut the stems take away any leaves that will be under the vase’s water line. This will make certain that the leaves do not rot in the water and subsequently pollute it. Ready a clean vase of lukewarm water and add the flower food.
  6. Change the water in the vase every week. Never use any kind of metal containers because this can render the flower food useless.


Now that you know how to take care of your flowers, you can be sure that you can stretch its life. This way, your friends, loved ones and family will be able to enjoy its presence on their home, bedroom, office table or hospital room.


Man’s Guide to Flowers

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Flowers are good gift to send to your loved one to express how you feel for them. During the times that you are happy, sad, grieving or something in between, flowers are always there to say the words that we cannot. When a man falls in love, flowers are also there to help them get the heart of the woman (or sometimes, another man) that he is eyeing. However, not all men are adept on choosing the right flowers to impress their beloved damsel. If you think that you are a complete idiot when it comes to selecting the proper flowers, this article will guide you to the best choices of flowers.


539AC9E24D8E95F7A8244167E88C Man’s Guide to Flowers

Man’s Guide to Flowers


A bouquet of flowers can help you express your feelings to your loved ones. You have to remember that these feelings don’t have to be romantic at all. You can send gift of flowers to your mother, sister, friends, neighbors or someone you respect. Surely, after receiving your gift of flowers, they will be filled with joy and appreciation. The question is what is the best flower to send to your loved ones?

Women are very knowledgeable of different floral varieties and other exotic flowers that are available on the market these days. They are excited to see new ones first-hand. You have to know that offering strange-colored roses such as peach or an assortment of mixed flowers shows an awareness of color and an understanding that will not go unnoticed. However, always remember to avoid giving your lady yellow roses because you might mistakenly express a negative meaning (i.e. breaking up or cheating!) Most men commit this kind of mistake because of this kind of ignorance.

Flowers don’t have to mean commitment. This might be a symbol of your appreciation for them. Relax guys; women know if the flowers you send them simply mean that you care. If you’re not in a hurry, you can send your lady fragrant gift of flowers to determine if they also love you. By sending your apple of the eye fresh flowers regularly, you are also learning if she’s the right one for you in the process. The perfect opportunity to send your lady a basket of flowers is during Valentine’s Day. You can even surprise her by giving her flowers such as carnation, gloxinia, or roses during regular days. If you want to confess that you love her, the perfect flower for that is rosebud.


As for your sister, mother, and your friends, the best gift of flowers that you can give them is during non-holiday occasions. This way, you continue to show that they’re in your heart by giving them zinnia, pansy and holly.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Bouquets

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You’ve chosen your dream wedding dress, purchased the ideal shoes and brought out the most precious family heirloom jewelry to highlight it all. Then again, there is the most important bridal accessory that you should never forget – the wedding bouquet. Basically, there are different considerations that you need to think about. What kind of flowers should you choose? How much is your budget for that? Which flower shop should you buy it?

Your wedding bouquet is one of the many important aspects of the bridal attire. You have total freedom of choice and creativity when it comes to this part. The wedding gown stays within clear borders, choosing the colors and the design the flowers on the other hand are a perfect way to personalize your look for your wedding ceremony. This is the moment that you bring out your brilliance in grand style. In addition, you should remember that your wedding bouquet is the thing that sets the ambiance for the ceremony of floral arrangements.


Wedding bouquet 1024x842 Choosing the Perfect Wedding Bouquets

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Bouquets


What are the things that you should remember when choosing wedding bouquets?

The first thing that you should consider when you are searching for the best wedding bouquet is that your wedding dress and the shape of your body set the style. You can also select a round wedding bouquet. This kind of bouquet is the most usual choice because it perfectly matches any type of bridal gown.

Another excellent option for a bridal bouquet is the oval shaped one. It accurately fits different wedding gowns. If your bridal dress features delicate and precious accessories, you can always add a brooch to your wedding flower.

Modern brides-to-be can pick from a wide variety of alternative and eccentric wedding bouquets. For example, a sphere wedding bouquet offers a fantastic twist on the conventional wedding bouquet design. You can let it free in your hand or allow it hang securely on your wrist. It gives your hands more freedom and provides a great impression on your overall appearance at the same time.

On the other hand, if you wish to make your bridal look more romantic, pick a cute basket of wedding bouquet version instead of a traditional one. This way, it will provide and amazing touch especially if the wedding ceremony is set outdoors during the summer or spring season.


When choosing wedding bouquets, it is essential that you give yourself at least month to decide about it. The pressure of planning a wedding is definitely not a laughing matter. If you have more time to decide about it, you can accommodate many ideas especially if you keep on changing your mind every now and then. If you have difficulty coming up with a good idea, consulting your friends or your husband-to-be will provide you with many options. You can also search online for good wedding bouquet ideas if you are too busy to contact your loved ones. Consulting a florist will also give you a solid inspiration. They can give you suggestions on the best type of flowers to use and the corresponding arrangements.


Prom Bouquet Ideas for 2013

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Prom is surely one of the most thrilling and unforgettable events of high school. After you have successfully chosen your formal wear, it is time for you to plan your prom flowers. The prom flowers should always complement you and your date’s dress and reflect your own unique character. Instead of using conventional corsage, a small nosegay or bouquet is a stylish trend today. From flower to color selection, there are many different prom bouquet ideas that you need to consider.

Prom flowers 1024x794 Prom Bouquet Ideas for 2013

Prom Bouquet ideas for 2013


What are 2013’s best prom bouquet choices?

You might be asking yourself ‘What are the best prom bouquets for 2013?’ Nosegays and wrist corsages are still  considered as most popular designs for prom flowers. On the other hand, roses maintain its position as the most common and affordable prom flower choice. Orchids, calla lilies and gerbera daisies however are also some of the frequently requested ones on the market. Even though these flowers are a bit expensive, they offer a stylish and elegant look for both boutonnieres and corsages.

If you don’t have any idea about flowers, you can always ask for your favorite florist’s assistance. They know exactly what you should bring on your prom. Their service may cost extra but you can be sure that you will look magnificent on your prom night. An excellent florist should be able to offer you with different options that won’t strain your wallet to the limit.

Things to remember when selecting prom bouquets

When going to a prom, make sure that you and your date complement one another. One way of ensuring that you go well together is by knowing what she will be wearing on your prom night. You can discuss this issue with your date one or two weeks ahead. This way, you can prevent clashing with one another. This is a very common mistake on prom nights. You can ask about her favorite flower in order to avoid buying the wrong one. For your own boutonniere on the other hand, it is entirely up to you to pick the best flower.

It is also important to decide about the best flower to use on your corsage or boutonniere one or two weeks ahead. This way, you can make a reservation on your preferred flower shop. If you contact your local flower shop one day before your prom, the chances of getting your preferred flowers will definitely decrease.


The time for proms is fast approaching and surely, men are searching for prom bouquet ideas that could make their dates extra special for the night. There is a lot of pressure when it comes to selecting and purchasing prom flowers. However, there is one thing that you need to keep in mind – have a definite budget plan and adhere to it. If you think that you’re out of budget, you can always make your own bouquet. Doing this will not only save you money but also out your own personality on the flowers that you’ll present on that meaningful night. All it takes is a creative mind and a well-executed research and careful planning.

The Tradition of Giving Flowers

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It is natural for us to give gifts in order to express our sentiments to one another. Over the long course of human history, people have sent the gift of flowers for expressing different emotions such as happiness, grief, loss and most of all, love. This is because flowers carry different meanings and can be given to convey thoughts that simple words alone cannot articulate.

There are different occasions in a year where we are compelled to send flowers to our loved ones. This kind of practice has become a tradition that people around the world have adapted to. From our birthday to our death, blooming and fragrant flowers are always there to emphasize the moment.


tradition of giving flowers The Tradition of Giving Flowers

The Tradition of Giving Flowers


Here are some of the important occasions where we send or receive a gift of flowers:

  1. Mother’s/Father’s Day. On these particular days, we celebrate the love that our mother and father have given to us through a spectacular bouquet or basket of fresh and fragrant flowers. Tell your mother or father how much you love them by sending them an amazing gift of flowers.
  2. Valentine’s Day. Lovers all over the world celebrate this day by sending a gift of flowers for their loved ones or special someone. Every year, tons of flowers are harvested and sold on different flower shops. If you want to make your loved one feel that they are loved, sending a bunch of fresh flowers is definitely a good idea.
  3. Thanksgiving Day. We usually commemorate this day by preparing a delicious and huge turkey in our tables. However, there are people who send beautifully-arranged flowers to their loved one in order to make this day extra special.
  4. Christening. This tradition is very common especially for those who are born and raised in a Roman Catholic family. If you have a friend who’s child is going to be blessed and welcomed in the Catholic faith, this is the perfect occasion to send them a fresh basket or bouquet of flowers.
  5. Graduation. You can congratulate your friends, brothers or sisters who are going to graduate after long years of hard work in college or high school by sending them a gift of bright and elegant flowers.
  6. Get-well-soon wishes. When our dearest friend, loved one or family member is sick and confined in a hospital, we usually send them a gift of flowers to wish for their speedy recovery.


You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars in order to send your special someone, family member or friends a beautiful gift of flowers. You can continue the tradition of sending flowers by going to a flower shop and choose the freshest yet the cheapest bunch and arrange it by yourself. This way, you will be able to save money because you won’t have to seek the help of a professional florist just to get the job done. Also, you can deliver the flowers personally so that the recipient will know that you truly appreciate them. However, if you are too busy and you don’t have the patience to arrange the flowers, you can always rely on the help of expert and professional florists and their excellent delivery service.

Why Doesn’t My Boyfriend Buy Me Flowers?

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You might be asking yourself if you have chosen the right guy for you. During important occasions such as Valentine’s Day or your birthday, you may be expecting some surprises from your boyfriend. Indeed, getting flowers from a boyfriend can make any girl extra special! You expect that your beau would send you flowers but if he doesn’t, it shatters your heart to pieces. Instead of just accusing him of not loving you back or anything else, you have to know the reasons why he won’t even bother giving you a gift of flowers.

Here are the top 3 things that you need to know why your boyfriend doesn’t send you flowers:

1. He doesn’t know your favorite flower. Have you ever told your boyfriend about your favorite flower? Telling your boyfriend about your favorite flower is a good thing because he will know precisely what to give you during important occasions. Besides, it will prevent him from buying something that you won’t appreciate in the first place.

2. The way you ask him to send you flowers may be intimidating. If you want your boyfriend to send you flowers, you have to say it calmly and properly. Most girls usually jump into conclusion that just because their boyfriends don’t send them beautiful flowers, it means that they aren’t loved back. Others even think that there is a third party involved. This kind of weird and paranoid thinking will only lead to fighting and subsequent break-up.

3. Perhaps he’s not the type of man who expresses himself through flowers. We have to admit that not all guys are born equal. While there are some romantic-type individuals who send fragrant flowers to their special someone on a regular basis, there are men who are impossible to be seen carrying a bunch of flowers with them as well.


Youre All I Need Flower Why Doesnt My Boyfriend Buy Me Flowers?

Why Doesn't My Boyfriend Buy Me Flowers?


How can I make my boyfriend send me flowers?

Making your boyfriend give you flowers is not an impossible mission. There are creative ways that you can use in order to make sure that your beloved knows what to give you. Here are some suggestions that you can use:

1. Say it in a subtle way. Let your boyfriend know about your preferred flowers in a manner by which it won’t sound like it’s a command. For instance, when you go to the movies, you can tell him that you like anything red because you like red roses. Or better yet, you can inject this on your conversations when he takes you to a restaurant to dine. The possibilities are endless.

2. Use your social networking account to let him know. You can make a photo of your favorite flower as your profile picture for about a week. This way, your boyfriend will become curious and will do anything to know if the profile picture indeed is your favorite flower. This way, you won’t have to tell him directly about it anymore.


Whining about the fact that your beau doesn’t give your flowers won’t get you anywhere. As a matter of fact, you can make a move and let him know some things about you in order to make your relationship as smooth-sailing as possible. With these tips, you can surely make your loved one extra romantic all the time.

Flowers for Men – Do Men Like Receiving Flowers?

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man with flowers Flowers for Men   Do Men Like Receiving Flowers?

It has been assumed for a long time that women are the ones who like to receive flowers, and men like sending bouquets, but not receiving them. Does this case apply to modern times, which is characterised by more gender-neutral ideas and concepts? The answer is that men like to receive flowers as much as women! Having been a taboo for so long, men and flowers never really went that well together, and the only reason why some men might frown if they receive a floral gift is because of the pre-conceived notion that they are a gift more suitable to women. However, fresh flowers are a beautiful gift whose natural beauty is appreciated by everyone, irrespective of age and gender.

Some flower types are indeed feminine and would not be appropriate to give to a man. Pastel colors are not recommended and pink flowers are definitely out of the question. Bouquets or arrangements with darker colours and a lot of greenery are ideal for males. Simplistic designs and styles are preferred to an overly elegant bouquet. A simpler bouquet with a few flowers of a dark or earthly shade with greenery will definitely go a long way with men!

When you want to send a bouquet to a man, there are probably some occasions for which flowers might not really be appreciated. Anniversary flowers, for instance, are more associated with women, and some men might not like it if their wives decide to send them flowers for this occasion! Similarly, men do not usually receive floral gifts on a birthday. While it is customary to send other gifts rather than flowers on these occasions, flowers speak a universal language, and are ideal to express emotions and sentiments. Men wouldn’t mind receiving flowers when you want to say thank you, congratulations, get well and sympathy.

Flowers are also a wonderful gift to send on Father’s Day and Christmas. Although there aren’t as many orders made on Father’s Day than there are on Mother’s Day, the number of flowers that are being sent on this occasion is continuously increasing as years go by. Christmas floral gifts are also aimed at celebrating the festive season to the full. Brighten up someone’s home with fresh flowers! Your loved ones, whether male or female, are guaranteed to love the fresh blooms provided by local florists.

With same day delivery by 1pm, flowers can be delivered within a few hours! Next day delivery is available all year round.

Send flowers to a loved one through next day flower delivery UK, or same day flower delivery when ordering flowers by 1pm.