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Celebrating a Meaningful and Blooming Easter 2013

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The Easter holiday is fast approaching and Catholics not only in the United States but all over world are preparing to celebrate it. Easter flowers indeed bring meaning and beauty to every Easter holiday. There are different colorful flower varieties that are used worldwide for decorations, gift giving and church services in commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ and in celebration of rebirth and spring season. If you don’t have any idea about which flowers you should purchase on Holy Week, this article is definitely for you.


Easter Flowers 1024x682 Celebrating a Meaningful and Blooming Easter 2013

Celebrating a Meaningful and Blooming Easter 2013


If you are Catholic and you want to have a serene and auspicious Easter to reflect your faith to the Lord, buying the right flowers is the first thing that you should do. Nowadays, you can just easily pick the flowers that you want by going to your favorite flower shop. However, not all flowers can be used for decoration on Easter holidays because each flower possesses different meanings. If you have chosen well on the other hand, these flowers can also become a great home décor in this particular season this year.

Here is a short list of Easter flowers that you can purchase from your local flower shop:

What are the Perfect Flowers for Easter?

  1. Lilies. Lilies are considered as the primary traditional flower for Easter. This flower is originally used in Japan. When the Americans went to Japan during World War II, they started growing the Easter lily for religious purposes. This flower represents renewal and purity of Easter. Furthermore, the shape of the petals of lily is said to be the God’s trumpet calling for Jesus’ return.
  2. Daffodils. These are yellow and trumpet-shaped flowers that are used to signify friendship, eternal life and rebirth. Legend tells us that the daffodil appeared in the Garden of Gethsemane and it blossomed when Christ was resurrected. Daffodils are also known as Osterglocken or Easter bells in Germany and are the flower considered for Easter decorations in England where they are also called Lent lilies.
  3. Tulips. These flowers are considered as the 3rd most famous spring flower around the world. As a matter of fact, these flowers do not have and actual meaning for Easter however; the wild tulips in the Middle East signify the perfect love and rebirth of spring. A fascinating odd trivia about the tulip says that the flower bulbs can be used in cooking in place of onions.
  4. Narcissus. This flower was the first flower connected with Easter in some parts of Europe. The Alps have treasured the flower to represent Easter for hundreds of years. Narcissus is also the most famous flower in Germany.
  5. Pussy Willows. These flowers are not the usual Easter flower because pussy willows are not always blooming at Easter. However, they do play a significant part in the Easter traditional practices of Finland, Russia and England. Since palm leaves are hard to get in some countries, pussy willows can be a great substitute for palms for Palm Sunday mass celebrations.

If you ask some people about the first thing they think of when they hear the word ‘Easter’, most of them will say Easter baskets and colored eggs. These are things are famously known Easter symbols around the world however; vibrant and beautifully-arranged flowers have had its place in history longer. It will definitely make your Easter holiday more memorable, spiritual and meaningful.

This Easter, give your friends, relatives and loved ones a gift of fresh flower basket or bouquet to make their holidays more interesting. These flowers can be easily obtained from your local flower shop. If you want to celebrate Easter with your friends, family and loved ones, now is the time for you to plan what flowers should be placed on your flower vases. You can also place the flowers together with the Easter Eggs and Bunny to add more character to your decorations.


If you are too busy to visit your local flower shop, you can always use your mobile phone to let them know the kind of arrangement you need for Easter. You can give them specific instructions as to how, when and where the flowers that you ordered will be delivered. A professional team of florists will tend to your request and will do it as fast as they can. All you have to do is to patiently wait for your order at the exact time and date.

Showing Appreciation With Mother’s Day Flowers

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By Adriana A Noton

Mothers play an important role in the family and are valued and appreciated for their hard work and dedication. The nurture and care they provide for their children is priceless. And for those mothers who work and raise the children, their work is much longer than 8 hours a day. Every May, Mother’s Day is a day that we can send flowers to show our mothers how much we appreciate all that they do. One Mother’s Day gift that is a popular way to express our true feelings about how we feel about our mothers is flowers. Flowers are not only beautiful, but they are full of meaning that conveys love and respect for our mothers. Below are a number of popular types of flowers you can give your mother on Mother’s Day:

Carnations: Recognized as the official Mother’s Day Flower, carnations are a traditional gift many people give their mothers. White carnations are the most popular carnation given to mothers as these flowers symbolize respect, love, and admiration. Dianthus, the scientific name for the carnation means ‘flower of the gods.’

Roses: The rose is a flower that expresses deep personal sentiment and is a great gift for mothers. They are no longer known only as a symbol of romance, but they also express a broad range of sentiment. There are different colors representing different feelings. For instance, the red rose symbolizes true love. The yellow rose symbolizes friendship and happiness. The pink rose represents gratitude and happiness. A mix of roses will show mom your most genuine feelings.

Orchids: The orchid is another popular flower given to mothers on Mother’s Day. It is often given to moms who work and raise a family as they symbolize beauty and wealth. Another positive feature is that they last a long time, about two weeks or more.

Gerbera Daisies: Because of the meaning of these flowers, the Gerbera Daisies make for a wonderful Mother’s Day gift. The Gerbera conveys cheerfulness and people will often add these flowers in a bouquet for their mothers.

When you decide what type of flowers to give your mother, pick flowers that best represent how you feel and also best represent her character attributes. Remember the color of the flowers is not only supposed to be stunning, but it also should symbolize your sentiments. Bouquets of flowers in a beautiful vase are very meaningful. Make sure you mix flowers that best summarize how you feel. As well, choose the best way to give them to her. Having flowers delivered always makes for a pleasant surprise. You can decide whether they should be delivered at work or at home, and the best time of the day.

Although flowers are a beautiful gift any time of the year, the gift of flowers shows your mother exactly how you feel. Let her know how much you appreciate everything she has done for you by sending her a big beautiful bouquet of the best Mother’s Day flowers. If you live far away from your mom, there are many online flower delivery retailers where you can arrange to have flowers delivered on Mother’s Day.

Consider sending flowers Canada from these floral specialists. They can deliver different types of flowers, including funeral flowers.

Article Source: Showing Appreciation With Mother’s Day Flowers

Creative Ways of Making your Own Flower Vase

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Decorating your home doesn’t always mean that you have to spend fortunes in order to make it a nice place to live in. Most people make the mistake of investing thousands of dollars just to have an elegant and luxurious home. These days, there are different ways of making home décor without stretching your wallet to its limit. One of the decorations in your home that can be made from pieces of junk, your imagination and creativity is the flower vase.


Creative Ways of Making your Own Flower Vase 1024x682 Creative Ways of Making your Own Flower Vase

Creative Ways of Making your Own Flower Vase


Flower vases are lovely containers that hold flower arrangements. The flower vases in your home don’t need to be consistently small, medium or large. It matters a lot if you know how to mix and match the sizes in order to emphasize a strong aesthetic value. Furthermore, to make the flower arrangements more appealing to the eyes of your family or visitors, it is very important that you make the flower vases interesting as well.

Reinventing your flower vases is an enjoyable task that can be done at virtually any time. In addition, you don’t need to spend extra money just to get the project moving. The materials that you will need in redesigning or making your own flower vases can be found in your stock room – old jars and bottles, paints, gift wrappers, fancy papers etc. Here are some suggestions that you can use in making your own flower vase:

  1. Repaint your flower vase. If you are bored with the color of your old vases, it is time that you repaint it to give more life to it. Collect bright-colored paints and start adding more color to your old flowers vases. However, if you have an antique vase, don’t paint it because it will definitely lose its value on the market. Before you do the painting, ask if the vase is antique or not.
  2. Redesign old jars and bottles. If you have a surplus of empty bottles and jars, you can definitely transform it into a lovely flower vase! For clear and wide-mouthed jars, you can bring life to it by drawing on a piece of paper a good picture on it i.e. flowers, butterflies, insects, and other things that you like. Cut the paper according to the shape of the picture and apply paste on the drawing itself and stick it inside of the jar. You can have one or more pictures in a jar. Once the pictures are pasted, allow it to dry for a moment and then paint the inside portion of the jar. You can also wrap special papers around the old jars to make it look more special.
  3. Ask your friends and relatives if they have old vases that they are going to throw away. If you don’t have a flower vase that is suitable for redesigning, you can ask your friends or relatives to give you their old vases. Because the vases are not yours to begin with, you will not have any regrets if you have made some cracks or damages to it on the process.

Things to Remember on Redesigning your Old Flower Vases

Before you get started, it is essential that you know what kind of flowers that you will place on a specific vase. For instance, if you wish to have an arrangement of red roses in your living room or bedroom, a white or yellow-themed flower vase will complement it. The colors of the roses and the vase will contrast therefore highlighting the red roses more. If you like to have different flowers in your home, you can make vases of different colors in this project.

Another thing that you need to understand before redesigning your flower vases is your safety. Always wear gloves when touching glass wares because you might get hurt when cutting it. Also, tell your children to stay away from sharp objects. Let your children be involved only in painting and drawing designs.


Improving the design of your old flower vases is an activity that can be done with your friends, family or loved ones. If you work together, you can surely bring plenty of creative ideas and translate it in the vases. Moreover, it will teach your children the value of recycling and transforming it into a functional home décor. If you don’t know where to begin, you can always search the internet for starting ideas. This way, you will easily know what to do.


Ideal Places in your House to Put Flowers

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If you are fond of purchasing flowers or you are receiving a bunch of it on a regular basis, you can use these fragrant blossoms to accentuate a particular spot in your house. Whether you have bought or received it in bouquets or baskets, it will surely become a wonderful attraction in any corner where you have decided to put it. Rearranging it to make it look good on a vase or leaving it the way you received it is entirely up to you. The only question that remains is where are the best places in your house to put the flowers?


Ideal Places in your House to Put Flowers 682x1024 Ideal Places in your House to Put Flowers

Ideal Places in your House to Put Flowers


Decorating your home is one of the essential tasks that should be done regularly and creatively so that your place would emanate a nice and appealing atmosphere not only for your family but also to your visitors. Below is the list of the best places in the house to have some flowers:

Where should you place your flowers?

  1. Living room. This is where the family gathers during the day time. This is also the place where you entertain visitors, friends and relatives who came in your house to stay for a while. By placing a magnificent flower arrangement in this particular area, they will be able to feel a relaxing ambiance each time they stay there to either have a nice conversation or watch TV with your family. The flowers are best placed on the corners of the living room or on the center table.
  2. Dining room. Placing a vase full of fresh and fragrant flowers on your dining table is a good way of boosting your appetite. Arrange the flowers on the middle section of your Lazy Susan and put it together with the fruits to create an invigorating view of the dining room.
  3. Bedroom. Waking up in the morning and seeing a fresh and vibrant bunch of flowers is indeed a good way to start your day. Place the flowers vase or basket in a corner of your bedroom where you could easily see it in the morning. You can also place it in your bedroom table beside the window.
  4. Hallways. Hallways would be extremely lonely and dark without the presence of colorful and sweet-smelling flowers. Put a flower vase on top of the furniture to make your hallways attractive.
  5. Home office. Flowers can also inspire a person to work harder. If you work at home, seeing flowers once in a while will definitely refresh your mind, especially if you have been staring at your computer screen for a long time. Place the flowers on top of your office furniture such as file cabinet or office table. You can also put the flower vase or basket beside the window so that you’ll be able to enjoy its smell together with fresh air.

What are the best flowers to put on a vase?

If you are going to purchase flowers for your home décor, it is very important that you choose the right flowers. The best flowers for home decoration are roses, lilies, daffodils, orchids, sunflowers, tulips and gardenia. You can also order tropical flowers such as Hibiscus, Birds-of-Paradise, anthurium and heliconia. This way, your visitors will be amazed when they see it in your vase.

Flowers can indeed create a happy and elegant space as long as it is regularly replaced and taken care of. Placing flowers in strategic places in your house is one of the effective techniques that you can use to make your home warm and luxurious place to live in. Furthermore, it will help you make your place more inviting especially if you are entertaining guests.


If you don’t know which type of flowers you can put in your house as your home décor, you can always ask your local florist’s assistance. They have a team of expert and professional team of florists that can give you tips on how to spice up your home decorations as far as flowers are concerned. If you are too busy to pay them a visit, you can always arrange a flower delivery to your home. Just tell them exactly what you want and they will surely come up with a bright idea on how you want your flowers done!

History of Flowers over Centuries

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Since ancient times, people appreciate flowers and they have a special place in their life. Moreover, the flowers attracted men not only by its striking beauty and natural perfection, but they were essential in medicine, in religion, and even in various cultural rituals. Additionally, the flowers were sources of inspiration encouraged people to create masterpieces in various fields, such as music, painting, sculpture ceramics, in the17th, 18thand 19thcenturies. Flowers have witnessed all important historical events and reflected human stories. Each flower has its own birthplace, legend, history and path of life.
Many people and generations worship lilies. The lilies have an interesting and long history. First these elegant flowers were mentioned in Chinese ancient manuscripts, where they had been considered a symbol of freedom and hope. Likewise, sarcophagus of a young Egyptian woman, with a dried lily on her chest, is stored in Paris. Besides the perfume “suzinon” was made exactly from these redolent flowers by ancient Egyptians. In ancient Greece and Rome, brides and grooms were garlanded of lilies and wheat as symbols of purity and abundance. Meadows of lilies were grown in Persian paradise gardens in the 5th century BC. Even their capital was called Sousa – “the city of lilies.” Since the 5th century AD, the image of three golden lilies decorated banners of French kings. According to a legend, the Franks, who won the battle, returned home with helmets and shields, beautified with lilies because they symbolized compassion, justice and mercy.

“Hyacinth” means “a flower of rain”, but at the same time the Greeks called it a flower of grief because of a Greek legend. A young man named Giatsint was an Apollo’s favorite. One day, during competitions, Apollo threw a hard disc and it accidentally dropped right on Hyacinth. So, the fragrant purple-red flowers grew from the blood of a young man-thus, Apollo perpetuated memory of Giatsint. Approximately three thousand years ago, the Hellenes adorned hairstyles with hyacinths on their friends’ wedding day. Furthermore, even Persian poets compared beauties’ hair with swirling petals of hyacinth and, especially, appreciated the scent of this flower. In fact, hyacinth was cultivated only in the East gardens for a long time. It was very popular in the Ottoman Empire, but in Western Europe, a charming hyacinth moved only by the end of the 17th century. Surprisingly, in Holland the hyacinth appeared accidentally- after shipwreck, bulbs of this flower in boxes were stranded, then they sprouted, blossomed and became a sensation. In 1734 the hyacinth was a new source of profits, particularly, for people, who managed to grow terry hyacinth.

A peony is an integral flower in any garden, especially in spring. This flower was named in honor of a legendary doctor Peons, healing gods and wounded men in battles. Originally, peonies were grown by ancient Chinese, and it happened about two thousand years ago. Actually, there were 30 species of these wonderful plants by the 16th century. The peonies are considered imperial flowers in China. Moreover, people worshiped them as symbols of richness, love and success. The Chinese were convinced that the peonies protected them from witchcraft, and all evil spirits left that place, where peonies grew. The Greeks composed hymns a special size in honor of these wonderful flowers. As a matter of fact, in the first century BC Pliny Sr. described minutely a peony and determined what diseases it can cure in “Natural History”. Doctors from many ancient countries – Greece, Rome, China, Arab countries believed the peony’s root was curative… Nowadays tinctures of peonies are sold in drugstores –such tinctures steady one’s nerves, relieve insomnia, feelings of fear, anxiety and fatigue, improve mood.

A camomile is the modest flower, but it is difficult to imagine a bouquet of wild flowers without this flower. According to the legend, once upon a time a young man Roman brought his beloved a tender flower, which he had found on his pillow. She was so fascinated by this flower that asked him for a bouquet of them. After a long search, finally Roman found the world of dreams. The king offered a deal, his girlfriend would get a field of flowers if Roman remained forever in his kingdom. As a result, Roman’s beloved saw an immense field of chamomiles in the morning. However, the Greeks used the chamomiles for fever. The Egyptians even called it a flower of Sun God and valued especially it for medicinal properties. Actually, dried chamomiles were found in Egyptian sarcophagi. Likewise, In Ireland and Babylon salubrious properties of the chamomiles were detected more than 2000 years ago. While, in ancient Rome not only clergy but also women knew such properties of the chamomiles. Beauties used infusions of these flowers for skin whitening, for capilliculture as to give their hair shine and softness. Today there are 350 species of chamomiles- Roman, German, Dalmatian, Caucasian, Persian, and even “gold” of American prairie.

Usually you primarily sniff flowers, but a bell-flower is an exception because fluctuating cups of this flower affect you –thus, you involuntarily listen for, hoping to hear their ring. The legend told the spirit of depths loved fairy of flowers and gifted her emeralds, sapphires, topazes, rubies-stones were beautiful, but they lifeless and silent. As to please and surprise his beloved, the spirit gave her a bouquet of unknown flowers-they were magnificent and, moreover, bell-flowers sound divine symphony because of magic wind. Some kinds of bluebells are essential in medicine. Moreover, it is used as homeostatic, antiphlogistic, sedative and anesthetic. As well, a decoction of the bell-flowers is used for bathing of restless children or who, had epilepsy, from ancient times. Additionally, the bells used even in agriculture for coughing cough of sheep. Roots of the bell Rapunzel are sometimes put in salads. His thick white root tastes like parsnip. In European countries, people eat leaves and roots of Rapunzel as a regular salad. Moreover, in the 17thcentury, this bluebell was considered a delicacy. According to Celtic floral calendar, bell-flowers are flowers for people born from 1 to 11 June. The Celts believed these people kept their secrets from the cradle to the grave. They succeeded almost in all areas and people-bells often found pleasant company and good friends, liked to argue, generally, defended their point of view to the bitter end.

In 1700, when the Spaniards first saw endless fields with poppies, which, like golden rivers, were flowing from hills of California-so, they called this flower Copa de Ora – Golden Chalice. Another name of a poppy was Amarola or Dromidera, which meant sleepy, as these flowers usually closed from cold wind or nightfall. Besides, in 1816 the poet-naturalist Adelbert von Chamisso, a member of Russian scientific expedition, named this flower- Eschscholtzia in honor of his friend and a ship’s surgeon – Dr. Johann Eschscholtz. California poppy was named the state flower in 1903. Nowadays, you can admire field of golden flowers only in the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve.

There is an ancient Greek myth about the nymph Syrinx, who, fleeing from the god Pan, understood that she couldn’t save herself and turned into a bush. Disappointed Pan made a mellifluous flute of this shrub and named it Syrinx. Astoundingly, lilac is the closest relative to olives. Thus, wild lilac and olives are neighbors in former Persia, in Iran, and in Turkey. For many years, Persia was considered a birthplace of the lilac-that’s why luxurious plush buds were colloquially called “Persian”. In 1562 the lilac was delivered in Europe, when Austrian ambassador of Turkish Sultan von Busbekius first brought its bushes in Vienna from Constantinople, in 1601-in Paris, and in 1640-in the British Isles. Furthermore, Lilac Garden was founded in Moscow in 1975, by Russian breeder of lilac Leonid A. Kolesnikov, a driver of Marshal Zhukov. Initially, 52 species of lilac were cultivated there. Without doubts, you should be fascinated by this amazing smell of the lilac and see its exciting and marvelous landscape because different kinds of lilac will impress you by soft color transition from white to pink, from light purple to darker shades. It’s worth it!

Gladiolus is named a flower-sword, as ‘gladiolus’ from Latin is translated as “a small sword.” The ancient Greeks called gladiolus “ksifion”, which also meant “a sword” because of its straight and xiphoid leaves, which could reach 80 cm in length. In Rome this flower was considered a flower of gladiators. Traditionally gladiolus is a male flower. “King of Victory” was the first name of gladiolus in Germany. According to a Greek legend, prisoners Sevt and Teres had to fight with each other for freedom, being friends. They were put to death because they refused to struggle and stuck their swords in the ground. Surprisingly, these swords turned into tall wonderful flowers. There is another African legend: a beautiful daughter of the elder was tortured by enemies to find the place, where her father had hidden. But when the enemies decided to execute her, suddenly a sword turned into an amazing flower with purple-red buds. As a result, hijackers kept her alive because of this miracle. A Roman writer Pliny first mentioned the gladiolus in the first century AD. Moreover, the Romans hung gladiolus bulbs around necks as amulets because they could avoid death and gain a victory with such flowers. Astonishingly, In addition, about 300 BC, it was considered only a weed, only by 17thand18th centuries, doctors detected medicinal properties of gladiolus: its corms were added in milk for infants and they were used against toothache. In 1902, an English engineer brought home an elegant cream-yellow flower, which he had found near the Zambezi River – so, gladiolus spread rapidly over the world in several years. In 1981, the gladiolus higher than 2.5 meters was grown in the UK.

Currently, people found gladioli has vitamin C. That’s why petals of black and red gladiolus are comprised in some medicines to strengthen the immune system. However, not all gardeners cultivate gladioli, as these flowers need special care. The gladioli are light-requiring and thermophilic, besides, they should be protected from winds, owing to ancestors of the flowers, which grew in African well-drained fertile soil.
Of course, even the most beautiful and tender flowers are not magic. But each plant can be your talisman and with its help, you can turn dreams into reality. The most important flowers for women are considered callas because they bring luck in love. There is a special legend in honor of these flowers: a cruel and ruthless leader of a neighboring tribe loved a beautiful young girl, so he took her away by force. On their wedding day, the beauty decided to jump into the fire than to live with an evil barbarian. Gods turned her into an elegant and gentle flower, which people named Calla. Therefore, this flower is a female mascot from misfortunes, evil people, and diseases. Exactly the calla is used in bridal bouquets, as it is a key to a happy marriage. As well, callas’ juice is used as antidote from a deadly bite of snakes, although the flower is venomous, , thus callas are often used in the preparation of poisons. The callas were often depicted on clothes and on houses to protect their owners from evil. Likewise, after a quarrel with your beloved, you should give him a bouquet of callas to improve and strengthen relations. In addition, callas help women to make right decisions. If you are not lucky in love, you should buy these flowers, as they not only will give you confidence, but will attract men. The first date will be successful if you take the image of callas as an amulet.

A delphinium is one of the most magnificent flowers because of various shades of blue. Certainly, there are white and pink delphiniums, but blue, navy blue, sapphirine “candles” are especially unforgettable and amazing. It was named delphinium, owing to similarity of its buds with dolphins’ bodies in shape. Additionally, the Russians called this flower-a larkspur, the Germans-a knight’s spurs, the British- funny spurs, the French- the lark’s legs. According to a Greek legend, a young sculptor took away his beloved from Hades; therefore gods punished him turned into a dolphin. Every evening the dolphin swam to a shore, but he could not meet with his love. Once he left a plant with flowers like little dolphins, and disappeared forever. No one saw her bitter tears, dripping in the sea. In fact, every gardener likes delphiniums for their gracefulness and brightness, besides, these flowers are resistant to cold weather, pests and diseases. Today, thanks to modern techniques of plants, breeders have cultivated extraordinarily beautiful species of delphiniums, such as Princess Caroline, Red Caroline, Black Raven, Snowy Lace and Pink Butterfly.

Orchids are considered aristocrats among flowers, as these flowers are exotic and mysterious and exquisite, moreover, some people believe these flowers have intellect. As well, its species have various unusual shapes: orhids -birds, -butterflies, – lizards, -jellyfishes, -spiders, -shoes, -swans. The first orchid Phalaenopsis was found on the island Ambon (the Moluccas) by Georg Rumpfiusom, a German traveler and naturalist. In ancient Greece, orchids were sacred flowers, in China-they are used to protect people from witchcraft and evil. Actually, Charles Darwin thought this flower mysterious. Artists painted the flowers on his canvases, poets have composed in their honor songs. In addition, Confucius compared orchids with the noblest men, who fulfilled themselves. In Europe people prepared an elixir from dried roots of the orchids, which was called “salen”. The Salen was prescribed for very exhausted people, recovering patients, and even infants. As a matter of fact , f all the flowering plants orchids have one of the most numerous families, which include more than 25 000 natural species and about 100,000 cultured hybrids. Most tropical species grow on trees, others- on the cliffs and some Australian orchids-even underground. There are different places especially for these extraordinary flowers – a garden of wild orchids, in Minden, Ecuador, a botanical park in Israel, founded in 2006 and a botanical garden in Kiev, Ukraine.
Flowers were cultivated since ancient times, as they not only fascinate, but also helped people to recover, protected from evil and black magic, decorated altars and were used in sacrifice. Each flower is unique and has its own history. Furthermore, it can tell you exciting stories because many events are associated with certain flowers. Love…passion…revenge…wars…flowers were, are and will be around. They will continue to accompany people throughout their life and will remain miracles of nature.

This article was written by Anna Lia

Sending Sympathy Flowers in Sacramento, CA

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The death of a loved one is an experience that is very hard to get over. The only way we can cope up with such experience is the sympathy and support of our friends and family. One of the ways that you can make the bereaved feel a little better is by expressing your condolences through sympathy flowers. Sending sympathy flowers to the surviving family members is a common practice all over the world. However, not all flowers can be sent to the mourning family. There are some instances wherein a person conveyed an offensive meaning because he sent the wrong type of flowers. Each flower expresses different meanings and it is a must to learn the etiquette in connection to sympathy flowers.


Sending Sympathy Flowers in Sacramento CA Sending Sympathy Flowers in Sacramento, CA


If you are living within or near the Sacramento area and you found out that one of your friends are mourning the loss of a family member, you can contact your florist and have them arrange a sympathy flower. Here are some things that you need to think about when sending sympathy flowers in Sacramento, CA:

  1. Appropriate flower colors should be chosen. Different cultures all over the world dictate the proper selection flowers to be given to the bereaved. This is the first thing that you need to tell your florist when purchasing sympathy flowers. For instance, the Japanese take white flowers as a symbol of funeral and mourning. You should also take the religion of the recipient into consideration when choosing sympathy flowers. If you are confused, the best thing that you need to do is ask your florist about it.
  2. Choose the appropriate type and size of flowers. You can choose different kinds of funeral flower arrangements in your Sacramento flower shops – bouquets, wreaths and casket sprays. Your closeness to the bereaved will tell the type and size of the flower arrangements that you will send them. If you think that you are close to the family of the deceased or to the deceased himself, it is alright to send a rich and big arrangement of casket spray. If you’re not, then a small basket or bouquet will be fine.
  3. A sympathetic message written in a card should be sent together with the flowers. The message must be short, sincere and written properly. This is definitely the hardest part because no amount of words can express the feelings of sympathy. However, it is the thought that really counts that’s why you need to keep it short and simple and offers comfort as much as possible. These kinds of messages will be appreciated by the bereaved and will uplift them. If you are having difficulty writing your sympathy message, a card with a printed message will simply do.
  4. Decide where the sympathy flowers should be sent. You can send sympathy flowers that you ordered to either the home of the deceased or in the funeral home. In some cultures, sending funeral flowers directly to the home is considered a bad omen or luck. The cultural background of the deceased or his family should always be taken into account when sending sympathy flowers. If you are close to the family of the deceased, you can even bring the flowers to them personally to express your sympathy.
  5. Send the flowers that you ordered at the appropriate time. These kinds of flower arrangements can be sent only on specific time such as the visitation hours. Contacting the family of the deceased is the best thing to do to determine the visiting hours. This way, if you are too busy to deliver the flowers yourself, you can instruct the flower delivery people to deliver it on the exact time that you told them without offending the deceased’s family or the management of the funeral home. Other cultures allow sending sympathy flowers during the day time. If you rush the delivery of the sympathy flowers to the cemetery or funeral home, it may ruin the ceremony and disturb other people mourning. If you can’t send the flowers within that day, you should make sure that it will be sent within the week.


These days, due to our busy schedule, we cannot go to a flower shop and order sympathy flowers personally. This is where shopping flowers through online flowers shops can become very convenient. If you want to send your friend who died or his family a sympathy flower, you can order them here in miracleflowers.net.

7 Reasons to Purchase Tropical Flowers

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40 years ago, the Bird of Paradise was the only tropical flower that can be found anywhere in the United States – except in Hawaii. In 1972, different tropical flowers were introduced to a few flower shops in New York City in addition to a handful of flowers shops in San Francisco, CA. Flowers such as heliconia, ginger, orchids, proteas and anthurium were increasingly becoming famous especially in gay community. These days, almost no one can spot a tropical flower in every American flower shop, particularly those in big cities. However, plenty as they grow, potential flower clients don’t buy them. Perhaps these customers are not aware of the existence of these magnificent flowers.

Most tropical flowers enter New York City; if you live within or near the city, you can get these flowers at an affordable price compared to other shops all over the country. However, the US tropical flowers can still be purchased on affordable prices.


7 Reasons to Purchase Tropical Flowers 1024x576 7 Reasons to Purchase Tropical Flowers


However, tropical flowers are not only for summer season or tropical-inspired weddings and parties. With their attractive and refreshing appearances, these flowers have become famous choices for different occasions and home décor.

Here are 7 good reasons why you should order tropical flowers from your florists:

  1. Long life. Tropical flowers have the ability to live up to two weeks in a vase. This is perfect for events such as weddings because you could have the flower arrangements set up the day prior to the service. You won’t need to think about the condition of the flowers for a while because they don’t wither easily. You could even offer these flowers to guests as souvenirs. These flowers can become an exquisite gift and they will be able to enjoy it for a long time.

On the other hand, for those people who want to use these flowers as home décor, you could get more value for your money because tropical flowers live longer compared to other flowers. You won’t even need to replace them regularly.

  1. Able to endure heat. Tropical flowers can withstand hot places unlike most flowers. Regular flowers have tendency to wither faster in the warm days of summer and spring. Tropical flowers don’t have this kind of problem. They can endure warm, photographic lights or other things that would make other flowers lifeless as well. This means that for times such as parties and weddings where there is plenty of light exposure and people, tropical flowers will last from beginning to end without losing their vitality.
  2. It doesn’t need maintenance. Apart from longer life, tropical flowers’ succulent and thick stem need small amount of water and less effort to maintain than regular flowers therefore making it as perfect gifts aside from being a good home décor.
  3. They can be grown easily. Most flowers are very hard to grow because you have to wait for a particular season before you could profit from it. However, this is not the case for tropical flowers. They can even grow anywhere in your garden.
  4. More affordable compared to seasonal flowers. Because tropical flowers can be planted and grown any time you want, you don’t need to worry about its price on the market. Other flowers are more expensive because they need more care than the tropical ones.
  5. You can purchase it any time of the year at any flower shop. You don’t have to travel far and wide or visit tropical countries just to purchase tropical flowers. These flowers can be found on your local flower shop.
  6. Because tropical flowers are rarely seen, it can provide a refreshing look in any corner of your home. If you are tired of seeing regular flowers in your living room and other corners of your house, it is time for you to get a whole new bunch of flowers to brighten up your life.


Buying tropical flowers especially for weddings is the perfect way of commemorating it. Tropical flowers are typically found in places with tropical climates and blossom all year long. These are the most suitable flowers for tropical-themed weddings. Usually, these are arranged together with other exotic foliage and flowers. Every summer season when most weddings happen, tropical flowers thrive and are very affordable particularly in big cities.

What are the Right Flowers for your First Date?

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Going for your first date with your beloved girl is truly a challenging task even for a pro. Your goal for that night is to make impressing memories with your loved one. There are many things that you should consider in order to make your first date successful and memorable. The first of the many things that you need to accomplish is choosing the perfect flowers for your girlfriend.


What are the Right Flowers for your First Date What are the Right Flowers for your First Date?


There are many flowers in the world that you can choose from but only some of them are suitable for this kind of occasion. While it is true that you don’t need to become an expert in flowers to impress your beau, it is your job to select the ones that will make her extra special. Roses are commonly given as flower gifts so if you want to make a lasting impression, you need to think about giving other flowers to her instead.

Here are some suggestions that could help you get the best “first date”!

  1. Forget-me-not. It doesn’t matter which color you select; forget-me-not is the perfect flower to signify your appreciation for your loved one. You can give this to her after settling on a nice place on the restaurant that you chose. The glisten of each petal and the vibrant color of forget-me-not will definitely make your first date impressive.
  2. Orchids. This flower symbolizes your endless love for her. Moreover, this is also the best way to say that you have a high regard for her beauty. Tell her your true feelings through this breathtaking flower. This flower is well-known for its tenderness and modest beauty all over the world. This is the perfect flower for your precious which will surely make your first date with her a lively one.
  3. Carnation. Widely recognized as the ‘Flowers of love’, this flower has all the traits to make your date with your sweetheart memorable. Also, carnation is the flower that symbolizes your warmth, fascination and appreciation for your girl.
  4. Gardenia. Let your feelings show by offering your special someone with a fragrant gift of gardenia. With its pulsating aura, gardenia tells the message of your burning admiration for your precious. Your lady will surely find you irresistible after receiving this totally alluring gift. Let this flower spread the magic in the air on that special night!
  5. Tulip. Whether it is red or the golden one, tulip is indeed the perfect flower that you can give for your first date in order to bring a priceless smile on your date’s pretty face. With its prettiness, it will surely give your girlfriend a memorable event that she will treasure forever.


While these flowers convey subtle meanings, it is really important to have it arranged beautifully so that it will thrill the recipient. If you have little time to do so, you can always rely on your local florist to bring life on the flowers that you wish to offer. You can also add other items to your flower gift such as teddy bears or chocolates.

Flower Tattoos: What do they mean?

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At some point in your life, you might have experienced appreciating flowers, the thrill of offering them and the happiness of receiving one. The flower that you purchased or received might not have any particular meaning however; it is the human emotions that provide interpretation and value to it. For instance, you may see a man offering a woman a bouquet or basket of roses to tell his love but you will not see the same in a funeral. Meanings carried out by different flowers vary depending on context and implications.

The same thing can be said for flower tattoos. Hundreds of flower tattoo designs can evoke hundreds of meanings therefore giving a whole new meaning to both the owner and the beholder. Women are said to be fond of flower tattoos however; men can also get one as well. Different flowers have gathered different meanings through time but when you place it together with different elements in a tattoo, the new meanings can be born from it. Have you ever seen a tattoo design of dark rose with chains wrapped around it? Does it mean love or hatred?

These days, flower tattoos are becoming more popular. Men usually prefer dragons and women like to get flowers. Perhaps it is the color, shape, scent or combination that gives people the desire to see, smell or touch it. Flowers have the power to calm and give peace to a certain person. Tattooing a flower in your skin means carrying it with you at all times. The flower tattoo is something that doesn’t wither and lasts a long time.


Flower Tattoo and their Meanings 806x1024 Flower Tattoos: What do they mean?

Flower Tattoo and their Meanings


One of the concerns of most tattoo artists is the undecided customer. Tattoos are permanently incorporated on one’s skin therefore making it hard to remove afterwards. If you wish to remove your tattoos, scarring and pain are absolutely guaranteed. There are different reasons for changing or removing the tattoos and one of the most common ones is that the clients didn’t really understand the flower tattoo’s meaning at all. In order to avoid this awkward scenario, here is a short list of flower tattoos and its meanings:

1.Rose Tattoo. These tattoos are very striking when done properly especially on a woman’s skin. Even though this design is commonly seen on women, there are men who are getting inked with the same design on their skin. There are men who are outspokenly against getting inked with a flower however; it becomes an entirely different story if it is done with a skull or crossbones on it. Instead of conveying a soft and feminine meaning, it becomes a fearless, brave and even death as well.

Conversely, different varieties of roses hold different meanings. For instance, red roses mean passion, respect, courage and love. You may have seen it in your favorite movie or have given one to your beloved to say your passion and love. Instead of offering roses to your loved one, you can tattoo the rose together with her name either in your chest or arm. This way, the tattoo’s meaning becomes ‘you respect and love her’. If you can make the tattoo artist alter the rose, you may want to think about getting a yellow rose. During Victorian era, jealousy is signified by yellow rose but today, it signifies freedom, gladness, friendship and joy. A pink rose tattoo is characterized by mystery and ‘wanting to achieve the impossible’. If you are pessimistic or you are mourning the death of a close friend or loved one, you may want to get a black rose tattoo.

2. Hibiscus Tattoo. Hibiscus is another famous flower design for most tattoo artists. This flower is usually seen in tropical countries and is not a very popular gift. The scientific name of Hibiscus is derived from Greek word ‘hibiscus’ which means ‘mallow’ and ‘rosa-sinensis’ which means ‘Rose of China’. The meaning of this flower is delicate beauty. If you have decided to tattoo this flower, its meaning would become ‘elegance’ as well as ‘charm’ and ‘grace’. The tattoo design can enhance the person’s aura depending on the color combination. You can also add red flower design with bright green petals.

3. Lily Tattoo. Lilies are valued for its calming and fresh colors. These flowers can be given in different occasions such as paying a visit to a sick friend or loved ones in the hospital. This has been an essential flower since the ancient times. The Bible signifies this flower as purity, and the vibrant soul of Virgin Mary. Ancient Greeks and Chinese equated lilies to purity. The Chinese regard this flower as a symbol for abundance and summer. For the Greeks on the other hand, this flower is born from the breast milk of their goddess Hera. This flower is also connected to the Goddess of Romans Venus. If you are going to tattoo the lily along with other elements, its meaning would become purity, harmony and peace.

4. Lotus Tattoo. According to Buddhism, lotus is enlightenment’s symbol. The petals are signified by constant struggles in a person’s life and the middle part symbolizes status of enlightenment. The lotus’ development from the ground signifies the awakening or one’s spirituality. The Buddhists symbolizes lotus for the exalted condition of a person; his head being held high and his feet are rooted in experience. Moreover, you will see the lotus flower being carved or adorned on the platforms of the statue of Buddha. This flower is a very strong symbol in Buddhism.

This flower is apparent in Hinduism where its meaning is beauty, fertility and prosperity. According to the religion, every human that exists in the earth has the spirit of lotus within them. This flower also characterizes divinity and purity and is widely known as the symbol of fertility, life, feminine beauty and youth. A lotus tattoo design will now become a figure of life. This design is perfect for those people who are searching for meaning and who has been through life’s ups and downs. If you want to depict your own struggle, this flower is the right symbol for you.


Now that you have an understanding of the flower’s meaning when put into a tattoo, you can prevent yourself from erasing it especially if it doesn’t represent your personality at all. It is also best to consult your tattoo artist first before inking the design so that you would know where it is best to place it.

Flower Care 101

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Taking care of the flowers that you purchased or received is an important job that you need to learn in order to extend its life. There are different ways that you can do to preserve it so that people in your home can enjoy seeing it for a long period of time. This is particularly perfect for those people who need something to cheer them up. If you have recently picked, purchased or received flowers and you want them to last longer than usual, here are some techniques that are worth learning:


Flower Care 101 Flower Care 101

Flower Care 101


  1. Know the best time to pick flowers. If you are going to pick flowers, the best to do so is in the morning or late evening. The reserves of sugar in the flower’s stems are at their peak every morning or evening. The perfect time for picking flowers is early morning when the stems have plenty of water after the night’s cool air. Don’t pick flowers in the afternoon when the sun is at its hottest. Too much heat lowers the water content in the flower stems. If you picked flowers while it is raining, gently shake them to take away excess water. Too much moisture can sometimes damage flowers especially the delicate ones.
  2. Condition the flowers. Before arranging, let the flowers get a good drink for at least five hours. It allows the stems to absorb water therefore making the flowers crisp. These flowers will last longer compared to flowers that have not been properly conditioned.
  3. Use preservatives. Preservatives help eliminate existing bacteria in the water of your vase. Preservatives can be obtained in supermarkets or garden centers. Another alternative is to apply household bleach in the water. If you don’t want using preservatives however; the water in the vase needs to be regularly changed. Also, cut the stems on an angle daily. If you used preservatives, then you won’t need to re-cut the stems and the water will only need changing twice a week.
  4. Special treatment. There are flowers that need special treatment in order to provide them the longest life as much as possible. Flowers with woody stems such as lilac, hydrangea, and rhododendrons do not take up water easily as other flowers. Split the stem’s ends upwards for 5 cm. (or two inches) at most to assist in breaking down the stem’s thick fibers. After giving the treatment, put the stems in a water-filled container to give the flowers a good and long drink prior to arrangement.
  5. Revive the flowers. Wilted flowers can be revived by using a simple yet effective method. Let the flowers float into a warm water for 30 minutes. This way, the stem and petals will have enough time to absorb water to regain its freshness.


Learning these basic flower cares will help you optimize the life of your ornaments thus enjoying its presence for a long time. Furthermore, it will help you save money because you won’t need to purchase flowers regularly anymore.