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Flower Festivals in California

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Different cultures and traditions all over the world have created festivals to celebrate good fortune most especially good harvest. One of the festivals that have become part of a long tradition is flower festival. In the state of California, there are different flower festivals held in different cities and towns and attended by millions of tourists annually.


Flower Festivals in California 1024x576 Flower Festivals in California

Flower Festivals in California


What is a flower festival?

A flower festival is an annual event that is organized and celebrated by community groups or horticultural societies. Different kinds of flowers are put on public display or exhibition which will later on be sold or given away. In some events, flower festivals can be a small occasion that is attended by the locals and those people who grow plants. Other flower festivals are huge international events that are composed of well-known florists all over the world and invite a huge number of travelers and tourists to see the show.

Flower festivals are usually carefully planned so that the celebration happen at a time of year when different kinds of flowers blossom. There are some festivals that concentrate on certain plants only. In this case, the festival organizers ensure that the celebration is listed during the right season of the year for that particular species. These kinds of celebrations usually occur in major parks in the city or town in which case the park attendants or managers can choose to participate in the flower festival actively by planting the flowers that will bloom during the time of the festival. In some occasions, the flower festivals are celebrated in places of the town or city centers with heavy foot traffic in which case arrangements of flowers are usually set up on carts and temporary platforms that are strategically placed around easily-seen landmarks in the park.

There are also instances wherein the best flowers (usually chosen by a panel of judges) grown by a horticulturalist win a special prize. This encourages the participants of the festival to make sure that the flowers that they grow bloom beautifully. This also ensures that the flower entries are high quality and can easily attract potential customers’ the public’s attention.

What are different kinds of flower festivals in California?

There are different kinds of festivals in California are highly recommended for tourists and travelers. In case that you are traveling the state of California and you want to enjoy a sight of flowers, here is a list of flower festivals schedule held in major cities and towns all over California:

  • Sacramento. California State Flower, Food & Garden Show, otherwise known as CA State Fine Living Show is going to be held at CA State Fine Living Expo Sacramento Convention Center, CA. This festival is going to be held on Sept. 13-15, 2013. This will includes floral arrangement design competition that is going to be joined by amateurs and professionals.
  • San Diego. The Plumeria Festival is going to be held on Sept. 1 – 2, 2012 Plant Sale & Flower Show Casa Del Prado, Room 101 from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. The event is going to be held at Balboa Park. The address is at 3325 Zoo Drive, San Diego, CA. Visit socalplumeriasociety.com or plumeriafestival.com for more details about the festival.
  • San Francisco. The San Francisco Flower & Garden Show is going to be held on March 20-24, 2013. The festival is going to be held at San Mateo Event Center, 1346 Saratoga Drive, San Mateo CA. The event is going to happen from Wednesday to Saturday, 10 a.m. up to 7 p.m., and on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Visitors, guests and participants can experience 20 stunning Gardens for a Green Earth with stirring and totally daring designs and arrangements. See fragrant and beautiful flowers and other creative floral arrangements by California Garden Clubs. Tourists, visitors and travelers can purchase flowers, rare plants and other items from over 200 exhibitors. Improve your green gardening skills through seminars and displays; you can learn a great deal from the experts with five days of workshops ranging from edible gardening, design and other gardening aspects.


Attending flower festivals can greatly improve your knowledge about gardening particularly about flowers. This can help you identify the best flowers that you need to offer to your loved ones, friends, family and relatives in every occasion that requires flowers. If you are going to California this season, don’t forget to visit the abovementioned flower festivals!


The Unconventional Guide to Formal Event Flowers

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Going to a formal event such as prom, wedding or office events typically end up bursting your wallet to pieces because not only you need to look impressive and look smart throughout the occasion, but you also have to complement your date with a gift of flowers. These kinds of events are usually highlighted by stunning flowers such as orchids, roses, lilies all placed and arranged in metal, glass or crystal vases. If you’re in a tight budget but you want to look magnificent on that evening, you can have an arrangement of one or two flowers to add some beauty on the venue.


The Unconventional Guide to Formal Event Flowers The Unconventional Guide to Formal Event Flowers

The Unconventional Guide to Formal Event Flowers


Due to our busy schedule, we cannot give ourselves enough time to think about the perfect flowers that would match the event that we are going to attend. Some people search the internet for the perfect idea while some buy books to help them and learn a great deal about flowers in the process while taking a break in the office. If you don’t know where to get answers, the best solution to this problem is to call the nearest flower shop to help you come up with a great floral arrangement.

Here are the best flowers that could make you and your date’s evening complete:


Flowers are indeed necessary to make you stunning in the eyes of many and your evening wonderful and unforgettable. The best flowers that you’ll need for your corsage and boutonniere are roses, orchids, gerbera daisies and calla lilies. If you are going to use roses, the best flower to accentuate its beauty is lemon leaf. These flowers might be a little expensive but it would really bring out the best in you.

When choosing flowers for prom, always make sure that the whole bunch would complement your date or partner for the night. This way, you won’t ruin each other’s night by having a totally contrasting set of flowers and attire to the prom. You can solve this problem by planning ahead – ask your date what she’s going to be wearing on that important night. Doing this would save you the trouble of buying another bouquet or basket of flowers last minute.


Wedding is another exciting event that needs to be highlighted with beautiful and fragrant flowers. If you are going to attend a wedding ceremony, bringing flowers that will immortalize the event are absolutely necessary especially if the bride is your friend.

Tropical flowers such as heliconia, hibiscus, stargazer lily, ginger, birds-of-paradise, anthurium and gardenia are the best flowers for this kind of occasion. Before going to the event, make sure that you have called your local flower shop beforehand in order to secure the freshest flowers in their stock. If in a remote chance you have just heard about the wedding, you can also ask for same day delivery.

Office Events

Office events dictate that you should always look smart and formal at all times. The attendees that you will see on this kind of event wear extravagant suits and gowns because this is the best time for businessmen to impress their current and potential clients. For the employees on the other hand, this is the best time to impress their boss. Having said this, the best flower that would complement your suit/gown are orchids. These flowers will easily complement whatever formal attire you are wearing on that night.

In order to prevent hassle and complete nightmare on formal events that you are going to attend, always make sure that you plan ahead. Give yourself one or two weeks to plan and think about the best flowers that you should bring. If you are not confident about your choices, you can consult a team of florists in your local flower shop so that you’ll know the best combination of blooms that you need to bring with you. By doing this, you can have an idea of what to bring on another formal event the next time that you are invited or required to attend.

If you are looking for the best flower combination for your suit or gown, you can contact us and we’ll give you the best advice. If you wish for the flowers to be delivered, we will also provide you a reliable delivery service. Call us today and we’ll talk about your floral needs!


Flower Arrangements, Delivery, and Gifts

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If you are looking for great ideas for flower arrangements and gifts then you have come to the right place! AllFourSeasonsFlowers.com is here to provide you with advice and buying guides for every floral arrangement available.  Flowers are great for special occasions as gifts or decorations and they can often times be ordered for delivery to make it more convenient for you!  We do not promote any one product or method, we simply provide you with all the information you will need to make the best choice for you. 

There are many types of flower arrangements that you can order from a florist shop or even online.  There is the perfect arrangement for any type of occasion and they make for great gifts as well.  Sprays that are arranged in a one sided pattern are very common for funerals.  Bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres are all common floral arrangements that are worn in weddings. Weddings also usually have elaborate, and sometimes extremely large, floral decoration that can be hung on walls or placed on tables.  There are still many types of vase arrangements that can fit many special occasions such as birthdays, holidays or anniversaries.  All arrangements can range in size and flower arrangement to allow them to become more personal.

Online florists have become very popular with our new technological based world.  This allows arrangements to be ordered online.  Your arrangement will then be sent via delivery to you or your loved one.  Most of the arrangements that you find online are gift oriented, not meant for decoration at large events.  Also for smaller florist gifts a personal or local florist will be able to meet your needs.  For larger occasions larger florists are needed.  Many wholesale florists specialize in wedding and funeral arrangements.  Wedding florists can assist customers arrange the perfect wedding flowers, bridal bouquets and corsages for their special day.  Funeral flowers can also be arranged in the perfect way to express your loss for a loved one.

Many events make a point of including floral arrangements into their festivities, but no more so than the modern wedding celebration. Modern weddings are full of opportunities to decorate and inspire guests with the beauty and fragrance of flowers. While the bride and groom, and sometimes their extensive wedding party, tote around beautiful bouquets and boutonnières, reception and banquet halls are outfitted with colorful table settings and vibrant floral silhouettes.

Traditionally, these floral bouquets were symbolic of fertility, love and well wishes to the bride and groom. Today they are an integral part of a wedding’s theme and decor. Navigating the many retailers and florists fighting for their spot in the wedding celebration can be intimidating. That is why consumers must made solid choices about what they envision for their wedding floral package prior to contacting retailers.

Other than for events, flowers are given on a daily basis to emphasize and establish special meaning with others. Historically, specific kinds of flowers or arrangements have symbolized specific sentiments. Today, red roses are generally given in romantic relationships. Chrysanthemums are thought to encourage truth among confidants, while lilacs are believed to bring blessings to a home or garden.

It is vital that, for whatever occasion an arrangement is being purchased, consumers choose a quality florist with a impeccable delivery record. Floral deliveries should be done promptly and in a climate controlled vehicle when at all possible. This ensures that only fresh, fragrant blooms reach the door of those receiving their special gift. Since fresh flowers, especially Hawaiian and tropical varieties, begin declining in vitality the moment they are shipped from their source, it is imperative that transport is carefully, and craftily achieved.

Wedding Flowers – Several Points to Consider

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Wedding flowers are such an important part of a wedding and should be chosen with a lot of careful thought. Visiting a florist (or two or three) is recommended. Florists have put together probably hundreds of weddings and therefore have a lot of advice (and experience) to share with you. They can help you choose your flowers, your color, and the style of your arrangements.

By the time you actually visit the florist, you’ll probably have a pretty good idea of what you would like. Take a long a small piece of fabric to show the florist the color of the dresses. She can then help you decide on what flowers portray your color – that are available at the time of your wedding.

Not only is color important but the durability of the flower is too. Imagine a wilted bouquet or headpiece the morning of your wedding. That would be enough to reduce anyone to tears. The flowers will be close to your body (e.g. headpieces, corsages, boutonnieres, bouquets). You will be excited and stressed and therefore warmer than usual. This will take its toll on your flowers, so they certainly need to be durable, fresh and good quality.

After you have decided which flowers you need for your do it yourself wedding flowers, make an itemized list of exactly how many you will need. Order your flowers and foliage at least 1 week before your wedding and arrange to pick up your flowers 2 days before your wedding. This gives you time to get all your flowers together and pick up more elsewhere if the florist wasn’t able to give you your complete order.

The entire day before your wedding should be set aside. Plan to spend the entire day on creating and designing. Don’t underestimate the time it takes to condition, prepare, wire, tape, etc! Arrange to have at least 2 if not 3 people to help you with your do it yourself wedding flowers.

Your wedding day should be for you. You should not have to worry about flower arranging on your big day. Relax and enjoy the beautiful flowers that you have chosen and arranged ahead of time.

About the Author

Nadine Visscher has arranged flowers for over 15 years and has written The Beginner’s Guide to Wedding Flowers found at www.WeddingFlowerDirections.com

How do I Send Flowers To Make Every Moment Memorable

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2011 is yet another brand new year when we all are rejoicing and celebrating! It’s a time in which spreading love becomes the most important consideration. To bring a smile to each one’s face is what we need and that is a fulfillment in itself! So how do you go about making occasions and moments special? Expressions play a vital role in making all moments special. Talking about expressing yourself, don’t you think flowers are a major way to bring out your feelings like love, respect and care for the loved ones around you?

Flowers speak a language of their own. They carry a different sentiment. Sending these magical beauties to your loved ones when you can’t be around can be such a great idea! Now, you can’t send all flowers for all occasions. It would all vary with different purposes. A bright red rose would be just perfect for weddings, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day since they signify love and romance! Gift your lady love a bunch of such roses and you are going to find her blushing. Yellow and pink roses can be sent across for events like birthdays and ‘get well soon’ wishes.

Festivities like Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year can also be made more special with flowers! Christmas cactus, orchids, roses reflect charm therefore can be gifted to those special ones in your life. The best way to express your gratitude towards a person is to send him/her a bunch of flowers with a card with words like ‘saying just thank you is not enough’. Lilies, Gladiolus, Gerberas and Daffodils, and Sunflowers are some of the other flowers which can make one’s day! Flowers are pretty, and just appropriate for all occasions. They help in bringing color and brightness in one’s life and people around them. Think how overwhelming it can be if you could send a bunch of white flowers to your grannies or your parents as a token of appreciation.

Consider sending flowers even in occasions like graduation, a new job or a brand new home. Imagine the happiness that you can spread in so many people’s lives and all you have to do is send them a bouquet of flowers! Flowers aren’t only for happy moments. After demise, there is nothing more expressive than sending a bouquet across to the bereaved family. Flowers are the best ways to comfort and sympathize in all sad moments.

If you intend to send flowers, Warren residents can trust Della’s Maple Lane Florist 248-flowers for unique and vibrant flowers for those one-of-a-kind moments.

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The Art and Skills in Drying Flowers

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By Robert Z Bates

Dried flowers are very popular for many reasons. They are easily accessible and prove to be great gifts in many occasions. Drying flowers is an art which takes time with a lot of patience and diligence. Commercially dried flowers can be expensive which leads one to dry them personally if savings were to be enjoyed.

Drying options

Flowers can be dried in a variety of ways. The best way is to use silica gel which is a drying compound or desiccant in drying flowers. This method dries the flowers while retaining the shape and color. Moreover, the gel can be reused to reduce the cost of drying flowers.

Other commercial desiccants are alum, fine sand, finely ground kitty litter, borax powder and surprisingly to some, detergent powder. These options function to remove moisture from the flowers to make them dry.


The process of drying flowers is quite simple. The flowers stems need to be removed and the flower heads wired for the desired extra support. Next, the flowers are buried in the chosen desiccant in a box.

A smart approach in the drying process is to place similar flowers together to ensure a similar drying time for convenience and maximum effect. Flowers being dried should not overlap each other. They should be completely covered in a closed box until they are thoroughly dried. It may take about 2-6 days for the drying process to be completed.

Desiccants can come in either white or colored crystals. Colored crystal desiccants change color when they are dry or moist to help consumers know if the moisture is being removed from the flowers. The desiccants turn pink when they have absorbed moisture.

Flowers can be dried faster using the microwave with a little dish of water to prevent over drying and brittleness in the flowers.

Types of flowers

There is no lack of varieties in flowers to be dried. Favorites include roses, daisies, pansies, peonies, carnations, heather, celosia and bachelor buttons although grasses and foliage are also dressed to serve as accessories in floral arrangements.

These floral choices offer the right sizes and colors to form the perfect bouquet or pressed floral pieces. Many creative uses have been attempted with dried flowers. Thanksgiving floral arrangements are great with dried flowers although dried flowers are also used in wreaths.

Dried flowers are more lasting in any floral presentation with a life-likeness as the shape and color are retained if the process is properly executed.

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The Dummies’ Guide to Flowers for All Occasions

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Flowers are indeed more than just alluring plants; it represents and symbolizes various meanings that words alone cannot express. However, for some people, buying a gift of fragrant flowers is as easy as buying a box of chocolate while some people find it extremely difficult to choose one. This is because they think that coming up with a perfect combination of flowers for a bouquet or basket is an intimidating task compared to just simply choosing one.


The Dummies’ Guide to Flowers for All Occasions The Dummies’ Guide to Flowers for All Occasions

The Dummies’ Guide to Flowers for All Occasions


You don’t need to become an expert in flowers just to come up with a good arrangement or combination for your loved one or special someone. All you need to know is the occasion that it would be used. If you wish to offer a gift of flowers to your loved ones, friends, relatives or family members but you do not know which blooms will suit the occasion; this article will help you determine the perfect combinations.

For Date Night

If you are going on a date, there is no better way to start a romantic evening than offering your date a fragrant bouquet of flowers. The perfect flower for this occasion is the rose. From pastels to jewel color tones, the range and adaptability of this bloom conveys attention, intention and most of all, love to the recipient.  The advantage of presenting your date with bouquet of fresh roses is that you can make her feel like she just won the “Miss America” title. You can transmit your message to your date using its sweet aroma especially if the roses are well-arranged.

This flower is also perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Dinner Party with Close Friends

If you are going to see your work, college or high school friends and you are planning to give them a gift of flowers; seasonal flowers are the best blooms that you can offer them. They are always in fashion for an evening in the living room, kitchen and dining room and even the patio. The most ideal flowers for this kind of occasion are the bulb flowers, sunflowers, and assorted garden flowers of summer, spring, winter and autumn. These flowers can be used as a great table centerpiece to create a pleasant atmosphere while reminiscing good memories. Pair them with a marvelous vase or for a striking impact.

Highlight Celebration

Occasions such as graduations, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, New Year and even birthday celebrations deserve fragrant flowers to highlight it. The most excellent flower for this instance are colorful party flowers combined with vibrant colored flowers such as gerbera daisies, assorted carnations, tulips or stock. Never be afraid to mix and match bright colors to make new combinations and arrangements because these might help get a great party started.

You can also present flowers to your friend, special someone, wife or girlfriend on days that needs celebration such as job promotion. If they just got promoted recently, offering them a gift of fresh and fragrant flowers will make them extra special for the rest of the day.

Formal Events

If you are going to attend formal events, always make sure that you bring the perfect flowers. The safest flower to bring in this kind of occasion is orchids. These flowers are used for elegance and formality. From the famous phaleanopsis up to the larger stems of cymbidium, orchids are excellent in formal wear such as tuxedo or gowns. You can also use this bloom if you wish to remind your guests that this evening is an important event. Even the humble dendrobium orchids give off elegance which holds on its own if matched against white linen. Luckily, these blossoms come in a wide range of colors from white to fuchsia to orange that can match all kinds of occasions.

Now that you know which kinds of flowers you would like to bring on the abovementioned occasions but you do not know how to arrange it, all you have to do is to call your local flower shop to do the rest. They have a team of dedicated florists that will take care of your needs. One simple call will give you millions of ideas on how the flowers you have in mid will be arranged to match the occasion that you are going to present it.


The Most Common Landscaping Mistakes You Make When Doing Your Yard

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Written by Maya Johnson, a landscaping designer currently working for Aqua Vista Glass, pool fencing providers from Brisbane .

When spring and summer months set in, many people enjoy grooming their gardens and yards. This is mainly because most family functions move from inside the house to the backyard. Landscaping your yard is a rewarding task but only when it is done correctly. This article provides tips on how to avoid the most common landscaping mistakes when doing your yard.


Checklist for Landscapers

The most important thing to do before you start your yard project would be learning as much as possible about your yard and the type of plants that belong there.

1. Will your plants have enough access to water and sunshine?

2. Will you have enough time for maintenance?

3. How will your decorative items look on your yard?

Using Excessive Lawn Ornamentation

When it comes to landscaping, more is not always better. Most people make the mistake of using too many decorative items in their yards to a point that it distracts the beauty of the natural landscape. Before installing a decorative item on your lawn, try figuring out how it will look and whether it is necessary. Sometimes, one little whimsical statue will be much better than having ten. In this case, as Ludwig Mies van der Rohe said: “less is more”.

Failing to Recycle

Most people don’t realize that yard projects are likely to produce more waste than they had expected. When this is the case, most of them end up tossing out the branches and other debris with little regards to the environment. Before starting out your project, rent a shredder which will allow you to dispose of the waste in an Eco-friendly manner. Your planet will be thankfull.

Improper Plant Placement

Planting in the wrong place will not only leave your yard looking clauttered but might also come in the way of proper plant growth. Before you start planting, consider the plant’s access to sunlight. If you are planting trees, consider how tall the trees are likely to grow and give them enough space.

Planting Your Trees too Deep

Most people assume that by adding more soil around the tree they will be giving it good support. This is far from the truth as it chokes the tree and you are unlikely to get the results you desired. To avoid these kinds of problems, make sure you check the main stem and the tentacles before placing it on the ground. A good idea would be digging to the height of the bag the tree came in when you bought it.

Most people think that by cutting their grass short, it means that they will be mowing it less. This is far from the truth. If you cut the grass too short, you are actually inviting insects. A good idea would be cutting it at different lengths on different seasons. During winter, cut it short so that sunlight can penetrate and reach the soil. During summer, leave the blades taller to provide more shade to the soil.

Failing to Fertilize Properly

Failing to fertilize or over-fertilizing is never good for your landscape. Visit your garden center and get tips on the best fertilizers to use for your yard. This ensures you plants grow healthily and give your yard that amazing look we all want.

Using Wrong Plants for Your Yard

Just because a plant looks pretty on someone else’s yard doesn’t mean it belongs in yours. Consider your yard’s access to sunshine and other factors that will affect growth.

Are Flowers Appropriate For A Jewish Funeral?

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The death of a friend, loved one or family member is truly a painful experience. The only way we can ease the pain that the bereaved ones are by expressing support and sympathy. In most religions, some of the best ways that you can comfort the bereaved is by expressing your condolences through sympathy flowers. Giving sympathy flowers to the bereaving family members is a common tradition that is practiced around the globe. However, there are certain moments that we cannot do so because we might convey an offensive message to the mourning family.


Are Flowers Appropriate For A Jewish Funeral Are Flowers Appropriate For A Jewish Funeral?

Are Flowers Appropriate For A Jewish Funeral?


Every flower expresses various connotations and subtexts therefore it is a must to know the governing etiquette in conjunction to sympathy flowers. However, not all funerals can use flowers to ease the surviving family’s pain a little bit. One of these instances is a Jewish funeral. Jewish funerals are usually solemn and occur around 24 hours of the person’s time of death. The concept behind this is that the dead body must be returned to earth 24 hours up to 3 days at most after the person’s death. According to Jewish traditions, the surviving family must commit their time on prayers and solemnity. This is the reason why flowers are not welcome on the funeral service because the Jews consider giving flowers as a celebration of the life of the deceased.

Before you decide to send sympathy flowers to a Jewish family, here are the things that you need to know in order to avoid awkwardness and inconvenience.

Knowing the Jewish Funeral Practice and Mourning

The Jewish funeral practice usually happens right after the person’s death, although it can be postponed to give time for planning or to let the family of the deceased to travel. The deceased’s body is cleaned without embalming according to Jewish ritual tradition and then placed in a wooden casket. The deceased’s immediate family members which include parents, siblings and children observe a 7-day period of passionate mourning also known as shivah, in which they stay at home, chanting prayers, and then the mourning practices are followed. The deceased family continues the funeral practices for 30 days while other Jewish families do it for one whole year.

Other Funeral Traditions

While the funeral traditions concerning Christians and other religious denominations in the world include wreaths, flowers and other plants that can be used for the public viewing and other funeral service, a Jewish funeral is certainly plain and simple. There is no public viewing of the body, and the funeral service is short and somber, composed only of prayers, psalms and a eulogy. Moreover, a Jewish funeral service is normally held at the synagogue or funeral home or graveyard.

What You Should Do

If you would like to extend your sympathy and share the grief of Jewish friends in mourning, you can choose to give meals to visitors, visit the shivah or send a sympathy card. In most instances, the deceased’s family will mention their preferred charity in the obituary column of your city or state’s newspaper; however your donations to any charity and cause are also appreciated. You can also bring food to the mourning family; but always make sure that you fulfill the food requirements if the deceased’s family is Orthodox. Inform them about your intentions to make sure that you won’t clash with their traditions.

The Alternative Solution

While it is unacceptable to bring flowers to a Jewish funeral service or family home, you can always let the deceased’s family know that they are in your prayers and thoughts. After two or three months, if you still wish to send them flowers, you can do so with a simple note telling them that you are deeply grieving their loss.

No words can express the loss of a loved one. However, there are times that our religious beliefs and practices prevent us from sharing the same burden to alleviate the pain. Always bear in mind that a Jewish funeral tradition is not like the ones that we come to know. Although it is in our intentions to celebrate the life of our friend who died, we cannot always do so especially if he belongs to the Jewish faith. Inasmuch as we want our gift of flowers to express our pain, we cannot easily do so because we have to respect a tradition that is as old as any religious practices all over the world.

How Do I Send Flowers to Someone in Hospital?

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Sending flowers to a hospital is indeed a difficult business especially if you haven’t seen the confined person for a long time. Most people believe that hospitals are for sick people. The truth is hospital is about making people feel better. This can be achieved by proper care from medically-trained personnel, administration of medicine and support from the patient’s loved ones. You can show your support by sending flowers to a confined loved one, friend or someone close to your heart to help them in their recovery process. Good thing about sending a gift of fresh flowers is that you don’t need a prescription to get one. There are times that the effect is similar to a magic pill. However, getting them to the patient who directly needs them can sometimes be a hard thing to accomplish.


How Do I Send Flowers to Someone in Hospital How Do I Send Flowers to Someone in Hospital?

How Do I Send Flowers to Someone in Hospital?


Before sending flowers to a patient confined on a hospital, you have to know first if you can bring your gift not. This way, you won’t be wasting any of your effort, time and most especially money. Also, you will be able to know immediately if the recipient is allergic to flowers or not.

Here are some things that you need to do first before bringing your gift of flowers to the hospital:

  1. Inform the hospital. It helps a lot if you have an idea about which ward in the hospital he or she is being confined. The usual places in the hospital where they could be are the surgery, maternity, and emergency wards. The hospital’s information center should be able to directly your call the area where you need to locate the patient, or provide information for a request to deliver flowers courtesy of your preferred floral delivery service.
  2. Get the patient’s hospital wing and the corresponding room number where they are staying. Ask the hospital’s information center about guidelines that you should follow for your gift’s delivery. There are hospitals that require plastic wrappings and personal delivery of flowers to patients. However, if the patient that you intend to send flowers is confined on the Intensive Care Unit, he or she certainly cannot receive your gift of flowers.
  3. Inform your preferred local flower shop that works in and around the location of the hospital. Call and ask them if they can deliver the flowers that you ordered to the patient. They can also help you decide on specific flowers that are non-allergenic or safe for them. Tell the flower shop about the requirements of the delivery to a particular hospital ward. If the basket or bouquet of flowers should be wrapped in plastic, then the flower delivery service must be able to fulfill the hospital’s condition.

If you can’t contact the hospital, the best thing to do is to call the relatives of the patient. That way, they can provide you the information about conditions of the flower delivery in your stead.

Tips on Choosing Get-well Flowers

Now that you have an idea about the hospital’s conditions on sending gift of flowers, the next thing that you should do is to choose the best blossoms for the patient. Bright-colored flowers can surely cheer a patient. However, you have to be careful in selecting the flowers because some of these blooms can trigger allergic reaction not only to the recipient but also in other patients of the hospital as well.

Keep away from sending very fragrant blooms such as lilies, freesia or lilacs as your get well gift. Patients who are sick as opposed to those who are injured usually react on the flowers’ fragrance in the form of allergy. Choose mixed arrangements of iris, sunflowers and daffodils instead. These flowers are not so fragrant, bright and cheerful which make them a great confidence booster for your loved ones whatever their conditions may be.


When sending flowers to a patient, make sure that you include other cheerful items that would complement your gift. You can include things such as a small card with a short and sweet message on it, a small stuffed toy, chocolates (if the patient is allowed to eat one) and fruits. These could bolster the patient’s determination to recover from sickness faster. Also, if you can, call your other friends and ask them to send the patient their well wishes.